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61 Scourge x Spottedleaf

If scourge and firestar are half-brothers and spottedleaf x firestar works, then why does not spottedleaf x scourge work?

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62 Leafpool x Brambleclaw
63 Berrynose x Birchfall V 1 Comment
64 Bluestar x Prophecy V 2 Comments
65 Scourge x Feathertail V 3 Comments
66 Mapleshade x Snowtuft
67 Tigerstar x Tiny
68 Spottedleaf x Scourge

I can imagine this conversation: Scourge:I Will Kill you TRAITOR! Cat: I'm sorry I didn't get what you asked for. Spottedleaf: Sweetie violence isn't the best answer. It's the second best. First treat them with love and kindness and if they do it again THEN you can kill them. Scourge: Ok sweetie.

I wonder what their would kits look like...

69 Dovewing x Tigerheart V 1 Comment
70 Sol x Gray Wing

OK, I ship weird things and I was going to choose Tigerstar and Brokenstar but this stuck up at me like "Hey! Here's a ship you never thought about before, stop shipping Clear sight and Grey Wing and ship Sol and Grey Wing you non homework doing human! " IDC I SHIP IT!

71 Vicky x Cherith
72 Tigerstar x Bogeyman V 1 Comment
73 Sunstar x Pinestar

Why not sunstar x bluestar

74 Ivypool x Breezepelt V 3 Comments
75 Cody x Leafpool
76 Leopardfoot x Pinestar

They were like 3 years apart! Imagine your 56 and you have kids with a 20 year old! (Considering months are like years for cats) crazy!

Biggest age difference couple ever, he was leader before she was born. EW

77 Clear Sky x Berrynose
78 Breezepelt x Lionblaze

They're half-siblings (since they both have the same dad, just different mothers) so wouldn't that still be incest?

Well they're Half brothers and Heathertail had a crush on both of them. - cassiabez

This would be quite interesting knowthey are enimies and related...

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79 Tigerstar x Leopardstar

Imagine them having kits one of them looking like Tigerstar with spots and stripes.

It was said in the guidebook that Leopardstar wants to be mates with Tigerstar! O3o

Hey, I thought Leopard had an awful crush on Tigerstar! It would be fun if they were in the same clans and they have kits! MWAHAHAA! That's just so stupid...

I liek it

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80 Goosefeather x Bluestar

Not even gonna think it over for a second time, just, no

Nah I don't really see it working out.

Now THAT would be awesome.

He's a Medicine Cat also Goosefether it's Bluestar. - cassiabez

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