Flawless by Sonya


Totally in love with this fantastic range of cosmetics. I have very sensitive skin and had used the same range for eons but my daughter did a makeover using the flawless range and I was amazed. No allergic reactions (usually within minutes) and the coverage is unbelievable. My blotchy, mature skin looks even and youthful and I now have lashes to flutter. The light up lip gloss has not only become a firm favourite but also my go to gift for friends and family. The only make up range I have found that compliments older and younger skin I won't be changing ever again.

I rarely use make-up but when I do it has to be Flawless by Sonya. It is so easy to apply and feels wonderful on the skin. I love the natural flawless look of it and its light application, never feeling too heavy on the skin. The mascara is a MUST for any discerning individual, whether it be for volume or length AND the lipstick glides on, lastly for hours. My skin is fairly sensitive so I know that every time I use the make-up range it will be getting extra nourishment and care from the aloe vera contained within. Absolutely LOVE this range! It's a definite MUST TRY!

The best products I have tried! I have very sensitive skin and only ever used to use a top named brand's make up. When recommended Flawless by Sonya I was amazed at the results. My mascara no longer stings, the face coverage is great, non greasy, and as it contains Aloe is very nourishing. I no longer get loads of spots and my skin condition is under control. The lip glosses are great for a night out and the lipsticks are really moisturising and smell lovely, (vanilla scented). I am gradually building up my Flawless collection, and will never buy any other products again.

I have switch from high street brands to Flawless and it was the best decision I have ever made. The foundation to powder has full coverage and it is so light and not heavy like some brands. With it being Aloe base it is so kind to your skin and my skin doesn't break out in spot. The concealer is AMAZING its in a pencil and it is so soft when you apply. The mascara is the best too and with me having short lashes it gives them length and then have grown too. I could go on but I would say the Flawless collection is far the best on the market.

The Sonya mineral powder is fabulous and looks and feels so light on the skin,I actually spent 45 minutes on the cross trainer and this stayed on even though I was sweating. How lovely to have a natural looking mineral powder with such great staying power. Great wedding make up as well. Also since discovering the mascara I've not looked anywhere else. The light up glosses are fab too and really condition your lips. Another fave of mine is the liner. Glides on the delicate eye skin area with no dragging.

I have always had to be careful with skin products as I have sensitive skin, the Flawless range by Sonya is amazing and my skin looks and feels so soft. I could never wear foundation either as it felt like I was wearing a mask, I tried the Flawless foundation and it is brilliant it is so light that it feels like you have applied moisturizer. The liquid eyeliner is brilliant too with such an easy applicator the eyeliner just glides on.

I've never been a make up snob & so I've never really bothered about brands & always looked for cheaper make ups or special offers (id rather spend £ on clothes). It never ever seemed normal to me when my friends would spend a lot of money in a foundation or a lipstick BUT after trying out various high end brands I have to admit that Flawless range by Sonya @FLP has been the best by miles. It's great coverage, amazing choice of colours, all natural & great for sensitive skin & really affordable too considering all of the aloe & other kind ingredients included.

The biggest seller for me however was that the range is 100% animal friendly which is so important to me after researching the horrific practise.

10/10 for choice, affordability, quality, luxury, long-lasting & flattering to all ages.

So gentle for the skin with great coverage and a natural look. No nasties in it, not tested on animals, infused with aloe to hydrate and protect, too. Wonderful products! I didn't use to wear very much make up as I always found it was hard work getting the right look, but this one is so easy to apply you can't get it wrong! Love the liquid eyeliner, for example. So easy to use and such a great result! I wouldn't go back to any other brand!

I have switched all my make up over to flawless by forever living and I absolutely love it. I previously used an expensive well known make up brand but flawless is so much better. I love that it gives me a natural look with flawless coverage. I couldn't live without my amazing light up lip glosses in fantastic colours. All the make up is infused with aloe so it's really good for my skin as well as looking good.

6 years in and still in love with this range. It is one of those ranges that once you use it nothing else seems good enough. The Aloe Vera is so nourishing for your skin and there are no nasties or chemicals and most importantly for me it is not tested on animals in any way! I have totally sensitive skin and I have never had any issues with this at all. It lasts, it always looks good, doesn't clump at all and is so natural looking.

This range by Forever Living is by far the best make up! Not only do you get amazing eyelashes with just one coat of mascara, you get moisturised lips with the lipstick and the mineral powder is so light on your skin but with incredible coverage! Particularly great for sensitive skin or any skin conditions as it's so gentle and the aloe vera in it works wonders!

I have gradually moved all my make up to the flawless Sonya range.
I have tried many other makeup ranges but this one is by far the best one I have tried I have the creme to powder foundation which gives really good coverage, the eyeliner I find stays on a lot longer than other eyeliners I have tried, the volume mascara makes my eyelashes look fantastic and the mascara is not clumpy which I have found with a lot of other mascara.
I absolutely love the light up lip glosses which I find last longer than other lip glosses and are not sticky.

I have very sensitive skin to make up for mascara tends to effect my eyes eyes and lipstick tends I make my lips extremely dry. This make up range has by far suited my skin better and actually improving improving the condition of my lashes. It is so lovely to wear lipstick for once and have natural looking make up that is good for photos in my line of work.

The BB creme and Mineral Makeup provide full coverage without making my skin feel caked or dull. Love the blusher. My absolute favourite is the lip gloss - gorgeous pop of colour for your lips. It also comes with an inbuilt light and mirror so you can apply anywhere. Since using the Flawless range my skin is much softer and smoother due to the Aloe Vera content. Not tested on animals which is a plus for me. I'm gradually changing all my make up to options from the Flawless range. Products last ages too.

The foundation from this range is amazing. Going on smoothly and evenly. With a gentle coverage, however making sure your skin looks Flawless. The liquid eye pen easy to control, black is jet black and will not shift until you remove with eye remover. The mascara really makes your lashes curl and appear much longer than they are. Amazing products.

I love the flawless range for the fact it's not tested on animals and feels natural on your skin. I also love the fact that the mascara and eyeliner last as does the lipstick. Also another great thing about the lip gloss is the application light and mirror which is handy also if you're anything like me and can never find your keys in your handbag

I now use flawless by Sonya as they are the only make up products that last all day (apart from the reapplication of lipstick/gloss) but the main reason for me is that my skin always feels good after taking it. Another positive is that my eyes don't itch with the mascara like they do with other brands which is a bonus for me, so it doesn't get smudged :-)

After years using Mac and then finding out it was tested on animals I searched for a brand that wasn't. Wow I adore the flawless make up and wouldn't buy any other. The mascara is amazing and mineral powder is fantastic, great coverage without you looking like you are wearing anything, so pleased to find a brand I love that is also ethical

After never being able to wear make up throughout my adult life, with Flawless I have found a range that I can wear day in, day out, without my sensitive skin flaring up. Absolutely adore this range. Cruelty free and a 60 day money back guarantee tee means you can try it, and if for any reason it's not for you, you can return it for a full refund!

I have very sensitive skin and it's been very hard for me to find anything (even high street brands) that suit my skin. With the aloe inspired cosmetics I have finally found something kind, gentle, nourishing and moisturising while wearing it.
It's exactly what it says too- flawless and will deliver to you what it promises. Forever control the whole process so they know exactly what's gone into every product. Forever do not test animals and have the "leaping bunny" certification.

I love Flawless by Sonya, Forever Livings Make Up Range! It's the only make up range that doesn't flare my skin and eczema up! It's so gentle containing Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients, lightweight with superior coverage and gorgeous, diverse colours, I'd recommend it to anyone that's looking for a gentler make up range!

I have super sensitive skin and struggle with most makeups. I used dermalogica for a while but when they changed the foundation it gave me barely any coverage at all and I found myself using twice as much! Thankfully I was introduced to Flawless and never looked back. It doesn't irritate my skin so no breakouts or redness anymore, I swear by the BB creme and it lasts so much longer than my old makeup. Plus there is good coverage without it being too thick, and it's great for achieving that naturally healthy glow. You can really feel the high quality of the products and I am completely in love. I will use nothing else now!

I love all of the Flawless make up! It really is the best! Lipsticks are so nourishing on your lips and come in various colours all of which I love, the lipsticks stay on well also. Eye liner just glides on so easily giving a great sharp finish. Mascara well what can I say my eyelashes go on forever! Love Love Love the whole range!

Flawless by Sonya has become my ultimate guilty pleasure in the makeup world. After a bad break out with my skin, I found the sonya range was all I could use that felt comfortable, gave great coverage and a flawless finish!

I don't go anywhere without the amazing mascara, plum lipstick and concealer stick! It's just amazing!

I was told about this makeup a few months ago and was an avid BareMinerals user, I was sceptical as to how it would compare so as things ran out started replacing... Suffice to say I now have BB Cream, cream to powder, concealer, eyeshadow (lasts and doesn't sit in creases) and the volumising mascara - well that was literally an eye opener! Amazing! Light up lip glosses are great and last really well and the lipstick feels lovely on the lips and not drying at all. Oh and two different blushes! I've had to purchase a new makeup bag to contain it all! I have to admit I have had more compliments on my make up in the last month (out more often) than in years, my friends are now pinching mine to try and then are buying too! Great products. Now looking to change to their skincare!