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21 Jayfeather x Briarlight

There something I like about this. I found a pic and Jayfeather said "I'll be your legs."And briarlight said "I'll be your your eyes" I found it super cute and I love this ship

Yes best one yet I love it

Love it


22 Smudge x Princess

Actually, I kind of think that this might be canon ( Smudge + PrIncess = Cloudtail)

Smudge can't be Cloudtail's father, as he was neutered in 'Into the Wild.' However, I do believe that they were close.

Below, it was confirmed Smudge was not the biological father of Cloudtail by one of the writers.

I agree there cute

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23 Spottedleaf x Ravenpaw

This would be weird because ravenpaw left then spottedleaf died then starclan and all the other clans left ravenpaw and barley behind to go to their new home it would also be weird because he stayed a apprentice and she was in starclan. If it actuly happened it would be kinda scary...

I think they will look cute together

Lol no wonder firepaw/star left raven at the barn


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24 Jake x Tallstar

This is actually a legitimate couple, guys. Authors have confirmed it.

Even the characters in the book say how they see Jake and Tallstar as a couple and not his actual mate

"This would be so CUTE"

W-w-what I don't like Tallstar we are friends that's all... ~ Jake

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25 Jayfeather & Willowshine

Willowshine is a calm, kind cat who can help tame Jayfeather's rough exterior to get to the sweetie we all know is there.

I ship Jayfeather with Briarlight sooo no


26 Stormfur x Midnight

Poor Brook. Dumped for an elderly badger

OK. A cat with a badger. That must be funny! - Silverfeather

SPOILER ALERT- Rock and Midnight have existed ever since the beginning of time. Midnight is merely a wisp of a spirit.

I think some Kits will be scared when they see a Badger on the Nursery. - cassiabez

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27 Ivypool x Hawkfrost V 3 Comments
28 Tigerstar x Spottedleaf

Yeah I kind of like that couple...

I don't know why I like it, but I do.

I like Tigerstar and Spottedleaf but as a couple...
I don't know

Yeah, no

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29 Millie x Silverstream

In Star clan they just fight over graystripe haha!

Gee. They kill Spottedleaf twice so Firestar wouldn't have to choose. Are they going to kill Silverstream twice too?

Don't they hate each other... ?

Millie would kill Silversteam in star clan lol I ship Millie nad Graystripe as Millie Stripe

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30 Ivypool x Foxleap

I think they would make an awesome couple! They would be so cute together.

I actually really like this couple! Too bad Foxleap died though

But isn't Foxleap her uncle?.-.

31 Bluestar x Firestar

This couple is the worst! Who would ship blatant pedophilia?

Just making opinions people don't take it seriously
But for me they would have a awesome couple
I know Bluestar had Oakheart and Firestar had Sandstorm though

Little do the people that ship this know.. they are related

Lololololo lol u guys suck lolololoolololooll I am the best lollolololol

32 Sol x Purdy
33 Tigerstar x Ravenpaw

This is funny because ravenpaw left thunderclan because of tigerstar!

Haha it would be funny if they mated because ravenpaw left thunderclan because of tigerstar

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34 Bluestar x Whitestorm

B-but whitestorm is bluestar's nephew


You know that's her nephew right?

She's his aunt people, get real.

Well Bluestar's sister it's Snowfur
Snowfur became mates with Thistleclaw
abd they had Whiterstorm.
Another related couple. - cassiabez

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35 Scourge x Sandstorm

If this happened Firestar would be like "Get off shes mine! " then kill scourge

Sandstorm is cool and I. Really don't mind toms fighting over her

The funny thing about it it's that Scourge it's Firestar's half brother - cassiabez


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36 Jayfeather x Leafpool

They are mother and son. Then again, this is warriors, and pretty much they are all related.

I have the same theory as the first comment and he would be freaked out by it!

I LOVE THE COUPLE! I have a theory that Jayfeather was in love with Leafpool but when he found out she was his mother he was freaked out. He carried the bitter feelings even more than his siblings because of it... And Cowfeather's, Firestar's, Squirrelflight's, and Brambleclaw's reaction would be priceless! Especially Crowfeather. :3

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37 Brightheart x Swiftpaw

I cried when Swiftpaw died.. Brightheart and Swiftpaw would've been a great couple

Brightheart was the only one who volunteered to go with Swiftpaw, because she wanted to protect him. I wish this was a real ship.

Honestly this is kinda weird. Cloudtail, however, always liked brightheart even before her "accident". They were always following each other around and even firestar was like, "oh I remember when I was an innocent apprentice like them" swiftpaw and brightheart is cute and all, but CloudtailxBrightheart will always be my OTP.

Yeah Swiftpaw! He's awesome!

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38 Rusty x Smudge
39 Longtail x Rabbit

Rabbit is so beautiful, he blinds longtail

40 Yellowfang x Tallstar

This would be so creepy. I mean Tallstar is from windclan and Yellowfang is from shadowclan THE TWO CLANS THAT ARE ARCH ENEMEIS! Also Tallstar is leader and Yellowfang is a medicen cat.

I dunno.
It's just, well, both of my favorite characters, as side from Bramblestar.
I just think this would be interesting.

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