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121 You're so poor that robbers break into your house and leave money.

Its lit! 111111

122 You should slip in something comfortable... what about a coma

Best one that great

That was really not racist seriously were you born in a cave?

Oh yah then who is pasting all this

Nice one ahaa

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123 You're so stupid that you put makeup on your head to make up your mind

Cool laugh out loud

So funny best diss ever laugh out loud

Man I'm defiantly using this one. Lllolll

No I'm dead

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124 Is that guy wearing a mask ohh no dude that's his face

Your teeth r so yellow that when u rinsed your mouth with water u spat out lemonade

You look like a pig when you go out side of the building

Said it to friend he got so angry lol


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125 Your braces are mistaken for train tracks

Hey I love braces that's mean

But they will say " well these braces cost more than your whole outfit." BUt good one

Suck yourself off and your grandad

Duude that's so meam

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126 Your mums so fat you have to grease the bath to get her out

Yo nice one bro going to use that one keep it up!

That's not even good

Great cuss

127 You're so ugly when you looked in the mirror yo mama said stop watching horror movies

Hey that was my diss I said it to my friends they laughed like hell it was just to funny

This diss made me laugh so hard

Haha that is the funniest thing I've ever heard


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128 You're so ugly that you made the Illuminati close its eye

You broke his eye

Your hairline looks like a bearpaw

That's barre funny like yass!


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129 You're so ugly that if I vomited at you it would have made an improvement.

Lol my friend cry when I told her that loll...But now we are not friends

Awesome so bad ass

Lol that is funny


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130 Ohh I'm ugly have you looked in the mirror recently

This is so old get a new one or take this one down you probably wondering why you don't have any likes on this diss

This is super old.

This is just old man you do live in a coke can

Awesome bra

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131 Failed abortion

You do realise there are mothers who go through hell because there significant other has forced them to have an abortion. You retard. You shouldn't put this up

You should have said your so ugly that when your mama wanted to abort you the doctor said failed abortion

Not funny just plain rude

You idiot stop saying stuff about Jesus

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132 You're so boring that whenever you talk I get bored.

Works every time for me! Saved me from a couple wedgies, several beatings, multifarious fist fights...

Use this and you're guaranteed a safer, non-threatening life! - Flowersocks2137

133 Your mamas so stupid she invented a wheelchair with pedals

It's so good should be in top 10

It should be 200th


Haha! I’m done, if your mother was really stupid then how does she even know what a wheelchair or a pedal is.

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134 It's pointless to make fun of you because it will take you the rest of the day to figure it out V 3 Comments
135 Why is your forehead so big? Are you ugly or did you cut your bangs off?

If people have big foreheads that means they have a bigger brain but you probably don't know what one of them are though do you because you don't have one

This one is really good said this to a boy and he got pissed off

136 You're so stupid you walked to your neigneighbor's fence and shouted "OMG I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA"

Such a crap diss

Oh my god this person is stupid

Neigneighbors? Pretty ironic - Flowersocks2137


137 What's the difference between your mum and a walrus? One has a mustache and smells like fish, the other ones a walrus
138 Justin Bieber was so happy when you were born cause someone uglier than him was born

I hate Justin Beiber so stupid. I hate him. Why does he bother to be famous?

I hate Justin Bieber he's an idiot

That was sick totally rate whoever made this up

This one sounds like it was made up by a 7 year-old - Kfox101

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139 You're so poor, whatever you touch turns to bronze

I get it but it should be wood or stone or something else

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140 You're so old that you know the ancestors of Jesus

They are SUPPOSED to be insulting!

Its bad because it is offensive to Christians

I hate whoever wrote this joke

Dude that's not racist and plus you say that someone has tied head and to get a life you retards😡😡😡😡😡😡.

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