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261 Ravenpaw

Its not used by any other cat that's special but I do really like ravenpaw

What would Ravenpaw's warrior name be? - Moonblaze

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262 Brambleberry V 3 Comments
263 Birchfall

It has such a nice flow to it.

264 Fallen Leaves

I love his name, just awesome. He's meant for Hollyleaf

(Hhhiiiss) FallenLeaves is MINE. I claim him! He's handsome and has THE BEST name ever! Idc if he's dead! He should have nevr died! I love you Leafy...(by the way I think brightheart should be his sister! I mean ginger and white patches? Ringabell?! )

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265 Palebird V 1 Comment
266 Bluefur

Simple but and awesome, sweer cat.

267 Graystripe

I love graystripe. I feel so bad for him, he lost his mate and his daughter

... I ship him with Silverstream with all my guts. Graystream? Silverstripe?

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268 Antpelt

Ha ha. Very funny (actually I laughed my guts out when I read that) - Moonblaze

I, Onestar, leader of WindClan, shall name you Antpelt in honor of all those ants in your pelt.

269 Applefur
270 Ashfoot
271 Ashbreeze
272 Appleberry
273 Adderfang V 1 Comment
274 Berrystorm
275 Bramblestrike
276 Beetletail
277 Bramblestorm
278 Brackenleaf
279 Brokenheart
280 Brokentail
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