Best Skateboarding Wheel Brands of 2015


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1 Bones Skateboard Wheels

They have a great feel while riding, they seem to slide when you want them to and grip when you want them too,

There soft but they don't wear out easy

Bones provide the best ride... Period

I love bones wheels, I don't like spitefire at all, they prevent flat spots and holes from rocks when your riding street, that's why there's bones their ment for street, skate parks, they don't prevent flat spots, they stick to the ground and don't lose grip and their awesome.

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2 Spitfire

Bro, wheels are sick as hell! All best skaters on the team and hella dope graphics. Got the formula fours and they cooperate with my skateboard radically! BURN FOUR EVER! Besides, Spitfirewheels are softer

Spitfire is the best bones is second bones is only good for bearings

I've had mine for two years now and they still skate hella sick!

Best skate wheel ever still have mine

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3 Ricta

Rictas are lit

4 Kyrptonics Wheels

Worst ever

5 Oj Wheels

Oj wheels - sweet graphics, nice tread, no flat spots. Not as good as spitfires but a close second or third.

I have oj wheels. they're the best wheels I've had so far

6 Zero
7 Mini-Logo Wheels

Mini logos are good

8 Abec 11
9 Hubba Wheels

Hubba wheels suck rectum

10 Orangatang Wheels

The Contenders

11 Pig Wheels

Pig wheels are good inexpensive wheels

Great nearly better than spitfire

12 Enuff Wheels
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