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101 Greywing V 2 Comments
102 Silverhawk

Why doesn't anyone like the name Silverhawk? He's in the Dark Forest, you say. Well, that's not a excuse anymore, look at Hawkfrost, in the Dark Forest, at the top! Then you say he hasn't been there much in the books. Well, that's true, but you can't say no to the name! It's awesome and cool! Now go on people, vote for SILVERHAWK!

I love this name! It's fierce and sharp! Imma dark-forest-kinda-cat! Sort of...actually...I'm not... but that's not the point! Vote this name or I'll...I'll...throw pillow and marshmallows at u! (Little fluffy cat hisses)

103 FadingStar

A silver white she-cat with pale blue/green eyes and a large scar over her left eye. Has a kind personality, she is nice friendly but deadly in battle. Her warrior name was FadingLight

A silver and black she-cat with ice blue eyes. Rather aggressive at times, but can be friendly if you know her. Warrior name was Fadingmist.

104 Magentabloom V 1 Comment
105 Frostbreeze
106 Angelwing

She came and joined SunClan after her Twolegs were not so nice at all. Shes a very light gray and has Amber eyes. Yellowstar let her join and she became Angel to Angelwing. (My own made up characters ) I hope you like it. Please comment if you do. I would like to see your opinion. )Yes you can use if you want :P ~Ravenwing

V 1 Comment
107 Brokenstar

I don't know why I like this name, I just think it sounds cool and mysterious

love it

108 Lightpelt
109 Snowstorm
110 Sunfur
111 Dragon Fang

I imagine a huge orange tom with long sharp teeth

112 Redfeather V 1 Comment
113 Icestripe

To me, Dewstar, 'Icestripe' sounds so so so so so beautiful.
Sleek black she-cat, white stripe along spine that goes from nose to tail-tip.

114 Troutstar

Is in Code of the Clans. I wonder what Troutstar's warrior name was

115 Rainflower

Rainflower is NOT evil! I don't really like her either, but no cat is really evil! Like Mapleshade, she is my favorite cat! She was tortured her whole life! and that's why she became the way she did. Rainflower was just struck with grief, that's all.(I still hate her)

Even though she's evil her name is really pretty. :3

116 Mistyfoot

This is a pretty name- this is all that I have to say.

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117 Whitestorm

Whitestorm is a good name for a strong warrior.

118 Amberleaf

Amberleaf is a very pretty name.

Amberleaf! I'm going to use this beautiful name for my stories! Thank u for the idea! I imagine a deep, golden, she-cat with white paws and underbelly, and milky-green eyes.
A beautiful name for a beautiful cat.

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119 Oakheart

All I have to say is that it is a great name.

120 Snowfur

I know she was so cool! I feel so sorry for Snowfur poor cat! :( I know she's proud of her son Whitestorm though, he was a noble cat.

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