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1 Paige

A sanguine-phlegmatic girl who is quite a tree-hugger and sheep-lover, has a pretty quick temper and tsundere tendencies.

2 Annabella
3 Jessica

Best name - WinchesterGirl26

4 Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful name I like it

5 Katie

Can be so versatile! A girl given this name will not feel like she has to be a certain type of person because of it.

This is my name... But instead of katie. Mines spelled katy. My mom said she wanted it to be diffrent

6 Charlotte
7 Shakira Shakira Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a Colombian-Spanish singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, choreographer, and model.

I love the way that whenever you put Shakira into a list it automatically goes with the singer

I love Shakira's music I would love to use this name

Singer of Zootopia's soundtrack 'Try Everything'.

8 Zoey

One of my best friends name is zoey she is beautiful and amazing I love this name!

I love that name because my mom was going to name me that

9 Charlett
10 Chloe

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11 Paris

I was planing on naming my kid this it is beautiful I always wanted to go there

I like this name.

12 Melody

I LOVE the name Melody, I am thinking of naming my daughter that. Melody is a very pretty and lovely name.

I love the name Melody. If someone named Melody has a baby girl they should name it Harmony

13 Ariana
14 Lea

this is such a nice name but I reckon that this name best suits girls with blonde hair

15 Ariel
16 Emily

I love this name. - tropicaljay

17 Belle
18 Winter

Shiver so cold like the name so cute

19 Belen
20 Ona
21 Willow

Willow smiths brother jaden is so sexy I'm only 13 so I guess I can say that proudly

22 Jade
23 Samey Samey
24 Crista
25 Judith
26 Daisy
27 Abby
28 Hannah

This is my name and I like it!

29 Flora
30 Dulce
31 Hollie
32 Freyja
33 Kira
34 Jazzabell
35 Yana
36 Ailyn Ailyn Pilar Giménez García known artistically as Ailyn Giménez, is a Spanish singer, songwriter, best known as the former female vocalist of the Norwegian symphonic/gothic metal band Sirenia.
37 Gia
38 Ashley
39 Mattie
40 Hailey
41 Juliette
42 Rose
43 Jasmin

I have voted 4 thus name on all the name lists haha laugh out loud

44 Kate
45 Kaylee

I once had a friend named Kaylee. I miss her. - AnonymousChick

46 Jenna
47 Macy
48 Madison
49 Poppy
50 Jennifer
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