I'm a Diamond manager in the UK.

So why did I start selling ActiLabs when I had been so against mlm companies whilst I was a Manager in a well known Supermarket?

In Jan 2015 I went sick from work with severe depression and anxiety (this was partly due to the fact that I knew I was going to be out of a job in 2 months time! ) My position was being made redundant, I could have applied for a 5 day Senior Night Manager position 45mins drive away, as apposed to the 5mins I currently had to travel. With 3 children to get to school in the morning this was just not feasible! So what was I going to do! The hours I work were perfect as I did 4pm till 2am, ok so not perfect but workable, if my children were home from school sick or in the holidays I was there (albeit tired) but that wasn't why I started selling, at that point I still thought they were all just a pyramid scheme!

As my depression and anxiety worsened I would not leave the house so friends would come to me.. ...more

Fantastic products that really do what they say they will! Amazing make up that goes on great, lasts all day and makes you look your best! Weight and inch loss products that help keep the lbs away and gets a slimmer you. Face creams, skin care, hair care there is something for everyone and products for all problems!

Having tried so many different brands for skin care, makeup & even dieting, I've found the one that gives visible results fast. Not only have I fallen in love with makeup all over again, but I've also lost a massive 32lbs with their 7Day Shred weight loss product. Everything I need to look & feel confident all under one brand name!...yep...ActiDerm all the way for me!

I'm an ActiDerm ambassador I started November 2015, I use the products myself and I completely love them. From the packaging to the way they go on they are completely georgous. And the best thing is they work my skin has never felt or looked so healthy and would recommend to everyone. Not only that but I love the company have such amazing support and I love how we get personal recognition from the ceo and how we are always rewarded and thanked for the work we put in. Amazing products, amazing company wish I had known about ActiDerm sooner

There isn't enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I love this company and the products. My skin is better now than it was 10 years ago and my confidence has sky rocketed because the quality of the products means they do exactly what they say they do. Its probably why I became an ambassador.

Absolutely love their products, amazing make up covers amazingly and lasts all day! Also the wraps and shreds are a must have, they're so easy to do. Some great products for stretch marks and cellulite which is pregnancy friendly. Overall best brand I have tried.

Fantastic products that do exactly as advertised. I tried the makeup and within 2 weeks had replaced my full makeup range with ActiDerm along with my full skincare regime. I have also done a 7 day shred and lost over a stone and used the duo wrap kit and have so far lost 13 inches from 5 wraps.

ActiDerm products have changed my life :) I now have so much more confidence. Was always self conscious about my self so I brought there products as a customer to begin with, now I am happy to say I work for this amazing company! The products really are spa quality with high street prices

Amazing products and great prices everything I've tried from body products to makeup I have been transformed my favourite has to be the amazing coverage from there foundation I also love the body wraps they work amazingly as do all the products I've bought - Tweetiepie

I have never converted 100% to one brand for everything. I have a whole house, bathroom, bedroom, bag etc etc... Covered in products from this company. I'm truly happy with what they provide. Girls are fussy when it comes to what they use and these products are exceptional at reasonable prices.

Amazing products! The makeup is flawless and the skin care products do exactly what they say and MORE! Inch and Weight loss products are brilliant! I recommend it to everyone and anyone :) 5* rating from me!

Amazing products at affordable prices! Have swapped all my usual brands for actiderm. Stretch marks disappearing, waistline shrunk, my skin feels absolutely fantastic!

I love the ActiDerm products. I joined ActiDerm in March and haven't looked back since. I love the skin products ActiDerm do. My skin has never looked or felt so great before. The weightloss treatments actually work and the makeup looks fabulous. Also lasts all day. Definitely spa-quality products and great for their price. Even if I wasn't an ambassador I would definitely recommend the products to anyone. AMAZING!

Love being an ActiDerm ambassador. The purple packaging is a big plus for me and as for the products they really are star quality for such an affordable price. There is something for everyone as we hit every need and worry to make you look and feel beautiful.

I have an intolerance to milk. But I love milk, ice cream, and pudding. I use the Hydra-Slim and it help alleviate the effects from the milk. My husband told me not to ever run out of the Hydra-Slim. I am getting rid of all of my old cosmetics and replacing them with ActiDerm products, they cover so much better and they feel lighter on the skin. And they are not as expensive as some of the other products I have used. I love ActiDerm!

I love using these products! I have such short stubby lashes but by using sky scraper mascara I can at least pretend they are long. My favourite is the lip crayon. It goes on so easy and feels so nourishing. Beautiful range of colour choices too.

I can only say one word about this brand AMAZING! Great for sensitive skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE all their products. They do exactly what they say they do and they are affordable for everyone! You get such high quality because their own lab makes the products and ships directly to the customer. NO parabens and no products are tested on animals. Their cosmetics are taking the cosmetic world to another level

Great products at great prices. Follow the directions given to you and the products do what they say they will. Only used a few personally so far but the results I've seen on others are amazing.

I joined in October 2015 tried the products and instantly fell in love with them with the help from the products I have gained confidence,my skin feels and looks amazing and love the way I am more than before. I have met some amazing people through ActiDerm and cannot wait to achieve my dreams thanks so much to a fantastic company for a fabulous opportunity xxx

Fantastic high-end quality products at high street prices! Personal service from an ActiDerm Ambassador who offers advice based on your needs. The products really work! Love ActiDerm!

I've never been a fan of these sell from home things I've tried different products got info on joining the company and to be honest it never appealed. ActiDerm however turned me with both. I enjoy being an ambassador even though I have only been doing it a week. The support and appreciation is overwhelming. The products are amazing and they don't just make you look good they work on such a deeper level that you feel good too. Totally breaks the mould for me and would absolutely place it at number one for product, management and staff and overall enjoyme t for all!

I can't begin to tell you how AMAZING this brand is! You get top quality at affordable prices! The owners are wonderful and Listen to their customers and ambassadors! Their makeup lasts all day long. Their products do exactly what they say. They even have their own lab that makes their products so you know exactly what's in the products. The skyscraper mascara is out of this world and their HD foundation is like photo shop in a bottle! If you haven't tried this brand then you are missing out

I am an ambassador with ActiDerm, and joined in December 2015.

I thank actiderm for changing my life for the better and having more confidence in myself.

I've been on the shred and wraps and I must say I lost a lot of weight and is the only company that has helped me lose weight I tried so many different stuff and never have I lost this much in a short time.

Way to go ActiDerm

Great range of products that give you real and lasting results. I'm so happy I came across this company, I am loving their products which have helped me feel more confident in my own skin.

As a mature female and also a qualified beauty therapist I've tried most products... These products are AWESOME they work my skin has NEVER looked so good to the point that my own sister recently commented on how good my complexion is and friends and work colleagues are switching X everyone needs to try it