We all sprang from apes, but you didn't spring far enough.


This is perfect if your enemy is a close-minded Christian fundamentalist who believes in Creation.

Bonus points if they reply with a stupid comment like, "If evolution is real, how come we still have monkeys and humans? "

I think this joke was originally created for the president of the United States

I was reading this in study skills, while it was quiet and just started laughing uncontrollably and got in trouble.

THIS IS PRETTY AWESOME! I love it... I mean apes... THIS IS PERFECT FOR ONE OF MY FRIENDS! you have no idea how good this is.. THANK YOU!

Laugh out loud, I almost choked when I read this, its still funny after two weeks of reading it, this is just to funny man

HAHAHA so funny can't wait to tell this to my brother next time he tries to insult me.. I'll get him with this one!

I think this is genius. I have a science teacher that so mean so I'm gonna use this on her.

oh yeah nice one!, I don't know if I should but I may use that one on my history teacher, he gave me detention!

I am a huge science fan, and this is really smart. Kudos to whoever thought of it!

I said that to my friend since she ruined my whole entire life and she just slapped me back.. oww

Don't work because not everyone believe that sos

I'm going to do this one on someone I hate because this one is off the hook

I think Lil' Wayne did not even spring from apes.

You remained to be uncivilized barbaric apes?

I used this on my friend and he said he didn't get it so I said "... Exactly "

This is absolutely amazing, whoever made this was a genius.

If I use this, my BFF would not talk to me ever again. USING IT!

Clever. Very clever. Good job, sir.

Nah, you sprang from an elephant with your mom on its ass.

LOL Really smart roast and effective at the same time!

The best insulter in the entire world is Kevin Hart

This one is so brilliant I will use this so often.

thats a good one, I will use that one with my cuz.

This is one of the best this should be no. One

Told it to my friend and she's like: 'What the?