Best Iranian Football Teams

The Top Ten

1 Perspolis

Best team of iran and asia

Perspolis is a 2500 years old team

Perspolis is the best in the world

Indeed the best

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2 Esteghlal

Because has 2 star in Asian cup!

Because esteghlal is older team in Iran

Esteghlal is the best in Asia


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3 Tractor Sazi

The best time I ever seen. Players play with they full energy in the game, I really love this time the best in the world

Tractor sazi is the best one.

Red wolves are the best, Sahand stadium (valley of wolves) is a hell for any team

Players and fans adore TRAXTOR wherever.

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4 Sepahan

Very good team

I love sepahan

5 Foulad Khozestan
6 Malavan Anzali
7 Zobahan Isfahan V 1 Comment
8 Saba Qom
9 Mes Kerman
10 Saipa Alborz

The Contenders

11 Damash Guilan
12 Shamoushak Noshahr
13 Aluminium Arak F.C.
14 Gahar Zagros
15 Aria Parsian
16 Shahin Bushehr
17 Naft Tehran F.C.

Best team in Iran, They are young and talented. This team is going to win the AFC cup this year!

18 Sherkate Khalkhal Dasht F.C.
19 Fajr Sepasi Shiraz
20 Bargh Shiraz V 1 Comment
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