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181 Zac

Likes to brag about how many beers he drink while driving home.

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182 Bryce

Oh my god my name is Bryce, I do have a tendency to talk about ponies to much and I sometimes spew my nonsensical liberal beliefs out in the public and I may jerk off to ponies (cartoon not real ponies) but I'm a pretty nice guy other than that

Troublemaker. Jail bird. Douche bag. Druggie.

Just bad - 445956

Surfer Bro

183 Brutus

Any body who knows on thing about Ancient Greece knows why this is here. Cough cough*Ceaser's assassination*Cough cough.

Educate yourself. Brutus was ceasers assassin. Ceaser was ROMAN, not Greek.

Et tu brutus?

184 Alfred

The smart geeky kids who think they know everything.

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186 Damien V 1 Comment
187 Tom

I know a Tom who flirts with every female organism on the planet, and some of the male ones too

Tom's such a generic name, it symbolises how lively and exciting the owner is

I married a tom, he was such an ass and he flirted with every girl on the block.

188 Joey
189 Gunner

I Know a Gunner Here's What Most Kids With The Name Gunner are like!
They Are Around 13 years old, Smoke Weed, Dropout of high school or in alternative School! Not making good grades,
People With The Name Gunner Also Think That there bigger and badder then everyone else but is really 4'14 And Has Soft Arms and pale skin, And has lost 14 fights And is still Trying to be hard and stupid

190 Bryson

Redneck high school quarterback who eats roadkill on the weekends. - NicholasYellow

191 Julius

There's a guy in my class named Julius. He told my friend that she probably stole weed in Jamaica.

There's a guy in my class named Julius. He told a girl she probably stole weed from Jamaica

There is a guy in my class. He told me I stole weed from Jamaica

Julius sounds like someone who steals weed from Jamaica and blames it on other people. What a douche. - Cesium

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192 Dorian

I know this ginger vaping midget named Dorian.

193 Colton
194 Bart V 1 Comment
195 Matthew

Brothers a douche...agreed

196 Quincy
197 Curtis
198 Julia
199 Henk

Henk? Is that the douche version of Hank?

Really cool dude JK major dick

200 Emely
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