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Spottedleaf is just too "perfect." She has always so beautiful tortoiseshell fur, have a sweet scent, is small and lithe and so kind and pretty. She fell in love with a kittypet, who is 3,5 years younger than her. Just like EVERYBODY loves her UGH.. Well, she wasn't a villain or something like that but SO Mary Sue. I like Tigerstar much better than her. It was almost (or it was) like party when she died, especially when she died second time; she is the most boring cat I ever read (sorry for peoples who like her, that is just what I think about her

I thought it was impossible for a character to go BACKWARDS in character development. Spottedleaf proved me wrong. Where in Into the Wild do they even TALK? But the Erins HAD to add in some of that repetitive forbidden love plot stuff. Then, Spottedleaf starts haunting Firestar's dream like: MY LOVE! And always having her sweet scent around her. She's always one of the main cats in Starclan who deliver prophecies to Thunderclan cats despite there being cats who actually, I don't know- WERE BETTER. Even after Firestar had kits with Sandstorm, Spottedleaf was STILL appearing in his dreams! Later on, she dies just so Firestar doesn't have to choose between the two!

Firestar: Hm, who should I choose between? My middle school crush or my mate whos been by my side for moons through the hardest of times... can't DECIDE

i'm glad Spottedleaf died, but then again... isn't everyone?

I think Spotted-leaf is on way too much catnip for her own good. She's in love with an apprentice that's, like, 1 or 2 years older than. She's medicine cat as well, another boundary. After she dies, she's still in love with him, even though he "cheated" on her with Sand-storm. She loves him SO much that she dies for Fire-star's mate, even though he dies that same book, not even a few hours after Spotted-leaf is killed.

Spottedleaf is basically is too perfect: she's got everyone saying "oms she's pretty and hot and smells really sweet and is super kind and wonderful" when she's just a Mary Sue who's also a creepy stalker with a crush on Firestar. She was only alive for a few chapters or so and Firestar's like, "oms I love you Spottedleaf! You're wonderful and amazing and I want you to be my mate! " FIRESTAR SHES A MEDICINE CAT WHOS SEVERAL MOONS OLDER THAN YOU AND ITS SUPPOSEDLY 'LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! ' Anyways, all she does is fall in love with Firestar, die, stalk him and his decendants, and then die again. SHE NEEDS TO GET A LIFE!

I don't think anyone can out mary sue this one guys spottedleaf is the mary sue queen nothing is wrong with her! Shes PERFECT. her one flaw is, shes a cougar. seriously she was 4 years old when she met firestar or paw then! She didn't just become medicine cat shes been a medicine cat for YEARS! But that's the only flaw dovewing seems pretty mary sue but spottedleaf wins this one

I seriously am annoyed that she is more respected than Bluestar when she didn't do much other than exist.

The book says Darkstripe was old and cranky while Spottedleaf was young and pretty. SPOTTEDLEAF IS TIGERSTAR'S AUNT! SHE IS FAR OLDER THAN DARKSTRIPE! Her "sweet, sweet scent" was for like an hour then she smelled like cats. If Spottedleaf is very related to Windflight (not distant, like, great grandfather? ) SHES TOO DANG OLD TO HAVE KITTENS HITTING ON HER.

When Spotted leaf went into Firestar's dreams, she was always explained as a beautiful, pretty she-cat. Even when Firestar was with Sandstorm, spotted leaf in Firestar's point of view was always explained like he smelled the sweet the sweet scent And imediattly knew it was Spottedleaf. What the heck?!? Excuse me while I throw up.

*mutters darkly* Spottedleaf, the beautiful..Spottedleaf, the clever...Spottedleaf the self-sacrificer...Spottedleaf the...come on WHY is she so perfect? A complete Mary Sue! - Blossomfrost

Shes so annoying why does everybody like her she is so perfect in fact I don't even recall a time she did something wrong!

She sucks because she tried to steal Firestar from Sandstorm

Spottedleaf is a complete Mary sue. She has no flaws, a perfect personality, perfect looks, and is magically good smelling, despite the fact that she is living in the forest in a den filled with bad-smelling herbs. Also why is everyone saying that she fell in love with Firepaw?

Spottedleaf is a Sue for many reasons. All she did in life was be a medicine cat and die. Then she decided Oh I'm going to stalk a former kittypet in my dreams, that's not creepy at all! Honestly, she needs to get a life. In StarClan she basically stalked Firestar and his kin in their dreams and then she died again. What a fabulous life ( not )! She was always described as young and pretty as well.

She was really overrated and perfect. Though she tried to act humble, she wasn't. - Oliveleaf

So overrated! I was sad when she died the second time but still! - RiverClanRocks

I just went through the first like twenty of these and gave pretty much all of them a thumbs-down. (Don't judge)

I. Hate. Spottedleaf. Personally (not because of shipping).

Should be #1, in my opinion. I don't see how Dovewing is above a lot of these cats. - IcetailofWishClan

We don't know much about her but I think she's a total Mary Sue.

You can't get any worse than this...

I just hate her. She is always getting between Sandstorm and Firestar!

Has mary-sue written all over her gorgeous dappled one-of-a-kind pelt

I mean, she was better than Dovewing at least. - Pebblepaw

Spottedleaf did make a lot of bad choices

One of the reasons why I really hated her was because EVERY.SINGLE.TIME she appeared she was described as pretty or beautiful. UGH. she only loved Firestar after she died. When her novella comes out I'm sure I couldn't bare to read because it is about poor little sweet kind pretty beautiful attractive to the toms spottedleaf.