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Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.


Reasons Dovewing is a Mary Sue:
1. She lets others do her work for her
2. A cat that was carried by an eagle she didn't even see DIE traumatized her to the point of being useless
3. She stays with a cat for like a week and decides it's destiny they be together
4. She takes that cat as a mate and shatters the warrior code
5. She leaves that cat
6. She took a mate and treated him like dung
7. She left that mate for her previous mate
8. She doesn't consider her mate's clan is pretty much dead and depending on him and insists that he leave his clan
9. She acts as though she is more important than a whole clan of weak cats just because she is a queen who had a nightmare
10. She pretty much says to her mate's face he doesn't care about her and leaves him worried sick.
11. She haunts her mate until he finally TRACKS HER ACROSS A HUGE CITY and finds her
12. She reminds him of the dream she had and that now that he's with her he would leave his Clan to die ...more

There is two sides to every story and Erin hunter write both sides. Four cats perspectives in the book. Lion blaze, Jay feather, ivy pool, and dove wing. All these cats had their own problems. To be honest it was Jay feather who did the most and then ivy pool. Dove wing and lion blaze shared similar problems with relationships and were caught up from actually anything. In a situation where your clan is facing its toughest battles I would think lion blaze and dove wing would have been more afraid and the book isn't written realistically overall and yes I do agree she's a sue

Dovewing, I admit, is not the best character. However, that doesn't mean she's a Mary Sue! If it weren't for her, Ivypool NEVER would have gone to the Dark Forest which would mean that the Clans would have no idea what was coming, which means that the Clans would be a thing of the past. (Plus the whole Ivypool-in-the-Dark-Forest thing was really interesting.) She's indecisive. She tends to blame herself for everything, which, yes, is annoying, and which, yes, is a FLAW. Mary Sues are characters who have no flaws. I'm sick and tired of everyone saying that Dovewing is a Mary Sue when it is very clear, at least to me, that she's not! - Scarletfall

Dovewing's never challenged. She never tried to help Ivypool. She always is nice, and only ever snappy to poor Bumblestripe. Her sister, Ivypool, practically did all the hard work for her, and she's not even in the prophecy. She only ever cared about Tigerheart, and she's always written to look like a innocent little she-cat with too much pressure, but she comes off as a whiny, annoying kit.

Dovewing is just a big brat. An ugly one too. All she does is wonder who her mate should be in the middle of a big war while her much prettier sister Ivypool is risking her life every night. I just find dovewing so insufferably annoying, and that's saying a lot because I have a sister one year younger and I'm kinda like "the good one". (Not to be mean to my sis. I love her and we both kinda agree I'm the angel with a bad girl personality) anyways, dovewing is so horrible I don't ship her with anyone because I would feel bad for them. That's how bad she is.

I still don't get how Hollyleaf wasn't one of the Three. Dovewing does nothing, and she apparently has no flaws except being way too pretty. Dovewing seems to do no wrong, and I say the power should have gone to Ivypool to make things more interesting, with her being trained in the Dark Forest. And she went on a quest, saved the clans as an apprentice while poor Hollyleaf sat rotting in the stupid tunnels. I say Hollyleaf deserves that power. Its not fair that they didn't make her one of the Three just because they couldn't think of a power for her.

She is all ways complaining about how "different" she is then realises that she has, so called "powers" then in every book she's like "oh it's sooo complicated, everyone says I'm perfect but I'm so different", then apparently she has two cats "trotting" after her and one is from a DIFFERENT CLAN, she loves TigerHeart (the one from a different clan), then there's BumbleStripe (the one from the same clan) and chooses the one who she doesn't even know he's alive, and say it's "the right thing to do", then she sits down at camp with not a care in the world while her sister ivypool volunteers to walk into the dark forest to spy! I have NO idea why she's even in the books!

Why does Dovewing get all of the attention? Ivypool is a much better character. She risked her life for the clan every night and she has actual flaws. She is very easy to relate to because of her jealousy of Dovewing's powers. Why isn't Ivypool getting as much spotlight as Dovewing then?

I HATE Dovewing. She is a terrible sister to Ivypool, its her fault Ivypool went to the Dark Forest. Dovewing is just a replacement for Hollyleaf. She is a whiny brat, and she doesn't deserve her powers, she doesn't deserve to be in the books at all. The only thing Dovewing does is thinking about Tigerheart and WHINING. And she did NOTHING in the battle with the Dark Forest. If I wrote these books, I would give her the most painful death ever.

Ivy pool is my absolute favorite character in the warriors series. But the books all treat her as if she's just a sidenote, while who gets the spotlight? A bratty, whiny, mess of a character we call Dovewing. In the books, Ivy pool was spying on cats from literal hell while Dovewing sat around and daintily contemplated on which of the THREE Toms padding after her she should mate with. I love Erin, but it seems like she actually tried to make a Mary sue.

There's always been hate rooted in me for Dovewing. Possibly because I started with the Power of Three on accident, grew attached to Hollyleaf, then utterly hated her for replacing her. I'm a bit rusty on the OotS books, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be reading The Fourth Apprentice and adding on to this in a while. Feel free to add on, upvote, or downvote all you want.

I started with the second series arc of the series then read the first series arc then the power of three and then the one that Dovewing is in. Yeah Dovewing is a Mary Sue though I didn't read the newest prequel series arc. - Anonymousxcxc

Dovewing is definitely a big Mary Sue. From the start of the fourth series, she has been loved, valued, and envied by all. Ivypool instead went to the Dark Forest and was forgotten about. Ivypool, in my opinion should've been one of the Three/Four. Dovewing has been portrayed as a little she-cat with the weight of the world on her shoulders, yet all she can do is hear things-- and ThunderClan treats it like; "OH MY GOSH THE CLANS HAVE BEEN SAVED! " So anyway-- That's my opinion! - Maplestar

It really annoyed me how in the chapters before the great battle with the Dark Forest in 'the Last Hope', Jayfeather was searching in StarClan and the real clans for the fourth cat, Lionblaze was asking Hollyleaf for info and if she was the fourth cat, and Ivypool was risking her life for when the Dark Forest would strike. But Dovewing? Oh, she was organising NICE LITTLE DATES with darn TIGERHEART!

Dovewing is very annoying in my opinion and throughout the series she just gets worse and worse and worse, half the time I don't know how Ivypool, on of my favorite cats, is sister to a cat like Dovewing. Also I hate when people say that Dovewing was a better replacement for Hollyleaf, like I'm perfectly fine with others opinions but I still hate it

Dovewing is awesome, it's not her fault that she's part of the prophecy. Her life is FAR from perfect, the amount of pressure she is under equals that of the pressure of being a clan leader. If Ivypool can't deal with a secret and goes dark and whines about it that just says bad stuff about her. Dovewing is NOT A whiny mary sue - Songwind

First she came in, all ways complaining that she's "different" and then she becomes an apprentice and JayFeather and LionBlaze realises that she has so called "powers" and then she automatically becomes the third in the power of three but all she dose is listens and looks, the aperantley has two admirers, which I have no idea why they should like her... in fact I have no idea why she should even be in the books!

It would have been so much better if she didn't just stroll in and replace Hollyleaf. In my opinion, Hollyleaf should have been one on the three. Honestly.

Dovewing is like the WHINIEST, most selfish mouse-brain I've ever seen! Seriously Tigerheart, can I ask you something? WHAT DID YOU EVER SEE IN HER? *SPOILER ALERT* She basked in all the glory while Ivypool was pushed to the side as an apprentice. She mated Tigerheart without a thought to the warrior code. She dragged him away from his Clan for company while she gave birth to her kits, and as at least part of the result ShadowClan dissappeared. I don't care a fig for her or her kits, and I think Tigerheart is pretty dumb too, chasing her around, abandoning his Clan in their time of need, and so forth. - Blossomfrost

I honestly don't like Dovewing either, let's be honest, Ivypool did more than her, and apparently Dovewing was one of the three. But let's be honest here, was she really all that bad? I always had the little root of hate for her, but she DOES have some flaws, like every cat.

How does Dovewing have a hard time choosing between Bumblestripe and Tigerheart? Bumblestripe is: the nicest tom in her clan, and she is ALLOWED to be mates with him. Tigerheart is: a childish tom in another clan, that she dumped 2 times before getting back together!

Dovewing is A MARY SUE. She just makes pointless love triangles. I mean, if you think about it, while Ivypool was risking her life in the Dark Forest and Flametail was dying in ice, she was prancing around making an ANNOYING love triangle.

She was in a forbidden love, and she had several toms after her, and she has been drawn in official art with rainbow eyes. Need I say more?

Dovewing has a bunch of toms after her, and breaks Bumblestripe's heart. Erin Hunter always discribed her as an innocent cat who was just confused. Everyone admired her, and she was the nest as an apprentice. She whiny, and her sister would be better as one of the three. Also, in the final battle, she didn't do a lot. Ivypool did the most.

DoveWing is to op. In my opinion DoveWing is ignorant and shouldn't be a character. DoveWing has to much power and constantly ignores her sister. Also DoveWing acts like a brat constantly in the series.

Ugh she's a replacement for Hollyleaf and I don't like it, and her power is practically useless!