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261 Mapleheart
262 Amberblaze
263 Squirrelflight

A good name especially for her she is all happy and bouncy and playful all the time firestar rocks at name choosing

Squirrelflight is the best cat ever. The second I heard of her I knew she was going to be my favorite character. Go Squirrelflight! Your better than Bramblestar and Ashfur. Squirrelstar all the way!

264 Rowanclaw

Rowan is a two leg name but its still an amazing name!... And ROWANCLAW IS SHADOWCLAN I don't LIKE SHADOWCLAN

265 Russetfur

Strong brave russetfur I love that name I just absoloutely love it but I hate shadowclan

266 Ferncloud

Wow yup I am convinced ferncloud has too much kits but great name and stop having kits (thumbs up) I like the first part of it fern and last word cloud its put em together u get even better name

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267 Cedarheart
268 Silvermoon
269 Rooktail

You've got to know Moonflower and Goosefeather's father's name ROOKTAIL! The most AWESOME NAME IN WARRIOR CAT HISTORY!

270 Moonhigh

This is a time of day, not a cat name. - Moonblaze

271 Appledawn
272 Lifebloom

Brown she-cat with darker brown markings and bright green eyes and has a sprout like tip of her tail.

What the heck is this LIFE?! BLOOM.. Its practically saying I'm pregnant...

273 Appleblossom V 1 Comment
274 Goldspots

A white she-cat with gold spots?

275 Owlfeather

Her pelt would look like brown feathers of an owl with smudges of a cream color?

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276 Mossfire

This is from code of the clans where the shadow clan leader and deputy dies from green cough and Jumpfoot and Mossfire kill each other trying to take the leader ship. Flowerstem, Mossfire's sister, is picked by the medicine cat (i forgot that name :P) because he had a dream where a star clan cat visited him and told him to pick the next leader. the medicine cat faked a sign saying that star clan wants Flowerstem to be the next leader. *Gasps* a lot of words!

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277 Ravenwing

Ravenwing,a good name, but I hate him! Poor Mapleshade! I love her! She had a terrible life kits dying, mates betraying, clans kicking her out! She DERSERVED a better life! I love you Shady!

DIE RAVENWING! (He was the one who told about her forbidden kits)

Uh, Mapleshade tried to murder practically every cat that she thought had it better than her. - Moonblaze

This is truly my favorite name of all times. I use it for EVERYTHING!

278 Ebonyclaw

A black cat that's really good at fighting. Ebony= Black thing

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279 Foxwhisker

I had to put the name Fox in there somewhere. I just love fox's more than cats. Its not the best, but it still has the word FOX in it.

Nice name! I think he'd look like a reddish orange color with golden eyes... long whiskers and is very small.

280 Skyheart

I like it. I really like it. It's lovely.

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