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101 Nutwhisker

I like this name, very cute! It kinda reminds me of a little squirrel!

I think it's a cute name. Yellowfang.

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102 Shadow Burst

Love the name just wish it had more votes.

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103 Blizzardstorm

Hey! that's my kits name:pretty white she cat with light blue stripes and light blue eyes

104 Echomist

This name sounds so much like Echosong from Firestar's quest. Though its very pretty.

I really like this name it's gorgeous but who's Echomist? I have read all the books and remember seeing her name somewhere but starclan WHO IS SHE?

Echomist is a RiverClan cat in Crookedstar's Promise. She is Hailstar's mate, and the mother of Voleclaw, Beetlenose, and Petaldust

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105 Fernsong

Wow, this would be great for a light grey cat with orange speckles

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106 Willowfrost
107 Sorrelcharm
108 Pebblestream

It's like pebbles in a flowing stream. Just love it.

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109 Hollyflower

She is my warrior cat. Her fur is black and she has a white paw.

I remember her! She saved Tigerclaw when he was a kit and he had wondered into a clearing and a fox was stalking him! She had attacked the fox and saved him! He promised he would repay ShadowClan, and full filled that promise. She should have let him stay there. Jk. I don't wish death on any cat. Though if Thistleclaw wasn't his mentor, Tigerclaw would have been a great cat. Who agrees with me? Though I don't remember him walking off like that in Bluestar's Prophacy. Hmmm... ~Ravenwing

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110 Blossomfall

Such a pretty name! I love the character too

I don't like the cat, but her name rocks!

I think it is a pretty name. She is such a loyal she-cat. She helped when her and Ivypool was trapped in the tunnels, and when her sister, Brierlight hurt back. Blossomfall, you rock!

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111 Brook Where Small Fish Swim

Brook brook.brook! Love this tribe cat!

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112 Featherstorm V 3 Comments
113 Brairlight

This is my favorite name out of the entire saga. I love the cat too.

It's "Briar" not "brair"

This is one of my favorite names! So beautiful
-Snowflower med cat of thunderclan

114 Icecloud

Oh no! I was writing a fan fiction and used this name without realizing you used it... Is this okay? I'll give you credit... Um... I'll try at least

Awesome name! Very pretty. I imagine her as a white and silver tabby with ice blue eyes and a silver tail.

White she cat with specks of gray and silver bright blue ice colored eyes

I <3 this name, I get so mad because I don't like to copy, yet I want to use this name so much!

115 Riptide

Umm..good name, except that it reminds me of a's not really a good warrior cats name...And "Rip" why would a rouge be called Rip? It's just so...weird

My own cat. He was a rogue kit named Rip. Then he joined riverclan and became riptide. His name is ferocious and cool at the same time!

I loved Riptide fro WoF, But it doesn't fit as a warrior name. - Mewbosses

Riptide is my third favorite character is Wof, but I don't think it would do good as a warrior name..

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116 Swiftstorm V 2 Comments
117 Greywing V 2 Comments
118 Silverhawk

Why doesn't anyone like the name Silverhawk? He's in the Dark Forest, you say. Well, that's not a excuse anymore, look at Hawkfrost, in the Dark Forest, at the top! Then you say he hasn't been there much in the books. Well, that's true, but you can't say no to the name! It's awesome and cool! Now go on people, vote for SILVERHAWK!

I love this name! It's fierce and sharp! Imma dark-forest-kinda-cat! Sort of...actually...I'm not... but that's not the point! Vote this name or I'll...I'll...throw pillow and marshmallows at u! (Little fluffy cat hisses)

119 FadingStar

A silver white she-cat with pale blue/green eyes and a large scar over her left eye. Has a kind personality, she is nice friendly but deadly in battle. Her warrior name was FadingLight

A silver and black she-cat with ice blue eyes. Rather aggressive at times, but can be friendly if you know her. Warrior name was Fadingmist.

120 Scourge Scourge Scourge is a villain the Warrior Cats series . He's the leader of BloodClan . He was bullied by his siblings, Socks and Ruby, in the past because he was the smallest out of his kin . One of his most notable features is his collar of dog teeth .
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