Their products are simply the best I've ever used! I had dry, flaky and some parts oily, irritated, dull horrible skin on my face and very dry skin on my neck. But since using the Tropic regime my skin has literally transformed, my face is so smooth, dewy and soft, and I swear even my neck has become firmer! I'm usually very sceptical when it comes to product claims and don't usually follow hype, but these products have amazed me and I'm a fan for life! My absolute favourite is the cream smoothing cleanser with bamboo cloth, never will I ever use another brand product again!

The completely natural products from Tropic are amazing! I have had psoriasis for 34 years and have tried numerous creams without true success. Yet after just 3 weeks using Tropic's Organic Elixir Oil, I have seen a marked improvement in the condition of my skin. I can't wait until they bring out a shampoo for dry skin conditions as for the first time, I could get relief from the psoriasis that covers half my scalp. Thank you Tropic for natural products that customers can believe in. Yes!

I wish I'd been able to have Tropic in my life from teens... All the money I have wasted on products that over promise and failed to make any difference! My sensitive combination skin has never looked so good and yet I spend a lot less than I used to on department Brands. Every ingredient is listed in plain English, nothing to hide and it isn't a vast range... Suits every skin type as your skin takes from it what it needs. I love it so much and so do my village and as it's not available in shops, I trained as an Ambassador and I've never done anything like this before. Smells and feels amazing.

I have only been using these products since November and I am already seeing the difference in my skin. I use the face smooth a couple of times a week and then I use the skin revive in the morning and the night repair at night. I have just ordered the Elixir to use with my night repair so I can't wait to see how that works as well. I have also use the Body Smooth/Body Love and not only do they smell gorgeous I do really feel that they work. So pleased I got invited to one of the pamper nights, I'm truly hooked and do feel that the the price of the products is affordable. Well done Tropic.

Fantastic products. At 58 years old, never had my skin feel and looking so good and heathy. Best products on the market. I have been using this whole range from the first day it was launched and never looked back. Tropic's makeup range is excellent too, some may look and think it is a small collection but you have everything you need. Never thought I would be putting eyebrows on my skin but once got the Brow Kit mastered I have used then every day. The eyelash kit is amazing, far better and kinder to my lashes than the lash extensions that I had few times.

Tropic what can I say. I have tried other products but can't find anything as good as Tropic. So glad Susan Ma brought this range to the market place. I Love the skincare and body range and the cosmetics well, I have never been able to use Mascara or eye liner until I tried Tropic's version. Wow, the products don't hurt my eyes like others do. The BB Cream is the best liquid foundation I have ever used and prior to trying Tropic's Mineral foundation I would never use powder or similar, but even these are in my makeup bag now. The product glides over my face so smoothly and people say I look really healthy now I use Tropic, which I guess I possibly didn't look so good with different products before, so it's a thumbs up from me. Oh and Lord Sugar thank you for believing in Susan Ma one of his apprentices in 2011.

Simply some of the best products I have ever used. They are marketed as being natural, and they actually are... unlike so many other products on the market which are marketed as being natural but which, when you dig a bit deeper, are not as natural as their marketing implies. More importantly, the whole product range, including the brushes, is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. I haven't yet used one product that I haven't LOVED! Tropic is so reasonably priced, and compared to other comparably priced products on the market, far exceeds the quality of those products. Try Tropic and you really won't look back!

As it says on the box, pure, honest, effective. Truly amazing products. Its simply the best. I fell in love the first time I tried. I could write so much about these products and the company, but pure, honest, effective says it all. Amazing people from the top to the bottom. Well done Susan Ma and Alan Sugar for getting these wonder products to market. An uncomplicated range that can be used by the whole family from baby to grandparents, where else will you find that. Couldn't live without mine now.

Really loving Tropic as the products actually do what they're supposed to do and unlike other brands, the products are totally natural, containing no chemical nasties. This makes them suitable for people like myself with allergies and sensitivities but also for people who actually care about what they put on their skin. They are suitable for vegans and no animal has suffered in bringing any Tropic products to market. I have used premium beauty products for many years but nothing has come close to working for me the way Tropic has. Since starting to use Tropic beauty and makeup about a year ago, I have had many compliments on how "radiant" and "healthy" my skin is looking. This has done wonders for my confidence and I can't imagine ever using anything else. Tropic provide lovely, premium quality products at affordable prices, making them suitable for everyone.

Tropic has been a life saver for me, once a 30 year old with acne prone skin, now a I have a flawless complexion that has given me the confidence to wear my hair tied back. Tropic has a wide range of skincare and make-up. I have the whole range but if you asked me I don't think I could pick a favourite if I tried, I love it all! Their products last for ages and it's like having a mini spa in my own home, I am so pleased I have found Tropic. Number 1 in my eyes.

Tropic Skin Care is the best thing ever! I just love their products - completely natural, toxic-chemical and cruelty free and vegan. They really work and my skin is definitely looking younger and less wrinkled. Even my 82 year old mum has noticed a difference! And they smell divine and literally make me feel happy when using them! My cousin's husband has said its like sleeping on a beach when my cousin goes to bed! Highly recommend :-)

30 years of trying to find a range that suits my skin without causing a concern either too drying or too oily, eventually I found tropic, naturally balancing and the company ethos is commendable, I now know what I'm putting in my skin and it genuinely says thanks with an even healthy glowing complexion.

The make up range is second to none... And the latest tanning products are amazing!

Tropic is Truly Natural and Organic, 100% Vegan approved. Cruelty Free from Source to final Product and I wouldn't use anything else other than Tropic. I 100% Trust Tropic and their Ethics, so why would I go to a Company who doesn't have the true ethics of Tropic. Whats more they are affordable to the average person in the street, without compromising quality and ethics

Since trying Tropic, all of my old cosmetics went in the bin and now everything I own is Tropic Skin Care. Full of natural ingredients it is honestly the best brand I've found. It has helped me through skin care issues that prescribed creams couldn't. And their make up... Well that's to die for! The mineral foundation is exceptional and I found a love for Lipsticks that I didn't know I had!

I have never had a great skin care regime until now in my 40s tropics is by far the most enjoyable, luxury and instant results I have ever used. I so look forward to using the products, they smell devin and leave your skin looking & feeling fantastic. The skin regime is being used also with my 2 teenage daughters whom both have acne been taking prescribed medication for a few months eased it a little but using the tropics range seen results in less than a week. Highly recommend this product love it love it love it :0)

The most amazing skincare range. All premium natural ingredients, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Leaves my skin feeling velvety soft. The make-up is also made with premium natural ingredients and just glides on over your face, doesn't dry your skin out, lasts all day too. I wouldn't use anything else. Thank you for such a wonderful range.

I absolutely Love Tropic Products. They are Cruelty free, Vegan approved, good quality products at a reasonable price. Plant based ingredients. Suitable for all ages, genders and all skin types, what more could you ask for with all the pluses I have mentioned. No chemicals, no parabens or any other nasties that we are all becoming more aware of that harm us. All ingredients are listed on the product in English (how many other companies do that? ). I could list my favourite amongst the range, but I really do love all of the products. I have changed from bad products with big price tags to the Tropic range and I am in love with them all. I can't speak highly enough for this range of products. Made in the UK too.

Not only are the Tropic products vegan friendly, they are just luxurious on the skin. My go to favourite is the Smoothing Cleanser. Massage over the face, soak the bamboo cloth in warm water and place over face and cleanse. Leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and tingly. It's like having your very own facial daily. Also removes eye makeup too

Such nourishing products... And it's the first time I've kept up a beauty routine for more than two weeks. It's just too yummy! I sometimes give myself three facials a day as a special treat. The cleanser is fantastic - I massage into my face for at least 2 minutes and then use the bamboo cloth to gently remove it, which is also a gentle exfoliation. It contains avocado oil and jojoba and I feel that it is really nourishing my skin. Love the toner/face spritz and I use the elixir oil with the moisturiser which is perfect for my slightly dry areas. Thank you, Tropic! Keep up the good work!

Tropic products are amazing. I can trust them to sort out my skin problem with so little effort. Prescription creams just didn't do it for me. The products are suitable for all skin types, both sexes and all ages, may be that's why one product sits on my bathroom shelf! I love the fact that they do not test on animals, are vegan friendly and gluten free. Best bit about the products is that they contain no nasty chemicals that can cause damge to me and my body. I believe that feeling beautiful is believing you are beautiful, and boy do I feel and believe that my family are beautiful. Thank you Tropic for a truely effective, great smelling and cost effective range of skincare and make up products.

They say you are what you eat and I can definitely say you are what you put on your skin with this product! As its all 100% natural (unlike other product claims) and it smells divines. The product actually sinks into your skin working its magic. I used to use all the top end high street products but they don't deliver the way Tropic does. And Tropic is reasonably priced. So happy I tried them out! Best skincare range there is in my opinion.

Amazing skincare products that really work! Vegan friendly, not tested on Animals and harmful chemical free. Leave my skin soft, smooth and youthful looking. The makeup is fantastic too. In fact there is nothing from the range that I don't adore... Thank you Tropic for making me feel a million dollars!

Tropic skincare is amazing, particularly the Elixir oil. Everything I have tried from the range is more effective than the better known high end brands but 1/2 the price. I also love the ethos behind the products - suitable for vegans, leaping bunny accredited, recycled packaging and hand made in a kitchen! It's so natural you could eat it.
Prior to using Tropic I had tried them all - other direct sales, catalogue and party plan companies, high end spa products and standard high street brands. Nothing has come close to the Tropic products I have tried.

Since my late teens (I am now 34) I have suffered with adult acne! I converted to Tropic in November 2014 and threw out all my other nasty cosmetics & makeup! I have not looked back. My skin is in the best condition and so radiant! Everything is so fresh and handmade with the purest of natural ingredients. My skincare routine is no longer a chore! Thanks Tropic

Used and swore by a very well known high end skincare company for years, and just thought I had problem skin. Since going to a skin care party ( a new thing for me and really enjoyed ) I bought the face smooth and mineral make up and loved both, I ended up becoming an ambassador I loved it all so much. I've not been disappointed with any of the products I've tried yet. The smell is truly Devine and not artificially added, it's all natural, vegan and even human friendly lol. It's helped balance my skin so much and at 37 I really thought I had to live with it. Turns out I don't, I've improved and started to love it x