My Top Ten Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! Duels

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The Top Ten

1 Joey Wheeler vs. Bandit Keith (Season 1)

Love Bandit Keith as a duelist. And how he cheats makes the duel much more interesting. Also, Joey's best duel, imo. This is the duel that makes him much better as a duelist.

2 Seto Kaiba vs. Leichter (Season 3)

Very interesting duel. Kaiba almost loses if not for his BEWD. And Leichter is charismatic and a cool villain.

3 Yugi Muto vs. Bandit Keith (Marik Ishtar) (Season 2)

Marik's first appearence. Nice and fitting that he uses my favorite villain as his puppet, truly showing he is the bigger bad to both BK and Pegasus. A great way to introduce Season 2.

4 Yami Yugi vs. Strings (Marik Ishtar) (Season 2)

A very cool battle. I love the way Yami Yugi/Atem outsmarts Marik here.

5 Yugi Muto vs. Yami Bakura (Season 5)

Cool battle. Love Bakura's strategy in this one. It's his best duel.

6 Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba vs. Lumis and Umbra (Season 2)

Cool double battle that reminded me of double battling in Pokemon Gen 3.

7 Yami Yugi vs. Joey Wheeler (Marik Ishtar) (Season 2)

Intense and emotional duel.

8 Yami Yugi vs. Yami Marik (Season 3)

Very intense battle. I loved how evil YM is and how Marik Ishtar redeems himself here.

9 Yami Yugi vs. Yami Bakura (Season 2)

Cool duel.

10 Joey Wheeler vs. Johnson (Season 3)