Most Controversial Moments in Wrestling History

This list does NOT include shocking moments outside of wrestling involving a wrestler. So no shoot interviews, Benoit murder case etc. Everything that happens inside the ring however CAN be included.

The Top Ten

The Montreal screw job

On one hand Bret Hart was the one who refused to do the job but at the same time Bret Hart deserved better than this. - egnomac

Booker T says the n-Word live on tv
Vince McMahon fights and defeats ''God''
Eddie Guerrero has a heartattack in the middle of a match

I’d say this is more shocking than controversial. - RalphBob

The Katie Vick storyline

This was just disgusting especially with the moment where Triple H pretending to be Kane pretends to have sex with a mannequin in a casket. - egnomac

Mae Young gives birth to a hand
The ''Finger poke of doom''
''Stone cold'' Steve Austin shakes hands with vince McMahon
Lita and Edge makes out in a bed in the middle of the ring
Daniel Bryan gets eliminated in the 2015 Royal Rumble

If it was WWE's idea to screw the fans in the worst possible way than mission accomplished. - egnomac

The Contenders

Yokozuna beats Bret Hart for the title then instantly loses it to Hulk Hogan
The Crown Jewel PPV event (2018)
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