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141 Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels

Long lasting and leaves a smokey tint mixed with sandlewood at the end.

142 L'instant de Guerlain

Great smell, Last longer then any other I have used. Working 10hr in a hot factory and still told you smell great. It's my #1 of all I own and have tryed. All I can say is try it! If you can fins it, its hard to find in stores.

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143 Jovan Musk - Jovan
144 Orange by Hugo Boss

For a real man, not for high school kids.

The smell of success

145 Esencia pour Homme by Loewe

The greenest perfume ever and it's one of the oldest perfume

146 Esencia Loewe by Loewe

Esencia Loewe is what the heaven could smell like. So green, so fresh and inspiring. Strong once you spray it, needs twenty minutes to show its best notes. Projection is good, longevity is fine, smell is so classy and unique. You might consider applying this on a paper and come back to it after 24 hours, you will smell the best of it. - elhumrani

147 Narciso Rodriguez

Very classy elegant masculine.

Fantastic scent! Smell of sucess and confort and still sensual.

148 Mesmerize Avon
149 Heir by Paris Hilton
150 Amouage Jubilation XXV
151 Playboy Vegas
152 Creed Millesime
153 Krizia Uomo
154 Cartier by Cartier V 1 Comment
155 Santos by Cartier

This list desperately needs a masculine scent. Cartier will fit the bill nicely.

Awesome unique and classy. Night time wear really. Gets em wet!

156 Ultraviolet - Paco Rabanne
157 Cheval
158 Big Pony Collection #1 by Ralph Lauren
159 Ungaro I

The killer cologne ever, all women in the nightclub. Girls look like crazy finding where is the guy.

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160 Pierre Cardin Black

This cologne should be among the top five if not three. It seriously got me some columbian attention, guys must have.

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