Top Ten Best Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves

What is the best wrestling finisher. With which one you put your opponent the best down.
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Tombstone Piledriver

This move is so bad every one kick out in this move and I hate the under taker he thinks that he is the dead man but he is not if he thinks he is then come to U.A. E Sharjah Rolla there I will burn you lets see you will stay there or I will put you in the grave in hole sand and his entrey is only scary when he is in the ring we will need onley 5 minets to beat him.

Absolutely awesome and spell binding no matter how many times one views this move.Unfortunately it has not been kind to The Undertaker's knees over the years and perhaps have effected his agility in the ring. Does not stop him from doing this though.He is indeed the greatest wrestler in the history of the ring!

Used by undertaker and Kane Although it is a fairly faked move it is so cool watching them put people away like Shawn Michaels or Randy orton.

I would really like this Move because it is powerful and I am a big fan of The Undertaker


It can put anyone down for the 3 count.

Stunner is most painfull

Simple. Brutal.

The stunner is the best in the world performed by the best and toughest son of a bitch; the Texas rattlesnake; the bionic redneck or whatever you call him. What! What! What! What! What!

Randy Orton's RKO

Used by Randy Orton it's a pretty basic move it has put nearlly every superstar away... HBK, Alberto Del Rio, Kane and many more need I say more?

The reason why it can hit mid air, even top of the mountain


Randy I love your finisher

Super smack in the world

Sweet Chin Music

Usually, if you're fighting Shawn Michaels, and you get knocked down, Pray that you don't feel vibrations in the floor. He's preparing for Sweet Chin Music. Whatever you do STAY DOWN, because he's just waiting for you to get up. Once his foot connects to your chin, goodbye. The match is over. Rarely people come out of this to keep fighting. One quick kick, and the match is over

Good lord, every time HBK does this, you can just here the impact of the foot fair and square into the jaw. Don't be surprised if he wins easily after this knock-out finisher.

Used by Shawn Michaels he put people like Ric Flair And Bret Hart

One kick, the match is over.


When people were hit by this that was that.

Pedigree always the dead move

Edge's Spear

Used by Goldberg Edge and Roman Reigns it is a Cool move specially when they are getting ready in the corner its good because it can take anyone out even a diving opponent.

Switch Edge with Goldberg and we have something. Edge has the weakest Spear ever.

Worst spear in the business. Switch with Goldberg.

Had to stay in the hospital after this.

Brock Lesnar's F5

It closed undertaker's undefeated streak

F5 could close anybody's chapter


Rock Bottom

This should be higher. Look at the announcers got hyped when The Rock did it.

Used by The Rock not much to say about it just one hell of a good move.

Figure 4 Leglock
Rob Van Dam's 5 Star Frog Splash

Rvd is aweeesommee

even though he isn't in WWE anymore that's a sick move.

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Canadian Destroyer

Are you kidding me? The canadian destroyer is one of the best finishing moves of all time. In my opinion, it should be #1 or #2. Hands down!

Can you guys stop saying that the canadian destroyer is a good finisher. It is not how physichs works.

It's the best ever someone in wwe should make it there move

It should be at the top

Swanton Bomb

Used By the Hardy Boyz and many more it is a very risky move because you can easily brake your neck.

CM Punk's Go to Sleep

Just a knee to the head and then you are sleeping on the ground just listening to Cult of Personality after the three count


Used by Kane Undertaker and Big show this also needs opponents help to sell the have to jump and bend there nees and if they do that you've got yourself one good Choke Slam!

10 feet high Down to hell
What comes up must come down

Shooting Star Press
People's Elbow

Watch out for my elbow peopel

Chris Jericho's Lion Tamer/Walls of Jericho

It is so amazing

619 is the no. 1 move and I think that he can do that move without rings by using opponents hands as ring and strike into the poor face of opponent.

Best move ever

It should be no.2...
619 is best move... :-)

Starship Pain
Goldberg's Jackhammer

It's the best combo I've seen ever!. very clever and can be used in a variety of situations. go goldberg!


Rollin's Curbstomp

I love a good curb stomp. Just seeing someone’s face get smashed into the mat is enjoying to me, and I don't know why

The Last Ride

Should be at the top

Randy Orton's Punt Kick

It must be at number 1 nobody has kickedout of it

Goldberg's Spear
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