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241 You're so ugly even Bob The Builder could not fix you

Almost wet myself when I saw this so using it on this really fat girl

This is from way back in 2012 I guess these morons didn't get it until now...

I thought he could fix anything. I guess NOT...

This is so lame.

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242 you're so fat the only letters you know is KFC

There is a insult like this in the list so you should check before you make this insult

That's like the best insult to people who eat to much fast food

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243 Your momma so fat when she go poo in Canada, it actually goes to Australia

I know. One day I woke up and everything was brown?

Hilarious! Used on my bully and she left me alone for the rest of the school year!

Yes! Thank you for providing the perfect come back ever!

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244 Your Mum Is Like a Kit Kat 20 Pence a Finger

I think they were drunk when they posted this

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245 You are the reason people are blind

This is really good insult! I must use this one!



Really good:)) gonna use that soon

246 In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed, avoided - and the less anyone heard of him or his supporters the better.

Cancer is the most deadliest and the most dangerous diseases, a cure is less known and the survival rate is not yet guaranteed but being talked about being a cancer is the worst with people avoiding you - ronluna

Axl was talking about Slash who left Guns N Roses in 1997. Slash was known to use drugs like Duff and Izzy but he is the most addicted one. He is not using drugs anymore. - ronluna

I think they are talking about Donald Trump...

I don't really get what u r talking about ronluna

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247 Yo mamma is so stupid she tried to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff.

Yo mama so nasty, she poured salt water down her pants to keep her crabs fresh

This is so funny I couldn't stop laughing. best 1, keep it up!

Or maybe your mama is so dumb she tried to drown a fish

I'm laughing so hard

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248 Why don't you go away and play Russian roulette with all chambers fully-loaded?

Russian roulette is a game... It's not being racist

Ya he or she is right, Russian roulette is a game so calm down ( idiots these day)

Laugh out loud I can't stop laughing! There's this guy who sits next to me in class and is constantly making fun of me, can't wait to use it!

Or you play Russian Roulette with and M9, you go first.

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249 I think its mating season at the zoo so go back to the orangutans and get married.

If you really hated who you were insulting, you would tell them that orangutans are smarter than them.

250 Hey I'm here from the ugly face factory I'm here to get the face you stole... oh woops that must be your real face

This sounds like a four year old wrote this.. You should probably think of some more, cause this one is just pathetic... Bahahahaha.

Take off the end and it will be better.

That is crazy


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251 Do you want to lose ten pounds of ugly fat? Cut off your head

You can bounce a ball on that head

That is so funny

252 You are so ugly when you tried to take a selfie you phone cracked.

Yeah, good a bit similar to the mirror one though but still funny

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253 Sorry I didn't mean to in insult you but I always get told off for saying lies
254 You're the reason got created the middle finger

*God, and there are MANY comebacks for that.

And you're the reason that finger can go up

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255 Last time I checked, retarded isn't in season.

Oh my god I could use this with most my family, but then again I could use it for ninety percent of the people I talk to including my boss.

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256 You're as useless as a speed limit on Forza

Really funny, you could use this on anyone who is a Xbox geek.

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257 Hey monkey your balls are hanging out

Awesome insult, use it on the prick at school that annoys me
Laugh out loud!
It matches with your enemies cause they are monkeys
Cool insult to annoy someone

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258 I like you ... Keep being a screw up you're making me look successful
259 Some people are has-beens. You are a never-was

hahahaahah made me laugh so hard this girl is gonna regret everything she has done to other people

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260 You're so stupid when you wanted to see a butterfly you threw a chunk of butter out the window.

This is just stupid. Even a 2 year old could think up something better than this

Oh gosh how awesome can these insults get!? THE BUTTER FLIES IT'S PUNNY AND HILARIOUS

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1. You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen.
2. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
3. Hey, you have something on your chin...3rd one down.
1. Your family tree is a cactus, because everybody on it is a prick.
2. Hey, you have something on your chin...3rd one down.
3. Yo mama so fat she's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
1. Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is.
2. You're like STDs, nobody wants you, everyone hates you and it proves your parents should have used protection.
3. I would ask how old you are, but I know you can't count that high.

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