Top 10 C418 Minecraft Songs


The Top Ten

1 Equinoxe

My favorite song. - BadBoiDrummer

2 Moog City

Has a Nice Tune to it in the beginning. - BadBoiDrummer

3 Floating Trees

Nice soothing song. Makes me feel like I'm dying and going up to heaven. - GodBlessUs

4 Cat

This song is in Minecraft. In order to play it you have to obtain the record from Dungeons. - BadBoiDrummer

I love it because I love minecraft

5 Haunt Muskie

Has a Nice Tune to it. - BadBoiDrummer

6 Blind Spots

Piano Solos are my favorite. - BadBoiDrummer

7 Blocks

Once again another song in Minecraft, but you cannot obtain it in the game, the only way to obtain it is to be in creative mode. - BadBoiDrummer

8 Concrete Halls
9 Subwoofer Lullaby

In game Music. - BadBoiDrummer

10 Sweden

Beautiful song, one of the first minecraft songs I have ever heard.

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The Contenders

11 Clark

My second Favorite song on the list. - BadBoiDrummer

12 Dead Voxel
13 Aria Math

I'ts a bit dramatic!

14 Dog

This isn't in game but its much better than cat

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15 Die in a Fire

I don't know why this song is in this list. :/ - BadBoiDrummer

16 Moog City 2
17 Living Mice

Love this song. It really sets the atmosphere of Minecraft.

18 Chirp

Great song

19 Haggstrom

Pretty song. Very happy too. This is probably my favorite song in minecraft.


20 Alpha
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