Best Guns In Call of Duty: Finest Hour


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1 M1A1 Thompson

Best Gun in the game. I use it all the time to clear out Japanese mass attacky very quickly. - Alpha101


Just like the M1A1, clears out groups of soilders very easily, shoots rapidly, and does not take a while to reload. - Alpha101

3 MP40

These are kind of rare in the game. But when I see one I pick it up and wreak havick to all those Germans out there! - Alpha101

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4 Mosin Nagant

My favorite Russian gun. - Alpha101

5 M1 Carbine

A really good gun. A old fassion American can of butt kick! - Alpha101

6 M1 Garand

A truly amazing gun. I not only use it in this game, but in all the other Call of Duty PS2 games! - Alpha101


My little baby. I use it all the time! - Alpha101

8 MG42

A bit hard to find... And only appears once in the whole game (Appears in a dugout in the second mission). Once you use it, you can mow down Germans just like you do to enemies with miniguns later in the series.

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