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41 Brut

Still around after so many years...I adore this scent. It's not overpowering, just very gentle, clean and sensual but manly. Sometimes I take the top off the bottle in shops just to breathe in that heady scent. A real man wears Brut (or Old Spice - another beautiful fragrance). - Britgirl

Tried and true. Classic, Clean, and cost efficient. And even though it has been around for a long time, you wont smell like a Sugar Daddy

I totally agree with you :). - Britgirl

42 Lacoste Essential

A personal favorite, this EVERYONE always wants to wear my sweater/jacket when I have this cologne on. If not the best it's still a must have.
Worth it.

It is thr best, I wear it on summer, highly effective to attract women, I always recieve complainsnfor using this cologne, even it is a little strong, 2 or 3 sprays shoukd be enough

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43 Bond No 9 New Haarlem

It's like walking into a Starbucks... Coffee with something sweeten it up and some cookies or baked goods being well, baked. Definitely gourmand and makes your mouth water up and everyone will notice that you are wearing it at a 8 feet radius.

44 The One - Dolce & Gabbana
45 Allure - Chanel

Very good stuff. I had a big job interview, went out shopping, did the whole nine yards buying a new suit, new dress shoes. I forgot to buy some cologne. I really wanted to make an impression. I told my wife to go out and purchase me some cologne. She came home with this. It's a little pricey but is very manly, very sophisticated smell to it. I got the job by the way and receive many compliments when wearing this cologne. Well worth it!

This should be in the top ten! Compliments every time I wear this.

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46 CK One by Calvin Klein

It smells so fresh. I get a lot of compliments and even my friends say that what perfume do you use.

47 Boss - Hugo Boss

What can I say? This cologne is BOSS of all smells.

48 Gucci Made to Measure

These is one of gucci's best smelling colognes, it's really under rated but it's one of a kind for me!

This is one cologne I will never stop buying my man' I've had woman walk up to him and ask me if they could smell him with no shame! Girll, I'm not the jealous type go right ahead I'll give you the name of it too

49 Black Night Classic - Marquise Letellier

The Most Affordable on this List, but does the job For me... I Love my Perfume: the Black Knight Original! - Nirmal1991USA

50 Hugo Red

Verry nice, I like boss every guy should have a Hugo boss in his collection.

51 Polo Black - Ralph Lauren

This one is awesome, it's a must for any mans collection. You could wear this for a night out or to work for that young urban professional feel and smell.

Polo black has a personality of its own. I can demand attention from the opposite sex when I walk by.

If you are looking for that up town, sophisticated chick in a bar. Splash a little Polo Black on and you will be dropping pantiesso fast a strobe light will be need to see it fall.

Polo DOUBLE BLACK smells better and its not even on the list.

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52 Chrome by Loris Azzaro

This is a cologne that will get them heads turning, it lasts a good while and I got a case of chrome! Best out there now...

It lasts long, smells clean, and is not too overpowering. Great combination of rich and sweet. Probably my favorite.

I have this and Chrome Legend, both smell great with lots of complements.

My favorite for a guy!

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53 Diesel Fuel for Life

This is one of my favorite scents EVER. My wife bought this for me and she loved it as much as I did.

Amazing scent! Raspberry and vanilla with a little musk. 2 sprays max women LOVE this smell.

Leather hint! It's been my favorite for years.

54 Pi - Givenchy

Pi should be in the top 3 I own 12 different colognes and I but this over polo sport. burrberry Brit. and every other cologne on this list only colognes better then pi is unforgivable and the original polo cologne

Very nice and the women love it. I wear it to work and going out, and always get compliments.

This was a little too floral & feminine for my tastes, was very disappointed...

I have this and it is completey amazing I always get complements wearing pi.

55 Dunhill - Dunhill

I love it. It's for the real man. There's nothing feminine about it at all. It has a strong smell for a strong man. Get it when you're comfortable with yourself. You're definitely making a statement about your security, when you're wearing Dunhill.

Girls always say I smell good when I where it

Truely different and unique smell
Love this. Always appreciated

56 Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace

The absolute best smelling, fresh cologne I have ever used. I have been using this solely for about 2 years now and it never fails to get compliments. This is definitely a top ten cologne.

Criminally underrated and is miles better than Versace Pour Homme. Compliment getter for sure.

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57 Curve

If you smell curve original the first time is like you get the feel of your heart releasing a clam energy to a full body relaxation which will start your day with confidence. I would rate this cologne 10/10 because is not too strong and it has just the right balance scent. So smelling a strong cologne from a distance smells "good" because is balance but as soon you get next to him, you will get a headaches but curve on the other hand is way different because you could smell it from a distance and when you get closer to someone that wear/use curve it won't give you any headache.

The origional curve is a mature smell if anyone can but a discriptive word to it... a nice fresh clean smell that is sure to stick with you all day

Best cologne ever... Women love it! It has a great scent and will stick with you all day... Its not overpowering and is a youthful and refreshing

One of the most unique and recognizable scents of all time! Great stuff.

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58 212

I buy this perfume by an accident. At the first I thought this perfume wont accompany me for so long. But after the first impression of this perfume smell, then I think I love it cause it's smell so good, even my girlfriend love this smell so much.

i call this the "get some cologne", because whenever my husband wears this he is sure to
"get some"

I consider this a masterpiece although in really humid/hot temps it can turn a bit cloying (sickeningly sweet) so be careful... Probably best for cooler temps even though it's considered a summer scent, because it can cut through just about anything...

This is the best cologne in the world!

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59 Prada for Men

Great smell for men, not effeminate at all.

60 Burberry London

Cloth bottle London is awesome. Bummed that most places don't carry it anymore. It gets more compliments from the ladies than half your top 10 list...

Awesome fragrance! It has a yummy cinnamon like smell to it. My favorite. And it should be on the first page for sure.

Ladies love it, a must have. Should be top 10 of this list.


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