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301 Dustclaw
302 Dustpelt
303 Dustbreeze
304 Dustystride
305 Lakesplash

I really, really, REALLY, like this name. I think I like it so much I actually LOVE it :)
I would predict this cat being a she-cat, a black cat with a brown underbelly and white splotches ( I guess that's the word.. ) But that's just my prediction.

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306 Blazingheart
307 Stormcloud

This cat just looks like Rainfeather that's all I'm gonna say. Again, it could be a he/she

308 Fallowleaf

This is my friends role-playing name on Animaljam, so credits to her on this one! ( I know I need a new hobby )

309 Fallensnow

I would predict this cat to be a light-grey ( kinda snowy like ) she-cat.

310 Talonclaw

I think EVERYONE knows this one. It is nowhere close to being original, honestly, I think you guys could have come up with this one without me, it's crossed almost everyone's minds. I still like the name though. :) I would predict this cat to look kinda like Longtail, ( and be a tom ) but that's just me.

311 Squirrelstep

I made up this one role-playing as a leader. It took me like 40 minutes to come up with it. Dang you Squirrelpaw! This cat would be a light-brown she-cat with darker brown ( like a reddish brown ) stripes, MY OPINION

312 Twistedheart

Okay, I would say it would be a tom ( obviously ) and he'd be black with a light brown underbelly. My prediction, don't hate :I

In my opinion, he is a dark brown tabby, he was called racing
Kit, and then, one day, he leaped out of a tree on a dare, and twisted his paw permanently and his leader decided to call him Twistedpaw, he was his father, and the mother, Stormstrike split from him because of it (maybe I'm just think of crookedstar but backwards! )

313 Badgerfang Badgerfang
314 Fernshade
315 Brownthorn
316 Leopardstar

Hate her. Kinda love her name

317 Reddawn
318 Poppyrain
319 Snowfeather V 1 Comment
320 Tabbycloud V 2 Comments
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