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21 Darksnow

This name sounds really cool.

22 Squeakers

If that was my name and I was a warrior I would commit suicide - Blossomfrost

No WARRIOR would tolerate THAT name!

This name made me smile.

I imagine a cute little brown kittypet!

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23 Lightning Claw

I have an oc named Lightningclaw she's a pure black she-cat with yellow eyes

24 Silverpelt

The name is prohibited because the stars in the sky are called Silverpelt - Blossomfrost

That's where StarClan can be seen at nighttime -.- - RedTheGremlin

25 Stormsplash

Not a fan... - Blossomfrost

26 Rainbowtail

Who ever wrote thing down the bottom of why it's not a good name... Just go to some other website and complain about how you think of the name cause I am sick of people being so negative and being Like a judge of Warrior cats and thinking "Oh I am a warrior cat expert oh I think this is bad name cause of this and this and that and that" THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY NAME SO GET OVER IT EVERYONE HAS TO BE CREATIVE NOT MAKE UP WHAT YOU THINK IS BEST IN YOUR OPINION!

I used to love rainbows, but now gays claimed it and I hate gays. GO DIE IN A HOLE GAYS! That is NOT how God wants us to be! This name is offensive.

Cats don't know what a rainbow is... - Starstar

Warriors have no idea what rainbows are. - Blossomfrost

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27 Lakeshine

Oh I'm sorry just realized you were mixing up real and made up cats here - Blossomfrost

Already a RiverClan Queen...see Crookedstar's Promise - Blossomfrost

Grr I can't use it! - Leaftail


28 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet

He and Jayfeather are my favorite - Blossomfrost

Such a cool story

He so hot

*rolls eyes* I was afraid you were going to add him on here...~Bluefang of FireClan

29 Falconstreak

I like this name because I am the one who came up with both the prefix and the suffix, surprisingly, I would imagine this cat being a strong sleek silver pelted tom with black stripes. <--- again my prediction

Cool name! I'm seeing a lithe dark brown tabby tom with a streak of white on his chest, and flashing Amber eyes - Blossomfrost

It's not that bad of a name

I like Falcon Swoop for an acient

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30 Moonblaze

Ha ha ha yeah...not cool - Blossomfrost

No cat is allowed to have 'Moon' as their prefix.

Moonflower, Bluekit(Bluestar)'s mother did, but the Erins found the mistake.

Whoever said this: Moon,sun,star,sky,shadow,river,wind,and thunder can not be used as warrior names! 🙀
First moon and sun are religious to the cats and you can't be starstar if your leader. You also can't be a clan name as river ripple and tall shadow and wind runner and thunder and clear was a mistake in the book to have moonflower and a couple more cats. If you don't agree. Look it up!
But it still is a cool powerful and flashy name! 👍🐈

Is wrong because there is Moonflower, Sunstar, and other names that start with moon and sun that Erin Hunter used! So, don't judge someone, but the Starstar one is dumb! LOL!

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31 Sunstrike

Sunstrike is an awesome name! It's flashy, powerful and fast. - Moonblaze

I love that name! I wish I had one named that - RedTheGremlin

Amazing and dashing name

I always loved both the prefix Sun- and the suffix -strike. Put them together and you get Sunstrike. I was so happy when Sunstrike decided to abandon the Dark Forest and go back to the light side :D

32 Light Claw

Nope...Light is a pretty prefix which is very hard to pair up with an ending, in my opinion. Claw just dies not work - Blossomfrost

33 Floodpelt
34 Lightfoot
35 Rainfeather

I love the name of that cat. AWESOME!

36 Silverwing

I like this one! To me it sound like a lithe silver tabby with dark blue eyes

37 Firefly

Great cute rouge name

38 Dawnflower

Beautiful but I think that's already a Clan name

These names are SUPPOSED to be Clan names...

Okay so I meant to Click vote firestar, he's a clan leader, once a kittypet. He was found by Graypaw(Graystripe) his future best friend, in the forest. He has two great kits. Leafpool is #1 medicine cat ever. Then Squirrelflight is a sorta annoying car but is brave enough too go on the journey to the sun drown place with Brambleclaw, Tawnypelt, Crowpaw (Crowfeather) and Feathertail and Stormfur. She also gives birth to Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze. Jayfeather is a blind medicine car whom was given to leafpool as an apprentice. Hollywood is a loyal warrior but kills ashfur. How dare she?! Lionblaze is very strong. Dovewing is sure he will be deputy. Firestar also had a nephew, Cloudtail. Cloydrail is married to Brightheart and has one daughter, Whitewing

(says in whisper voice) dawnflower pretty name its very good yay... I have no idea who u are but I love your name

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39 Isabella

I'm pretty sure the person who made this just put her name in it.

Lol, I'm just going to put Alyssa on the list now... - Flowersocks2137

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40 Thunder Fang
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