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41 Jesé

He is not yet to earn this spot he needs to be lower

42 Santiago Bernabue

That isn't a player nor have you typed it right

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, is home stadium of Real Madrid. - amoory

43 Martin Ødegaard

He is going to be one of the best Real Madrid payers ever.

Amazing now in a age of 18, in 2026 he's maybe one of the best

I'm just saying. This guy will top the list.

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44 Didi

The free kick king. Who else than Didi.

45 Claude Makélélé
46 Casemiro
47 Redondo

What does this player have in his boots, a magnet? These was sir Alex Ferguson after 2000 champions league match describing Fernando Redondo El Perincipe/ the prince

48 Predrag Mijatović

You you remember Amsterdam 1998? He played game of his life brought title to Madrid after 32 years...he is top 10 ever...

49 Steve McManaman

No one tried as hard as him to stay in Real Madrid and to play in the first team as much as he did, he was a world class player and a legend.

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50 Nacho

Probably song the top ten best footballers in the world and a legend in real madrid. he is in top 5 for sure

51 Francisco Gento Francisco Gento

He was one of the best during the di estifano times

52 Ivan Zamorano

Best striker in Europe at his peak. Lethal in the air.

Pichichi and Liga champion! The ultimate aerial threat

53 Steven Gerrard Steven Gerrard Steven George Gerrard is an English professional footballer who plays for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy. V 2 Comments
54 Eran Zahavi
55 Antonio Adán

Good goalie, its just that he does not get to prove himself worthy of playing in the first 11. In Barcelona all goalies get to play! Even Pinto who is nothing compared to Adan when he is in full poitential

56 Elim Latif Tanveer

Elim Latif Tanveer is one of the biggest players.
Like pele but a bit much better

It is really Elam Latif Tanveer not Elim Latif Tanveer

He is pele vison 2

He should be atleat 5 plays

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57 Fabio Cannavaro

" a best and greatest defender of his time " World Cup winner, ballon de or winner 2006, the most legendrious defender I ve ever seen...

58 Chicharito

Chicarito rules he should be number 20 at least

59 Keylor Navas Keylor Navas Keylor Antonio Navas Gamboa, known as Keylor Navas, is a Costa Rican professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Costa Rica national team as a goalkeeper. V 1 Comment
60 Wesley Sneijder Wesley Sneijder Wesley Sneijder is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for Turkish club Galatasaray and the Netherlands national team.
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