Top Ten Most Boring Minecraft YouTubers

This list is for Minecraft YouTubers that has videos that are not so entertaining.

It's not for YouTubers that are bad because they are cold hearted or anything similar to that, but not so fun to watch.

The Top Ten

1 Orepros

I think orepros is cool. - lovefrombadlands

None of their machinimas are entertaining because they are always the same scenes playing over and over again!

-All new tools are useless

-Always want to try new things but same things happens

-Bill gates always coming up with terrible ideas

-Even all the characters are the same!


HEY! OREPROS IS COOL! - DipperPines1999

Orepros sucks. He's boring and unfunny and most of his videos are ripoffs of ExplodingTNT's. If you want to see a good YouTuber who makes machinima then try ExplodingTNT or someone else. Just don't watch this garbage. - TwilightKitsune

2 Little Lizard Gaming

No action at all
Stampy is more entertaining than them but still boring

3 Futuristic Hub
4 Skydoesminecraft
5 Deadlox
6 L for Leeeeeeee x
7 Team Vareide
8 Super Minecraft Kid
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