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201 Hey, when's the next intermission in your drama? BTW, I hate the character you're pretending to be. OMG, I'm sorry, you can't act! This is your true self?!

What the hell is an intermission

202 Yo mama so dumb she took tickets to see Xbox Live

Lol that was a good one

O wow that. Dis is awesome made me laugh so hard

Nice one hahaahahaa oh my goodness


203 You're so fat that mum said don't go on Brighton Pier because it will collapse
204 Your mommas so fat when she stepped on a scale it said sorry we don't do livestock
205 You're so ugly it looks like your neck threw up V 2 Comments
206 Your mama so fat she stepped on the scale and the scale said your phone number

This is a awesome diss that can really push you ahead in a dissing competition

V 2 Comments
207 You're so fat that when you walked past the T.V. I missed 3 episodes V 1 Comment
208 Your mum's so fat she sat on a rainbow and it turned into Skittles

But there not saying it to anyone's mums

V 2 Comments
209 You have such a big mouth; you could eat a banana sideways.

Good joke my friend and I were reading it and it's too hilarious

Roes are red violets are blue your perfect image is like a dead jankroo


210 You're so ugly when you auditioned for Star Wars they didn't give you a costume.
211 You are so ugly, that when I went on Scary Maze your face appeared
212 Yo mama so poor she couldn't afford the plastic surgery you desperately needed

How about your mama so poor she eats cereal with a fork to save milk

What do most of the disses include mums

Your mama is suc a blaba mouth she can't keep her mouth shut for 10 seconds

213 You are so fat your belly makes stars

That is so so weird man so stupid who ever rote this lame lame and a half

This is some sick one I'm on the floor for this one

Sick dis laugh out loud

Don't get it

V 2 Comments
214 I never knew dogs could wear a wedding dress until I came to your wedding

Hilarious. What I would use with friends

215 You're so dumb you waited at a stop sign and waited till it said go!
216 Is your ass jealous of the amount of sh** that just came out of your mouth?

'I'm saying that to the people who are mean to me at school

That's a good one but try this u should wear a condom on your head cause if your gonna act like a dick then u mind as well dress like one too

V 1 Comment
217 You're so short that when it rains you're the last to know

That's offensive because I'm short

V 1 Comment
218 Your mamas so stupid she puts two quarters in her ears and thinks she's listening to 50 cent
219 Sorry to disturb you. Oh wait you have no social life V 2 Comments
220 Your teeth are so yellow they disintegrated the sun

What's with all this teeth cussing
It's probably because they have problems u don't know about

V 2 Comments
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1. You're so stupid you drowned in a Mexican wave
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1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Take that mask off, Halloween is not until October.
3. You're so fat that the only letters of the alphabet you know are K F C.
1. Your mum is so fat that even Dora couldn't explore her.
2. Hey, I can make a song about your teeth 'black and yellow black and yellow' and you need to hear the remix 'green and purple green and purple'.
3. Your head is so big that you put the moon out of business.

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