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21 Shadows Of Evil

This map is probably so low because people haven't seen this on the front voting page and nobody really votes anymore so nobody see's this, but if people were to vote then this would be at least in the top 10 if not top 5. This map takes zombies to a whole different level, and I mean A WHOLE DIFFERENT LEVEL. It has the biggest/longest Easter egg ever and it's one of the most challenging maps ever made. It takes skill and strategy to succeed on this map.

This is a very interesting map. It has some very good wall guns and unlike the other maps the mystery box isn't completely filled with bull guns. This map is also one of the more difficult maps so it takes more skill to survive. The theme of the map is very cool and the song matches perfectly with the theme.

I thought this map sucked but then I learned all the stuff you can do and it is awesome. Its not the best map in my opinion, the best map is Origins, but Shadows is a great map with a lot of cool new things and it is really fun and interesting. This map also introduced Widow's Wine which is a great new perk.

It's a great looking map

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22 Rave In The Redwoods

Great characters and scenery, love the crossbows, charms, perks and rave mode, very innovative with the challenge stations and love the pack a punch island!

23 Die Rise

My 2nd favorite after ascension its loads of fun awesome wonder weapons and no super boring transition areas plus new awesome wall weapons and of course who's who

It's a fun map, but the characters suck, and you must train. Plus if you die or skip something on accident, you have to walk around the whole map, and land some jumps and stuff. It was a good idea, but these problems were just extremely annoying.

With Narrow corridors and a sense of verticality, Die Rise adds a whole new sense to the zombie community. It punishes players for not watching their step when they fall down elevator shaft or of the building itself. It provides unique buildables as well as as well as making you wait for your perks. It introduces new zombies that provide a challenge but reward you well.

Most fun for me

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24 Zetsubou no Shima

Decent map. So far the worst in the BO3 series but its fun and brings a lot of new things into zombies. The wonder weapon is great and the thrashers are not the hardest to kill. - tacomilk

Really hard map but fun when you get it down

Amazing Map! Still trying to understand what to do on it

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25 Zombies In Spaceland

I can and have spent hours and hours in this game. It's big enough and intuitive enough to have a lot going on. The theme park element is fun. The wonder weapons are nice. The visuals are great. And the Easter Egg is fun and challenging. All in all, my favorite.

I think it's better than the AW and BO3 zombies I played

It's just a fun colorful map to play on - mneilan


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26 Bus Depot

If you like a challenge. This is a great thing to to try.

I have a really bad itch.

Most amazing map ever so much to do how could horrible maps like kino and der riese beat this

Bus depot is for the cool kids

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27 Farm

No one has bothered saying anything so I'll mention why this map can be good. If you want a challenge that limits you then this can be really fun. I personally don't consider this an actual map but if you are bored of the same old stuff this can be a fun twist. - tacomilk

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28 Infection

Great Map Bigger Better and has more things to do and explorer while outbreak is good it is smaller so has less things to do and it gets boring faster that is why this new map is better - mneilan

Its way more better then Outbreak

29 Outbreak

Accidental vote, awful map, awful game.. Awful zombies rip off

Vote this one up it's the newest map and the first zombies map in advanced warfare - mneilan

This map should be in the top ten maybe the top 5 - mneilan

Exo suits for the win

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30 Carrier

Best exo zombies map

31 The Iron Dragon

The best map I had ever played in my life!

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32 Rust

A revolutionary take at your zombies map, featuring the ACR with stopping power, one man army noob tubes, and intervention quick scoping.

Amazing best map in zombies history with the intervention

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33 Descent V 1 Comment
34 Dead Ops Arcade

I am not good at anything else laugh out loud

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35 Stadium

Search on Google: This is a custom map-so yes, it does exist, but it probably doesn't belong on this list

1. This map doesn't exist
2. You can only get this on PC by download.
3. It deserves to be lowest rank anyways.

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36 Green Run

Transit is awesome you get 4 different locations and also get to visit Nacht Der Untoten, the bus was an awesome feature which let you get about the map easier, the idea of teleportation was great and the bus was also a good feature, even running around in the fog was good fun because there were always lots of funny moments that happened. The Easter egg is also pretty fun to try and do, I've been close to completing it a couple of times now and have still never been bored of it once!

Yea this map is awesome truly addictive I know the map OBH there are so many secrets in it and the characters are cool and I love the new perk TOMBSTONE I love the GALVA KNUCKLES the TOWN and DINER are my favourite places love how you can make things such as the TURBINE and ZOMBIE SHIELD the easter egg is fun and lengthy the cool new electrical boss a bus that WORKS along with CALL OF THE DEAD and SHANGRI LA this is the BEST MAP EVER! Also don't forget the amazing song... Love it simply LOVE IT!

Very fun and addictive. There are so many areas to train in and so many Easter eggs to be found. I just love the tower of babel. Other than the denizens, this is the perfect zombie map.

NO! Shut up this map doesn't exist ignore it and kill it with fire

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37 Cove V 1 Comment
38 Hijacked V 2 Comments
39 Atlantis

Never heard of this one ether - Hunter17p

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40 Moon 2

Oh yea, I love this very real and not fake what so ever zombies map

No such thing as moon 2

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