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141 Etude House

I love this brand very much... Look like very cute and brand is best too

Etude house is amazing! I love the scent of their cosmetics, the packaging is great, it so very adorable, and when it come to its product, it's so good. ,I recommend this product, :)))

142 Venin Royale

Truly the most fantastic anti aging serum I have tried. Well worth the money. A secret gem!

This is the best serum I've used to reduce my wrinkles. I learned about it from my dermatologist

This brand tops my list. It's a hidden gem for anti-aging products.

This is an incredible skincare product

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143 Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Only lipsticks available at the moment. Amazing liquid matte lipstick. Won't budge, at all, period. Amazing color payoff, and fun selection. Vegan and nasty stuff is out!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! His Velour Liquid Lipsticks are AMAAAZZIIINNGG! I 100% recommend. Give him a try! You wont regret it, I promise.

Amazing liquid lipsticks.. Regardless if you like Jeffree lor not, his products are lit.

144 Dove

Dove shampoo & conditioners are very nice & helpful in making my hairs soft,shiny,long & beautiful. Dove is ossom.

It is a Unilever brand!
Dove hair therapy shampoo n conditioner n also Dove bar soap have great sale in Kathmandu market of Nepal but other Dove products have not much catches market!

145 Sei Bella

Sei Bella by Melaleuca is my favorite make up line by far. Although there are many fantastic brands when all things are equal (natural, safe ingredients) Sei Bella offers a better price! They are cruelty free and combine the best of science with the best of nature! Sei Bella - You are Beautiful

Great range at great prices. No animal testing, no formaldehyde nor parabens etc.

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146 Mirato
147 Sheriff Professional

In love with the products! My mom is in love with the blushes that they carry, so pigmented and such a variety of textures from matte to a perfect amount of shimmer! And I currently am using this whole product line in my makeup Artist train case. I like how they work for the everyday makeup wearer to the MUA's.

Sheriff Professional is the best cosmetic brand I have ever used. With a huge selection of shades to choose from. I purchased items from a photoshoot. Sheriff love your products, please continue to always create wonderful products.

If you are a professional makeup artist you need to check out this new line. This line has been on the runways with Models from Toronto, USA, UK, this line is truly taken the light on high-fashion runways, Thank you Sheriff Professional

148 NeoStrata

Using their anti-aging cream and under eye cream. Love the results and how quickly I noticed the dark circles under my eyes literally disappear. They are expensive but if you can treat yourself, this the way to go.

I've used many skin care lines too many to list but I absolutely love this skin care regimen easy and stays true to what it says love it

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149 Filorga

Absolutely NUMBER ONE cosmetic products that I have ever used! These products really work!

150 jane iredale

Amazed these products are not in at least in the top 10, I can only guess it is because it is sold by professionals only and through salons. I stock and sell this product and wouldn't use anything else on my skin! Going to advise my clients vote as they all love these products. Sadly people are taken in by clever advertising and marketing not seeing past the fancy packaging. Jane Iredale uses high grade ingredients and is the 'skin care' makeup

Always gives gorgeous glowing skin, Amazing coverage, great colours and it's good for your skin!

Makeup that is part of the solution not part of the Problem!

No breakouts and great coverage.

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151 Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Didn't do much for me other than make my skin feel horrible! Dry, itchy and irritated for days after just a couple of days use. Threw it in the garbage!

This is by far the best make up a lot of the line is vegan and its mineral make up however it wears all day. I am a licensed esthetician/ make up artist and this is my favorite line!

Terrible on my skin. I've never broke out so badly. Left my skin chapped and flaky

After 2 months of using this product I feel like my face looks aged and tired

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152 Visage Cosmetics
153 Ultraceuticals
154 New York Color

Very Nice products! Cheap but they work very well! Sells bold and neutral colors! Great prices and make great gifts! Especially for the teenager just beginning to wear makeup!

Very cheap price but the quality is high end and the best... Love it.. You can save so much and be colorful at the same time..

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155 Five11 Cosmetics

This company handcraft all natural cosmetics product. Very high pigmented!

I love this company! Awesome pigmented lipsticks and great customer service.

156 Aloette Cosmetics

I love how soft my skin feels using Aloette and my acne is better just using their regular line! Also never had eye makeup stay on as long or as well with any other primer than I have with using their heavenly sheen, even better than anything I've tried from the drug store or from MAC.

Aloette saved my skin!
My eczema was so bad, and I had dealt with it since I was a baby. Tried everything and was so thankful when aloette products not only took away the itch, but got rid of the eczema and my skin is beautiful and glowing!
So glad they are a cruelty free company and use only natural ingredients.
Not to mention that their makeup line is amazing. Gorgeous colours and lasts all day!

I am always getting compliments on my glowing skin! I love the healing properties of the aloe in all of their skin care! I love the light feeling of the all in one foundation.

Cruelty free, good price and the makeup is amazing! Vitamin infused and so light weight!

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157 GloMinerals

Fantastic! Love it! You can barely tell your wearing it, other than the fact your skin looks amazing!

Their skin care products are amazing, especially their eye cream.

Talc Free: it does not contain any talc, though it is commonly found in traditional makeup lines as a bulking agent. Products containing talc require a heavier application due to lack of pure pigment, causing the makeup to settle into fine lines and larger pores.
Their powders are triple milled, unlike most other mineral makeup brands. This means that the powder is much finer and will lay smoothly on the skin.
The non-comedogenic formulations contain pharmaceutical grade ingredients and powerful antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E & green tea extract) for additional skin benefits.

I love it for personal & professional use, weddings, photo shoots, T.V. /film. I wouldn't switch to any other mineral makeup.

158 Colourpop Cosmetics

They have such a variety it's quite amazing. Their Ultra Matte Lips are to die for and they you can usually buy a matching lip pencil. Their website has swatches you can look at a and compare to other colours and is super cheap for good makeup.

159 Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana is a luxury Italian fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

It's a good brand, I have lots of products from the company and I love them, even perfumes

160 TIGI Bed Head Products
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