Call of Duty Games That Should Be Made

The Top Ten Call of Duty Games That Should Be Made

1 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

It would be epic. - Alpha101


I think MW is end at number 3, I don't want MW4, but I want Ghosts 2

2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty: Black ops 3 could be even further in the further than Advanced Warfare! Like the year 2100!

What would the campaign even be about? Does Woods' brain get put into a robot, and the ghosts of Dragovich and Menendez recruit an army of aliens to invade the Earth in 2050?

Good news! It's being made this year!

Yes bo1 and 2 were so good

3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 5

They should make MW4 and MW5 and create a new Call of Duty series like "Destroyed in Seconds", or "Heros in Action", or something like that. - Alpha101

4 Call of Duty: Civil War

I think it would be great to make a Call of Duty set in The civil war it will teach kids real American history rather then make a fake futuristic game that no one benefits from.

It would be awesome to fight along side heroes such as Robert E. Lee, and U. Grant. - Alpha101

A little change could be nice.

Treyarch should make it! The zombies mode could be great.

5 Call of Duty: Zombies

They could have a zombie campaign and a zombie apocalypse mode

They have it but it is only on ios and Android. - POKEGAMERZ

Add a game mode that is just survival

They allready ha e call of duty zombi
Es its rare do : /

6 Call of Duty: Vietnam

Treyach will make it in 2018 it will be in between Black Ops 1 and 2. You play as Alex Mason. It's even got post Vietnam as the last Mission you play as Weaver in the last mission as the CIA were assassinating Mason, Weaver and Hudson. Weaver dies a heartbreaking death and it was a sad ending. But antagonist does die.

Why isn't this number one? The top ones are just a bunch of crappy continuations of old games! Make new ones!

Black Ops was supposed to be this, but it was kind of weak. Maybe a better Call of Duty that focuses more on Vietnam would be nice.

7 Call of Duty: World at War 2

Actually, there are already lots of Call of Duty World War II Games. - Alpha101

That would suck because the first one sucked the only thing good was the zombie mode

8 Call of Duty: America's Making

Yes Call of Duty games with the revolution and George Washington

9 Call of Duty: World War 3

I thought Black Ops was WWIII

Oh yeah make more Call of Duty ww2 games especially sequels to the greatest ww2 and possibly the best Call of Duty game of all time

Call of Duty WW3 should B another modern game and should B US (Trump) VS North Korea (Kim Jong Un) since there R currently rumors that WW3 already started. - POKEGAMERZ

10 Call of Duty: Battle of Grunwald

It's gonna be LEGEN (wait for it... ) DARY! - kubakuliu015b

The Contenders

11 Call of Duty: Universal Revolution

Alright: Call of Duty will end the whole universe & later, a whole new universe will be created like in Super Mario Galaxy!

This should be number 1

Good thinking dude

It's the best one...

12 Call of Duty: Iron Wolf

I originally heard this before Ghosts came out and I would of definitely preferred this. "Ghosts" is a crap title also - not just the game. - sryanbruen

13 Call of Duty: Star Wars Edition

Call of Duty characters should team up & fight with Star Wars characters for sure!

Price is Obi Wan!


14 Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black ops 4 is already coming out

15 Call of Duty: Space Wars

That is already a mod for it it calls galaxy warfare

Already exists and it is called Infinite Warfare. - POKEGAMERZ

16 Call of Duty: Battle for America

I would love this game if they made it a second American civil war. Modern Warfare 3 ended with a good ending for the series and Black Ops 2 wasn't that good. For World War 3 Modern Warfare 2 and 3 already was World War 3. All the other ones would be good but this one would be my favorite. - bilbro29

17 Call of Duty: The Great War

With the disappointment of the Black Ops series, Treyarch could redeem themselves by making a great prequel to Call of Duty World at War.

Basically a World War One game. In one part of the campaign, you play as the Americans in trench warfare fighting in France. On the other side you play as a young Victor Reznov, and his father who is going through the events of the Russian Revolution

Screw Black Ops 3, this needs to happen!

18 Call of Duty: Future Warfare

This has already been made! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Black ops 2

19 Call of Duty: Medieval

Lol we already got chivalry

I hacked on to Activision and Sledgehammer will be developing medieval warfare it will be set in the Battle of Crecy. The Protaginist will be called Charles Edwards.

20 Call of Duty: Ghosts 2

I really wanted to know what happened to Logan

21 Call of Duty: Knights at War
22 Call of Duty: Last Man On Earth

Yeah like a post apocalypse game that has nations that fight with other

It would be more isolated than Metroid Prime! MAYBE TREYARCH ARE MAKING METROID PRIME 4!

23 Call of Duty Advance
24 Call of Duty: Devil's Brigade

This was a original game to be made but was scrapped, they should make this as a WWI or Modern Game as a spin off title instead of a main title.

25 Call of Duty: Final Stand
26 Call of Duty: Combined Forces
27 Call of Duty: Halo

Lt already exists, Its AW and IW

A mix of halo and Call of Duty would be pretty cool

Wasn't this the last 3 CODs. - POKEGAMERZ

What? I don't understand

28 Call of Duty vs Doom
29 Call of Duty: Canada Destiny
30 Call of Duty & Crash Bandicoot
31 Call of Duty x Conker
32 Call of Duty: Battle for Canada
33 Call of Duty X
34 Call of Duty: Old Fashioned Warfare
35 Call of Duty: Mexican Drug War

Like breaking bad or something?

36 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Origins Trilogy

A trilogy set around the events of the Modern Warfare series. The games would be set before Call of Duty 4 and in between Modern Warfare 1 & 2. The first two games could explore more about Imran Zakhaev and his son, Price and Gaz, Captain McMillan, and it could tell the story around recent historical conflicts like Mogadishu, Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The last game in the trilogy could take place in the five-year gap between Modern Warfare 1&2. It could tell the origins of Task Force 141 and General Shepherd and could follow Price in the Gulag

37 Call of Duty 1066

British battle of Hastings in a Call of Duty game with bows!

38 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

AW had a good campaign I thought, and good multiplayer. This would be a good idea


39 Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2

Good idea, good campaign with the first one. Maybe the multiplayer maps can be better on AW2

40 Call of Duty ISIS: Fall of Freedom
41 Call of Duty: Korea

Even though it's the "forgotten war" I think it would be great. Setting in South Korea, playing as an American soldier fighting North Korean forces, pushing them back all the way to the border. Then China gets involved and pushes us back. It would be a good game.

42 Call of Duty: 1812

A war against the British. Something I find interesting. Andrew Jackson as the commander and chief. Not bad.

43 Call of Duty: Korean Conflict
44 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 2
45 Call of Duty vs Star Wars
46 Call of Duty vs Transformers
47 Call of Duty: World War 1
48 Call of Duty: Mafia Wars

Basically set on prohibition era where you fight was a member of a gang shooting rival gangsters. - jezza0

49 Call of Duty: Piracy

Set in the Golden Age of Piracy where you could raid rival pirate ships. - jezza0

50 Call of Duty: Wild West
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