Even though I kinda liked Jessy, I'll have to admit she is totally a Sue. She always had these brilliant ideas, everyone liked her, she was a fantastic fighter and hunter, and she didn't have any flaws that I can remember.

Jessy sucks, in every way.
I mean really? Frankie was a great character, Minty was slightly annoying but I liked her. I love Squirrelflight, and SquirrelXBramble is the best ship. The Erins had to bring her in and make her a terrible cat. Personally with a better character and personality she might have been better. But lets admit if Jessy hadn't been perfect Bramblestar would have ignored her existence, he was only being nice to her because it's what Firestar would have done.
No, its not. Firestar learned his lesson with dumb Spottedleaf. He might had let Jessy join the clan, but he would not have fallen in love with her.
If warriors were humans, Jessy would have made Bramblestar's storm Rated R

She is a total "know it all" in the clans. She tried to snatch BrambleStar from SquirrelFlight. I hate her! I mean why is everybody went against FireStar when he was a kitty pet and his former clan mates "looove" Daisy as if they changed their minds on a kitty pet suggesting ideas. Just wow...

Jessy was kinda cool just did not like the whole crush thing

She's a stupid, perfect little she-cat, who is 'oh so very good' at hunting and learning. But worst of all, she was stealing Bramblestar from Squirrelflight! Trying to interfere with my fave couple! NO WAY, YOU FOXHEART!

Jessy learned how to hunt using a complicated tree move not even the clan cats could use. She was accepted into cal life almost immediately. She's a fast learner. She can fight off an entire group of kittypets even with minimal training. She could fight off badgers even with minimal training. Firestar, let's not forget, was bullied by others when he first came into the clan. He had to FIGHT and PROVE himself for his place in ThunderClan while Jessy was accepted almost immediately. She's even like Squirrelpaw 2.0, except everybody loves her and nobody calls her out on her rudeness and nosiness. Bramblestar was annoyed by Squirrelpaw's attitude. And when it comes to Jessy, he ADMIRED Jessy's attitude.

Whenever they talk about her my Mary-Sue sense goes CRAZY! Biggest ever - Swiftdawn

It's unfair that Bramblestar and the whole ThunderClan just accepted her and literally worshipped her ideas and suggestions while Firestar had to work his way from the bottom AGONIZINGLY slowly when he was a kittypet just like her. She's also just a clone of the young Squirrelpaw dyed brown. It's so weird that Bramblestar got super annoyed when Squirrelflight acted like Jessy when she was an apprentice but literally admired Jessy for being snarky and all-the-Squirrelpaw type. Something else that seriously shocked me was that SHE HAD NO TRAINING BUT CAN FIGHT BADGERS AND THE NASTY STUFF LIKE RIGHT AWAY. That's my definition of a Sue.

YAAAS! She's the biggest Mary-Sue in warriors! I'm SO glad Bramblestar chose Squirrelflight over her!

I'll admit, I kinda like Jessy, but she is a Mary Sue..

Finally! I do believe Jessy is a Mary Sue, 100%! No kittypet adjusts THAT WELL to clan life, not even Firestar! And he had a prophecy for starclan's sake! Jessy was immediately good at hunting, fighting, etc: how, you ask? I don't know! My best guess for her existence is that she was put in to make Bramblestar see sense and become Squirrelflight's mate again, that's the only reason I'm OK with her being in the story (a little okay anyway, still upset about it.)

I like Jessy, like A LOT, but I'm gonna have to agree she is a sue. - DerpyPolarBear

Jessy had a right to go, shes so "perfect". How dare she try and take Bramblestar. I really wish Minty stayed in thunderclan with Frankie. BOO JESSY! - SeeU

She is such a sue!
Let's see:

- brave (RED FLAG)
-Brilliant plans and she's always right (RED FLAG #2)
- The CLAN LEADER falls in love with her in two seconds! (This is just ridiculous I mean really? )
- She gets everything right first try (My mary-sue-o-meter just broke)
- Every other kittypet had to get used to clan life but not BRAVE, SPARKLING, LEADER'S 'MATE' Jessy!

Seriously though why does Bramblestar suddenly love her Squirrelflight is obviously the better choice! Honestly that was so out of this world how do you fall hopelessly in love withsomeone in two seconds when you already have a WIFE!?

UUGGH WHYYY - Warriorcatsfandom

She so purrfect. NOT! She had ThunderClan toms falling head over paws for her. EVEN BRAMBLESTAR! I mean he has SquirrelFlight! Great StarClan I hate her. I HATE HER SO MUCH I COULD... PUKE. Sorry just getting my anger out. Lol. Pay no mind. Haters gonna hate right?

Ugh, I hate this little tom snatching, snooping, OTT perfect kittypet, - Songwind

She literally swooped in and TOOK BRAMBLESTAR FROM RIGHT UNDER SQUIRRELFLIGHT'S NOSE. And apart from looking a little annoyed, Squirrely Girly didn't do anything. The entire Clan saw what was going on, but didn't object because Jessy was too perfect. She was a great hunter, she was significantly better at fighting than a regular kittypet would've been, and she was a great strategist. Heck, she was even training the apprentices at one point. TRAINING THE APPRENTICES WHEN SHE WASN'T EVEN FULLY ACCEPTED INTO THE CLAN, BECAUSE SHE WAS JUST THAT GOOD. Also, for some reason, everyone thought that her ideas were the ~best~ and totally went along with it because... why again? She was a kittypet, and a sassy, snarky one at that. When Firestar joined, his word was challenged time and time again. But NO, not Jessy. She's too perfect.

She is such a sue! She's a KITTYPET who came to Thunderclan and was like, the best hunter ever. She was put in charge of training Thunderclan's Apprentices like she was the smartest -_-

Jessy is the beautiful, absolutely perfect kittypet. Prey leaps into her paws because it wants to be near her!

That's practically how the Erins describe her, being bold and whatnot. For example, when some cat snorts about her being a kittypet and never catching prey before, she goes and starts bragging about how she catches everything in her garden. I mean, if I were a warrior, I'd be on the verge of cuffing her. She's an immature, bratty, snooty, too-good-for-anyone snob.