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341 Arman
342 Tobby
343 Laura

Temperamental and has no good bone in her whole body.

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344 Bennett

Full of himself, cares only about soccer, making out with girls, and being shirtless! Never knows when to shut up and most likely has a hair obsession and a cat! What a douche!

345 Dustin

Had this friend named Dustin. He was this gigantic douche. He was full of himself - Luigibuscus

346 Bradley

Bradley is the guy who acts like a good person, but inside, he knows that his name is a douche bag name.

Bradley Characteristics: Lies, Is socially awkward, not good with women, lies, and also is a compulsive liar.

Tries to impress people with material goods and has no clue how to be a good person.

347 Garin

I met a Garin when I was a sophomore and he pretended to be my friend and he bullied me.

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349 Colt
350 Madi
351 Ray

I went to high school with a nerdy, twerpy douche bag named Ray. Enough said.

352 Hector

I went to elementary school with a kid named Hector. And in fifth grade he would pick on me. He followed it up to middle school too.

353 Cooper

Cooper just sounds like the type of guy who complains about lacrosse and his BMW

354 Jeremiah

When applied to white people...if you met him you would know what I'm talking about

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355 Edwardo

Total recluse who is obsessed with his cats and treats people badly.

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357 Dickson
358 Reyn
359 Mumkhar
360 Ian
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