Best Yo Mama So Ugly Jokes

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Yo mama is so ugly that she gave Freddy Krueger nightmares
hahahahahahahahahahaha what I got grounded after I was laughing with my mom


funniest among the rest
[Newest]Man! That was so funny I made my friends laugh so hard

2Yo mama is so ugly that when she was born her mom said, What a treasure, and her dad said ,Yes, lets go bury it.
Laugh out loud Cracks me up keep up the cool yo mama jokes guys ha ah ha ha ha!
This joke reminds me of my sister. My sister looks, acts, talks, and thinks like Squidward. She even took a Spongebob personality quiz on Facebook and got Squidward. I would like to bury her in the Earth's inner core.
Pissed myself for a minute thinking about this, is there anything I wont fap to!
[Newest]That's what we should do to Kirsten

3Yo mama so ugly, her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
This one will shut them all down!
Does anyone need some ice cause they just got burned(;!
Your mom just got burned like a stick on a fire
[Newest]Best yo mama joke ever

4Yo mamma is so ugly she made One Direction go another direction
Dam that was a good your mom is so ugly jokes good people.
Dude that's pretty funny. Yo mammas so stupid she went to the orthadontist to get a blue tooth
Hmm no no no and no people don't mess with one direction now ok... Thank you
[Newest]That is mad funny no lie

5Yo mama so ugly, Hello Kitty said goodbye to her.
NEVER heard this one ever before the rest are old REALLY REALLY funny one well done =D
This is so funny I told my little siss and she never watched hello kitty again
Awesome joke I thought that one was the fdunnest one yet HAHAA it made me laugh so hard I actrully spit up my coke a cola so good dude or her amazing I must say it wass a pluser
[Newest]That's a good one

6Yo mama is so ugly that when she went trick-or-treaty kids said she had a really ugly costume, and she said, What do you mean? I forgot it at home
lol! this one is funny! =]


omg its halarious and think it should be the um... number three at least
My mommy even lighted at that one
[Newest]That your mama so ugly that when she look at the T.V. the T.V. had fame coming out

7Yo mama so ugly, they changed Halloween to YoMamaween!
Yo mama is so ugly that was your to the bathroom back of a bike it take you to the gas make the iPod in your face bicycles I'll probably stop and make a stop play with me giggle call me for lunch you wana Casey will go get a guy I've got a lot a big yeah I can do not to love
These thing r so awesome
Yo momma is so ugly bob the builder looked at her and said I can't fix that
[Newest]So so funny laugh my ass off

8Yo mama so ugly, Satan died of fright
Ha ha! That's pretty ugly!
Laugh out loud now that's messed up
Loved 1 and 10
[Newest]I don't get this even though I'm 15 years old.

9Yo mama so ugly, I put her face on a carton of milk and it spoiled.
Awesome one I got my boyfriend and he shut his mouth laugh out loud
This is so funny I'm done. Yo mama so old she farts dust
Laugh out loud I'm eleven and I know that's funny but I think it should be a little higher right? Ps laugh out loud
[Newest]You guys are so retarded that's not even funny

10Yo mama is so ugly that when she walks into a bank, they turn off the security cameras
So funny... I almost ped in my pants laugh out loud
This is really funny... Well, better than all the rest. When I told my brother this he said: your mean, and that's your mamma to stupid". Like I didn't already know that
I wish they can do that to me
[Newest]Oh wow, now THAT is funny!

The Contenders

11Yo mama is so ugly that she wanted to be a monster for halloween and her parents said, you dont need a costume for that
Make so much sense. There is barely any joke that can make me laugh but this one did
That was good that should be number 1
Crack me out dam that was funny

12Yo mama so ugly, she made a happy meal cry.
Ha that's funny :-)
Poop in a can
Love this were do you get this love them on this every day nice one
[Newest]That was so hilariously funny

13Yo mama is so ugly, that when she tried to become a model, they said, The hospital is that way
So funny... I told my friends and they started laughing there ass out
Laugh out loud me and my sister couldn't stop laughing
So funny lmbo I should defenly tell this one to my friend
[Newest]Laughed my ass off... lol

14Yo mama is so ugly she made an onion cry
Yo mama so ugly she has to sneak up on water to drink it
That was so funny you should be on T.V. laugh out loud nice job
Laugh out loud This made me laugh for over 10 minutes! This should defenintly be at the top or near it!
[Newest]That got me cracking up

15Yo mama so ugly she went into a haunted house and came out with a paycheck
I like the joke laugh out loud.
So damn funny, made me laugh more than any other!
Haha! Now this is what I'm talking about baby:)!
[Newest]God that is really ugly or she made them so scared

16Yo mama is so ugly when she when to the bathroom she scared the crap out of the toilet
Good one I get it
Its the only one that makes sense
[Newest]That is so funny

17Yo mama is so ugly that she put on ten pounds of makeup and still made me throw up
Haha laugh out loud I get it aha that cracked me up! ;D
Man this one was o funny that everyone in the house herd me

18Yo mama so ugly that every time she smiles traffic stops.
Her teeth is yellow, that's what the joke is. This is worded wrong though, it should say "every time she smiles traffic slows down.
The way it was written is pretty confusing, it is actually supposed to say:Yo mama's teeth are so yellow that when she smiles traffic slows down!
Huh? Don't get it, not funny.
[Newest]Yo mama so fat she made a happy meal cry

19Yo mamma so ugly when I took a picture of her the printer refused to print it
Oh My God! So Funny,
I pee my pants when I read this
I give this a
10 out of 10!
The printer said this "no I would not print this it to ugly to look at or print" LMAOO

I give this a 10 YEAH
One of the best jokes so far I am going to say this to my friends.

Laugh out loud =]
[Newest]The best joke ever

20Yo mama so ugly, she turned Medusa to stone.
Laugh out loud My head exploded with LAUGHTER not
Lol I peeed my pants and when I woke up I remember when I wasdreaming I peed the bed!

21Yo mama is so ugly that when she went to breast feed the baby the baby said "Mom, I didn't know you were a cow!"
Laugh out loud funny hahaahahaahahaahahaaht=)=)=)=)=)=)==))=)=)=)==))=)=)=) 9
That is just rude

22Yo mama so ugly she makes blind children cry
This is hilarious laugh out loud I was laughing my ass off when I read this
So funny even my friends mum started to laugh
That's easily the best one

23Yo mama so ugly, she ugly.
Wow I could have made up a better on try harder :) not trying to be rude
You are the lamest joke maker ever
This joke is so lame it should be in the top not
[Newest]I'm calling child protection services and the police

24Yo momma so ugly, when she was walking down the street, the neighbors called animal control
This will shut them all the way down
Laugh out loud can't STOP LAUGHING 😂
Now I didn't now a joke could be that funny
[Newest]Did she really look that bad

25Yo mama so ugly, she threw a boomerang and it never came back.
I think that was because the boomerang thought she was so ugly, the boomerang got scared! Very funny! I'm writing this down on my YO MAMA SMACKDOWN list!
That's. My friend akasha
Hilarious Best one yet

26Yo mama so fat she sat on a pig and made pork chops
Ha ha ha! Very funny
It was funny but this is not yo mama so fat but funny
I feel sorry for the pig

27Yo momma so ugly when she entered an ugly contest they said sorry we don't allow professionals
Laugh out loud that joke is so hilarious!
That was so funny that I am still laughing
Bro my friend already knew this but here is one I made up your moma is so ugly when she went to a beauty supply shop they said take it all you monster
[Newest]That was funny as hell

That was funny as hell

28Your momma is so ugly when she went through a haunted house she came out with a job application
My favorite joke of the year so far. Beside from yo mama so fat when she sat on wal-mart the prices went down!
Funny like hell I like this one
[Newest]How is this not in the top 20?


29Yo mama so ugly, her reflection said "I quit."
Yo mamma so ugly when she was born a space monster came to earth and said,"Is this my baby? "
Man that is a hilarious one it should be in the top ten
! That momma should just go dig up her grave.

30Yo mama is so ugly, that she made an onion cry
That is so crap I've heard that loads of times
Cdfu this is hilarious 😂

31Yo mama is so ugly her patronus is a cake

32Yo mama is so ugly, when she was born her mom said, What a treasure and her dad said Yes, lets go bury it
Y'all said that already
That is so funny :)! $$$

33Yo mama so ugly went she went to church the priest said Satan has come
That is so funny imam use that one 10/10
Very fun devil mum has came

34Yo momma so ugly, she became the new Slender Man

35Yo momma so ugly when she went into a strip club they paid her to keep her clothes on
That's what I would do pay the dam women
So funny laugh out loud

36Yo mumma's so ugly the doctor advised leprosy
No one under stands
The doctor is advising her 2 have leprosy to improv her looks

37Yo mama is so ugly, that when she went camping, the other campers saw her and yelled BEAR!
That's more of a hairy kind of joke

38Yo momma so ugly, zombie pigmen wanna date her.
Yo Mama jokes aren't for Minecraft nerds

39Yo mama so ugly they had to move her to another planet

40Yo mama is so ugly that she scares the roaches away.
Bum bum hiss hiss my uncles names are richard and freddy my grandmas name is chub and she hates when you pee on the toilet board I'm unlucky both of her sides are her fat side
That's a well cool joke I'm gonna use some of these in class xx
Laugh out loud it is 2 funny mama sceard the crqp out of me the other day laugh out loud oxo

41Yo mama is so ugly that she got arrested for mooning when she took that paper bag off her head
Lololololol this is so funny I used this on my enemy and she is now nice to me lmfao
That's funny laugh out loud

42Yo mama is so ugly that not even the plastic surgeons that worked on Michael Jackson could fix her up.
Your mama is so fat when she entered a monster truck it became a low rider
That is so funny... Gosh L.O. L still laughing

43Yo mama is so ugly that her shadow ran away from her
That's just plain dam funny
I just peed my pants
I give it an a+
[Newest]That's stupidly funny laugh out loud

44Yo mama so ugly, the last time I saw something like her face, I pinned a tail on it.
LOL! This is so funny! :)))(((::: how is this not higher?!?!?


45Yo momma is so ugly, a hacker hacked her telephone to remove her profile photo.

46Yo momma so ugly, public toilets wouldn't let her in.

47Yo mama so ugly, she's the reason ET went home
Laugh out loud! This made me laugh so hard, soda came out my nose! This should definitely be in the top ten!
ET must of thought she was his enemy
I like it because my friend name is ET

48Yo mamma so ugly when she went walking down the streets people said to her "God does not love you "
Please don't put God in this PLEASE.
I have this so mach I kill my...

49Yo mamma so ugly when you play hide and seek you are the one who always hides
Ha this is really funny you always hide because you are afraid of what you will find along with your mamma.

50Yo mama so ugly, she was born with an apology letter from God.
Laugh out loud T:
I give that
100000000000 that is funny make more mamma jokes

51Yo mama is so ugly, not even Santa would her sit on his lap
Because Santa likes pretty people
It should be your mamma is so ugly Santa Claus wouldn't let her sit on his lap

52Your mamma is so ugly that the ambulance passed out when they were trying to save her
That mamma joke was the best I have herd so far

53Yo mama so ugly, when she looks into a mirror, it reads, Viewer discretion is advised.
Genius it is. Funny had everyone at the office laughing :D
Laugh out loud I laughed so darn hard! Keep on making these! These are so funny!
This all is sick, and this is selen gomez talking

54Yo mama is so ugly that when she looks in the mirror, the reflection looks back and shakes its head.

55Yo mama so ugly, she wasn't hit by the ugly stick, she was hit by the whole tree

56Yo mama so ugly, she walked out of a pet store and the alarm went off.
Not funny yo mamma so old that when she walked
Outh the museum the alarms went off

57Yo mama so ugly they put her in the world record book and said you'll be a future hall of famer

58Yo mama so ugly when she plays Mortal Kombat, Scorpion says "stay over there!"
Laugh out loud hilarious my friend was talking about mortal combat earlier today talking about how scorpion is like get over here!
This is hilarious because my friend was talking about scorpion earlier from mortal combat

59Yo mama is so ugly she passed it on to you
Damm she must be Ugly
Haha good one to use on your enemies 😁
Laughing so hard. This shut them up for sure. laugh out loud. :D voted for this!

60Yo mama so ugly, I tried to prank her with the scary maze game but she scared the scary face

61Yo mama so ugly, she sent a picture of herself on an e-mail and the antivirus picked it up.
Laugh out loud! I loved this one!

62Yo mama so ugly, Rice Krispies won't talk to her.
I Thought It Talked To Everyone... CLEARLY NOT YO MAMA!

This One at least Should Be In The Top 10! JUST BRILLIANT
It means when rice krispies pop in the bowl when the milk is put in...

63Yo mama so ugly when she died and went to heaven God looked at The Devil and said is this lady yours?
Laugh out loud
Mad funny:>
Yo mama black that you see crake comin out of her ass
This is a very good one.

64Yo mama is so ugly she looked in the mirror and said ugh it's hideous!!
HAHA I like this one

65Yo mama so ugly, Bill Clinton won't sleep with her.
This English is so bad my English teacher died of shock

66Yo mama so ugly, when she looks into a mirror it says "viewer discretion advised"

67Yo mama is so ugly, that when people complemented her on her scary halloween costume she said, what do you mean? I forgot it at home
Hahaa! This one made me cry

68Yo mama so ugly, pro-choice people use her for an abortion argument.

69Yo mama so ugly, she practices birth control by keeping the lights on.
WHat is it meant to mean

70Yo mama is so ugly when Superman saw her he started losing his powers.
Lol this ones quite good

71Yo mama is so ugly that Michael Jackson thought she was his sister
OK, well that is highly offensive to Janet Jackson, and she is NOT ugly!
This one's so funny

72Yo mama so ugly, instead of a chemical peel, her beautician uses a sandblaster.

73Yo mama so ugly, she looked at a tree and it caught on fire.

74Yo mama so ugly, if ugly were bricks, she'd be the Great Wall of China.
Utter laugh out loud

75Yo mama so ugly, she looked in the mirror it refused to show her reflection.

76Yo mamma so ugly she got the job at scary maze

77Yo mama so ugly when Jason looked at her he took off his hockey mask and said "here you need this more than I do"
Now that was funny

78Yo mama so ugly when she joined MySpace, everyone switched to Facebook

79Yo mama so ugly, she gets less action than the white guy in the NBA.

80Yo mama so ugly when she cries, the tears run down the back of her head because they're afraid of her face
Laugh out loud. So going to use that in a fight.
Well done! Nice one. I don't know why it hasnt got more votes.

81Yo momma so ugly, when she looked out the window, she got arrested for mooning.
That one is a classic

82Yo mama so ugly, when she goes out on the street the apocalypse starts
I'm only 9 and I think you would crack up!
What don't understand you there
That's so meased up but that is still a joke for you to crack up
[Newest]That's so funny nice one

83Yo mama so ugly that when she died and went to heaven, God said "I didn't create you."
That's wrong! Not even funny! Whoever wrote this is not a christian!
People can choose what religion they want to be. I'm Christian and I chose this way but if he wants to be a different religion he/she. It's called the art of choice and freedom.
This is the most funniest one I've heard yet
[Newest]This is rong it is not funny

84Yo mama so ugly, she went to to zoo and the animals pointed at her.
Laugh out loud bet she scared the crap out of them

85Yo mama so ugly, she could make a freight train take a dirt road.
Awesome! And hilarious joke

86Yo momma so ugly, when she had her picture taken, the photo came out censored.
This is a bit of a new one by one of the most of the day of your choice and value
Lool no not at all yo momma so ugly that every time she gose to the toilet it wow flush

87Yo momma so ugly that she uglier than you
That is just stupid

88Yo momma so ugly Go Diego Go said no
Your so fat that when you jumped into the people started running saying tsunami

89Yo mama so ugly that when Jason came out of the lake and saw her he went right back in.
Wow your mom is that ugly she might as well be jason
That joke is so funny
Haha this joke is probrobly the most funniest joke I have read today and I have been through almost all of them.

90Yo mama is so ugly her face looks like it caught on fire and somebody tried to put it out with a fork, and then a blind guy shaved it.

91Yo mama so ugly, she thought her reflection was a picasso.
Laugh out loud! I've been doing picasso in school and if she things that she mus be well ugly man! Laugh out loud or what? Her face must be cripled!
Laugh out loud I did picasso at school, that must must be ugly.

92Yo mama so ugly... Actually, I don't have anything to say because I don't know anything about the man.
Hilarious! Cracked up, I'm totally using that joke sometime.

93Yo mama so ugly, she shattered a pond.
These are all horrible. I can't believe some of the comments. Are you guys all on crack? The kind that makes really bad jokes funny?

94Yo mommas so ugly she has a beard but it looks like hair because it's running away from her face

95Yo mama is so ugly that when she looked in the mirror and said Bloody Mary 3 times she made Bloody Mary look sexy.
Awkward since I'm only 9 but really good for you
That's hilarious
She must have a deformed face

96Yo mama is so ugly, she looked in a mirror and her reflection killed itself
That's is not as funny, not to be rude. I'm only 11
Not to be rude but it's not really that funny and I'm also 11 and normally I think stuff like that is funny!

97Yo mama is so ugly her parents wanted a refund from the hospital
That is so funny man

98Yo mama so ugly when they upgraded the dictionary she was the definition of ugly

99Yo mommas so ugly when she walked into town everyone thought the orcs had attacked
Made me laugh out loud laugh out loud laugh out loud :. )

100Yo mama so ugly, when King Kong saw her enter the ugliest monster contest he knew he had lost the cup
That was so funny ha ha ha!
100% on that one dude;from atang

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