Best Sex Positions

Most people among us has/had sex in life. Which is your favourite position?

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1 From Behind

What the hell is this list - ElSherlock

This is so good. I was so happy... I GOT PREGNANT

The receiving partner is kneeling or
On all four limbs. The penetrating
Partner inserts from
Behind. - jimmy12lee

Turtle sex position hm

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2 Female On Top (Facing Towards Partner)

I'd say this is the womens' favourite position. It's the most reliable one for orgasms.

I have never had sex but it look's damn hot to me I wish I was there right now

This list is really weird. - RockFashionista

I absolutely aphore this position! It's not sexy, it feels horrible, and the name is the worst name for a sex position. Same with reverse female on top. There are many sex positions that are WAY better.

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3 69

Favorite position

NO THIS SUCKS! - XxembermasterxX

I like 69

69 times the pleasure

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4 Doggy Style

Snoop Doggy Dogg. O.G

You mean Snoop Dogg's first album? Yeah, it's a classic. - jameshoward

Jasmin L. from Toronto loves it like this

Hannah Greaves from Goulburn loves it like this!

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5 On Top With Front Entry

It feels so good! I love it when my husband gives it to me like this!

The most popular type. Also known as "Missionary". In it, the receiving partner
Lies on his or her back with legs
Apart. The penetrating partner lies
On top of the receiving partner,
Facing them. - jimmy12lee

This is my favorite way to make love. I can kiss him, nuzzle him, caress him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear.

It always feels best there. Also, most girls would agree. - Caleb9000

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6 Female On Top (Facing Away From Partner)

Reverse cowgirl

Aka reverse cowgirl - great view

Woman gets to control action, guy has his hands free to further pleasure woman, guy doesn't come as fast. Best position for woman.

This is the best position to do it hard.

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7 Sitting and Kneeling

The penetrating partner sits down,
With their legs stretched out. The
Receiving partner sits on top and
Wraps their legs around the
Penetrating partner. - jimmy12lee

I've done this one several times with my fiancé. - Survivor101

8 The Traditional Missionary

I love this position this is where baby's come in

With most other positions, I either feel nothing or sometimes it's even a little painful. This one is comfortable and always delivers for me.

This is my only sex position I will save for the future because this is the only prone,clean position I'm not religious I'm an atheist - Kevinsidis

Mine. - Caleb9000

9 Standing

It's best if the guy is propping the girl against the wall.

In the basic standing position, both
Partners stand facing each other
And have sex. - jimmy12lee


10 Sideways

Lying, hugging my wife, her hugging me, with my penis in her vagina

I love doing this first thing in the morning, wake him up by running my hands through his hair before the sun has come up, and make sweet soft love.

Both partners lie down either facing each other, or away. - jimmy12lee

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? Cowgirl
? Cowgirl

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11 Butterfly

My girlfriend screams during this.
Her boobs are pressed against me and we kiss while she wraps her leg around my thigh.

I have in this position. The position is very sexy. We were enjoying in this position.

12 The Tabletop
13 The Lap Dance

so sexy

14 Face-off
15 The Spoon
16 The Rocker
17 The L

Whats that?

18 The King Prawn
19 Legs Wrapped Around Your Neck

Feels so good

20 Stand & Deliver
21 The Lotus Blossom
22 Bamboo Split
23 Scissor Position

For lesbian sex

24 Pegging

Being dominated by your sex mistress is the best

25 Tennessee Log Jammer
26 The Banana Split
27 Bucking Bronco
28 Reverse Cowgirl Position
29 The Full Nelson
30 Alaskan Pipeline
31 Alaskan Firedragon
32 The Butter Pat
33 Legs Behind Your Head

Jesus christ you'd have to be pretty flexible for this one

34 The Sloppy Seal
35 Waterfall
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