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61 RMK
62 Skinfood

It's food that skin eats. It means really good and no harm for skin.

Weleda Skin Food is amazing! Works on even the driest hands, so soothing, smells great and is 100% natural. no nasties and from an ethical company!

Skin Food from Weleda is an amazing, 100% natural product that has been helping our skin since 1926. And so versatile!

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63 The Victorian Garden Organic Skincare

Started in 1950 by a Victorian herablist! For those girls like me who LOVE Vintage products and who worry about all the toxic ingredients in skincare today, these are outstanding products. They're made in South Africa but we found them in Taiwan and Ireland! They even make up Tudor products from 16th century, and one of their hand creams was made in 1860. I have travelled the world and used many expensive ranges but I'm sold on this very affordable range - loads of choice and my skin is completely rejuvenated! Gets mine and my friends' TOP VOTE for "best in the world"!

64 LR

German quality and certified products. You can practically eat the Aloe Vera products. I have personally tried most of the headliner products, as well as the hair care series, skin care and all aloe products. I have never spent my money so well. I would recommend these exceptional company to any person who really cares about their looks, health, and lifestyle.

Superb products some if the best around. Their ethics are very good. Being natural pure and cruelty free plus they never use anything other natural plants etc with no chemicals no para bends etc

The best company on the world. All certified products by Fresenius Institute, Dermatest and IASC. Top quality and reasonable prices! What more we could need?

The best ever...

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65 Guerlain

It is so pretty and comfortable and amazing colors

Quality for sure!

Fantastic products and beautiful presentation

66 StudioMakeup
67 Attitude

Artistry is the best so I always suggest everybody you should be use this...


I will always prefer attitude

Love these products! I've lost 7lb with the shred kit. And gained so much confidence from there make up range. There prices are brilliant and you get so much for your money. Will buy again.

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68 Yves Rocher

Absolutely natural, affordable products, would really love an improvement in their make up line, more lines of makeup with all natural ingredients, more blushes and bases.

This brand have so good products, I have used them for years, they are really natural and I trust this brand. I hope they can keep my confidence.

Absolutely amazing foundations, all cosmetic but please put some spf on your foundations

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69 Jouviance
70 Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Makeup Geek cosmetics are all high quality and the color selection is incredible. The price for the product cannot be beat.

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71 SilkyGirl
72 Phyto 5
73 Hollywood Style

Herbal beauty products from hair to toe manufactured in Usa by sv labs.

Good cosmetic products to use.. useful for any aged persons.. Super

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74 Milani Cosmetics

I love their Bronzers that can act as concealers as well as the swirl has all the colors for all skin colors

I Use Milani BronzEr And I Get CompLiments Everywhere I go

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75 Ayur

It is very much cheap but I used very much. But it never effected my skin. SO For it a best company

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76 Anastasia Beverly Hills

These are amazing products fantastic eyeshadow palettes and their brow products are hands down the best on the market!

I would love to be borne supremacy model a youthful glowing creamy mila complexion blue eyed blonde named Fiona MiraMax born January 24th. Major in Beauty.

They have the best highlighter liquid lipsticks and glosses and the beat the eyebrow game and have my favorite countours too.

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77 Charlotte Tilbury

Great products although expensive. Great tutorials to see and learn from. Ideas for different looks and packaging appears neat and special.

78 Prestige Cosmetics

I love this product, eyeliners, lip liners, lipstick, minerals, eyeshadows, mascara's are superb. It's a complete range of Makeup product. I love and would recommend this to every. Highly Pigmented brand. Affordable with high quality.

79 Australis Cosmetics
80 Herbalife Outer Nutrition

Absolute best SKINcare line you could put on your face! I used another product and it worked great at first and then made my face worse. Herbalife repaired and improved my skin. If you haven't tried it, do! They have a 7 day trial and a money back guarantee.

They are amejing products. When I started usiug them my skin becomes more smoother and flawlees. Basicaly they are not cosmetics but they provide nutrition to our skin.

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