Best Yo Mama So Ugly Jokes

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Yo mama is so ugly that she gave Freddy Krueger nightmares
hahahahahahahahahahaha what I got grounded after I was laughing with my mom


funniest among the rest
[Newest]Oh my god is that it.

2Yo mama so ugly, Hello Kitty said goodbye to her.
NEVER heard this one ever before the rest are old REALLY REALLY funny one well done =D
This is so funny I told my little siss and she never watched hello kitty again
Awesome joke I thought that one was the fdunnest one yet HAHAA it made me laugh so hard I actrully spit up my coke a cola so good dude or her amazing I must say it wass a pluser
[Newest]HILARIOUS really funny I like good comeback, this definitely one of my favorites. Quick and simple, but dang it's smart

3Yo mamma is so ugly she made One Direction go another direction
Dam that was a good your mom is so ugly jokes good people.
Dude that's pretty funny. Yo mammas so stupid she went to the orthadontist to get a blue tooth
Hmm no no no and no people don't mess with one direction now ok... Thank you
[Newest]This is a good one it made me laugh

4Yo mama so ugly, her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
This one will shut them all down!
Does anyone need some ice cause they just got burned(;!
Your mom just got burned like a stick on a fire
[Newest]Yup I said that to your mom she cried then made it up to me and that's how your brother was made

5Yo mama is so ugly that when she was born her mom said, What a treasure, and her dad said ,Yes, lets go bury it.
Laugh out loud Cracks me up keep up the cool yo mama jokes guys ha ah ha ha ha!
This joke reminds me of my sister. My sister looks, acts, talks, and thinks like Squidward. She even took a Spongebob personality quiz on Facebook and got Squidward. I would like to bury her in the Earth's inner core.
Pissed myself for a minute thinking about this, is there anything I wont fap to!
[Newest]Pretty sad but funny

6Yo mama so ugly, they changed Halloween to YoMamaween!
Yo mama is so ugly that was your to the bathroom back of a bike it take you to the gas make the iPod in your face bicycles I'll probably stop and make a stop play with me giggle call me for lunch you wana Casey will go get a guy I've got a lot a big yeah I can do not to love
These thing r so awesome
Yo momma is so ugly bob the builder looked at her and said I can't fix that
[Newest]Holey balls that's funny

7Yo mama is so ugly that when she went trick-or-treaty kids said she had a really ugly costume, and she said, What do you mean? I forgot it at home
lol! this one is funny! =]


omg its halarious and think it should be the um... number three at least
My mommy even lighted at that one
[Newest]That is funny

8Yo mama so ugly, Satan died of fright
Ha ha! That's pretty ugly!
Laugh out loud now that's messed up
Loved 1 and 10
[Newest]Satan finds this amusing, but Satan feels no fright.

9Yo mama so ugly, I put her face on a carton of milk and it spoiled.
Awesome one I got my boyfriend and he shut his mouth laugh out loud
This is so funny I'm done. Yo mama so old she farts dust
Laugh out loud I'm eleven and I know that's funny but I think it should be a little higher right? Ps laugh out loud
[Newest]You guys are so retarded that's not even funny

10Yo mama so ugly, she made a happy meal cry.
Ha that's funny :-)
Poop in a can
I herd all of them make a new one or nobody is going to get on this website because everything gets old

The Contenders

11Yo mama is so ugly that when she walks into a bank, they turn off the security cameras
So funny... I almost ped in my pants laugh out loud
This is really funny... Well, better than all the rest. When I told my brother this he said: your mean, and that's your mamma to stupid". Like I didn't already know that
I wish they can do that to me
[Newest]This joke is so funny the best

12Yo mama is so ugly that she put on ten pounds of makeup and still made me throw up
Haha laugh out loud I get it aha that cracked me up! ;D
Man this one was o funny that everyone in the house herd me

13Yo mama so ugly that every time she smiles traffic stops.
Her teeth is yellow, that's what the joke is. This is worded wrong though, it should say "every time she smiles traffic slows down.
Huh? Don't get it, not funny.
The way it was written is pretty confusing, it is actually supposed to say:Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiles traffic slows down!
[Newest]Yo mama so fat she made a happy meal cry

14Yo mama so ugly she went into a haunted house and came out with a paycheck
I like the joke laugh out loud.
So damn funny, made me laugh more than any other!
Haha! Now this is what I'm talking about baby:)!
[Newest]God that is really ugly or she made them so scared

15Yo mama is so ugly that she wanted to be a monster for halloween and her parents said, you dont need a costume for that
Make so much sense. There is barely any joke that can make me laugh but this one did
That was good that should be number 1
Crack me out dam that was funny

16Yo mama is so ugly she made an onion cry
Yo mama so ugly she has to sneak up on water to drink it
That was so funny you should be on T.V. laugh out loud nice job
Laugh out loud This made me laugh for over 10 minutes! This should defenintly be at the top or near it!
[Newest]That got me cracking up

17Yo mama is so ugly, that when she tried to become a model, they said, The hospital is that way
So funny... I told my friends and they started laughing there ass out
Laugh out loud me and my sister couldn't stop laughing
So funny lmbo I should defenly tell this one to my friend
[Newest]Laughed my ass off... lol

18Yo mama is so ugly when she when to the bathroom she scared the crap out of the toilet
Good one I get it
Its the only one that makes sense
I got one your momma so ugly when she went to take a bath the water said for get this I'm out of here

19Yo mama is so ugly that when she went to breast feed the baby the baby said "Mom, I didn't know you were a cow!"
Laugh out loud funny hahaahahaahahaahahaaht=)=)=)=)=)=)==))=)=)=)==))=)=)=) 9
That is just rude

20Yo mama so ugly she makes blind children cry
This is hilarious laugh out loud I was laughing my ass off when I read this
So funny even my friends mum started to laugh
That's easily the best one
[Newest]LOL this is really good!

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