Top 10 Common Boys Names


The Top Ten

1 John

I don't think many people have this name nowadays - Mcgillacuddy

Lol... I've never met a black person named John.

The only John I have ever met is LightningBlade. - PeachyBlast


2 Jack
3 Michael
4 Harry
5 James

Hmm It's a beautifully soft name - Ananya

Beautiful name :). - Britgirl

Imagine being named this lmao. Virgin name. How the hell do you pluralise it? Thank God I'm not one. - Puga

6 Tommy
7 David
8 Peter
9 Richard
10 Alex

The Contenders

11 Steve
12 Elijah

That's a girl's name - TwilightKitsune

Elijah Wood. - catwalk

13 Dylan
14 Robert
15 Andrew

My neighbors name so cool

16 Kyle
17 Leon

Aha! Now I know what Skullkid755's name is! No offense, bro. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

18 Nicholas
19 Ahmed

Over 10 people in my school are named Ahmed.

Perhaps in the middle east - SoldierOfFortune

20 Martin

I hear and see this name literally every single day. Radio, T.V., on the street and online. Yes, a common name but not a bad one. - Britgirl

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