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21 Richard

He tries to spoil everything in Harry Potter for me or just anything I read. He is also a little egotistical prick who thinks he is nice but almost everyone knows he is not.

How can you not hate a guy with the name Richard?

The only Richard I know is really nice.

Another name for Dick is Richard so... yeah.

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22 Zack

Zack from Ghost Adventures. Wears shirts a size too small just to make his mediocre 'muscles' look bugger, wears those dumb ass hats which only actually look good on short, adorable girls (teenage, though), never lets anyone (Nick, Aaron) talk, and taunt the ghosts as if he were invincible! In my school, the typical Zack has 1 (or both) ears pierced, wears pants so low they show off his American Eagle boxers, and if they're white, they act black.

I know a Zac. He's literally the human version of the Annoying Orange. He even sounds like him. I want to rip my ears off every time he's near.

I don't think Zach or Zack is a douche name at all I happen to know a Zach and he isn't a douche, and if you people want to comment stupid and random thing's like this maybe you should write your name down on this site, and it's not the name that makes the person a douche it's them not their names. So everybody out there get off your high horse.

Has issues with Zack Morris.

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23 Keith

If Family Guy is to be believed, Keith is "the most unattractive name in the universe. " I agree.

Often a small man, usually a drinker, who slurs. "Keef" is a reacher, and let's everybody know it.

Keith is such a hideous name

Total pathological liar. Small, drinks a ton. Major narcissist

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24 Gabe

I know a guy named Gabe he's kinda a self righteous ass hole yeah douche.

I've heard another person named Gabe, and his name is Gabe Newell. - BadBoiDrummer

My name is Gabe. I guess I'm a douchebag.

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25 Jake

I knew a Jake recently, and he was the worst person I ever met. I lost over $6,000 because he kept using the Victim Card on me by asking me for money and making up stories. And when I finally say No, he would continue asking me until I either cave or outright ignore him.

The penultimate mama's boy. Not accountable to anything, he's free to run amok while being given everything asked for, all 100% expected. Parents are merely an ATM, he winds up on Twitter in various states of inebriation. Lasts less than a month in college, will transfer at least 4 times by sophomore year before getting a job in father's 'landscape' business.

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26 Michael

It's my name, I'm a douchebag.

Michael is tall white guy who thinks he's big and participates in karate. Michael steals little things like gum from the dollar stir or dollar tree because he's nothing better to do.

Should be no. 1 douchebag

Michael is a great guy and not a douchebag

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27 Joseph

I know a douch named Joseph he calls himself Joe and walks around with his shirt off, ditches class with some gangster wannabe friends, they kill birds and stuff, he ditched school twice and slapped his grandma, he always forgets to do his homework, gets terrible grades, once he took a girl named Madison out in the town alone when he was 10, he always leaves his home to steal things and get in trouble, and he arrives at least 4 minutes late to each class we are 11 currently.

A lot of guys I know are named Joe and they call themselves "Joe Power"... So done with them. Ugh, they need to not be such douchenozzles. Please and thanks

All the josephs I know are actually super cool and super hot. This one Joseph I know gets all the sexy ladies at my school.

All the Josephs I know are all very kind, but may be kind of stupid

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28 Roger

Roger is a good name.

29 Josh

I know a good number of guys named Josh. Call them "Joshua" on accident and they become infuriated. They tell people how they were severely bullied for having the name "Joshua", so they so they shorten it to Josh. They even love to tell girls how ugly they are for no reason.

Josh is a complete and total douche. Hardcore player, cheater, self-absorbed douche nozzle.

Every Josh I can think of apart from one is a total douche.

Every Josh I met were definitely douchebags.2of them even tried to seduce me

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30 Devin

The guy who wears Hollister and thinks he's ultra tough and better than everyone

The guy who thinks he's big and bad wearing hollister and Abercrombie

Trevor killed him

that's him

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31 Kenneth

Had an ex with this name he ended up being a coke head and alcoholic. Also liked to push girls around. When this came to light and he was dumped he then became a stalker.

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32 Ajit

That's the name of the guy who wants to take away net neutrality.

King douche for sure.

Self explanatory - 445956

Funny as heck

33 Brian

My previous manager was named Brian. He was such a douche that he pretended to be on the phone when customers were near him and would say "hey stupid" real loud while looking at customers and pretending to be on the phone. One huge disgusting looking Douchebag.

Almost everyone named "Brian" or "Bryan" that I've met or spoken to has been a massive douche. My history teacher in 10th grade was named Brian, and he was rude and unprofessional. And it's all downhill from there.

This guy bryan I know has been with so many girls and cheats on almost all of them but gets mad when another girl cheats on him. He lies all the time and is so hypocritical.

Brian 1 tried to cut me to join a gang, bryon was a supervisor douchebag, brian 3 was a drug addict thieving piece of garbage, every brian I have ever met was a piece of garbage

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34 Troy

Troy goes through incredible transformation mid-life, then believes his new-person-hood is divine, and abandons everyone who was there in his former self. Driven psychotic, he burns bridges and ultimately winds up casting listlessly through life.

35 John

Thinks he's cool by being a douchebag

John likes to john on sm4sh. enough said. - WarriorCatsHater

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37 Tyler

Just a complete ass and a hypocrite, he usually makes jokes that he only laughs at, acts like he's the most popular kid at school, when really no one gives a damn that he even exists and he can't to the hint that no one even likes him.

Confused with the girls in class, goes out of his way to make it known he's masculine, often with disastrous results.

Whines and complains that no one cares about him, but is actually pushing away the only people that do. - xoxqueenb

My ex was named this he was a douche

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38 Trayvon

A trayvon tends to wear hoodies, walk in rich neighborhoods, and act out in school. Also more likely to get shot. Trayvon, a douchebag.

39 Cody

Cody is the guy who was born on third base and thinks he's hit a triple. Cody owns a Porsche his junior year of high-school. Cody marries the equally insecure girl with giant fake breasts and drug habit. Cody is just carrying on the family tradition.

Supervisor named Cody. Enough said. Didn't even care that I had a broken leg and couldn't come into work for a couple of weeks. Douche times 100

Ex was Cody...suffered from small hands syndrome, was short and round. Total douche went off on everyone and drank like a fish.

Redneck who cheats on his girlfriend and she still takes him back.

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40 Todd

Have a cousin named Todd, total loser! Takes selfies all day and post about being in such good shape. Can't keep more than a seasonal job so he just goes to the gym all the time. Stay at home dad... What else? Dude is 40 years old and has to get a present from his parents on his sister's birthday so they won't show favorites. Oh yeah, big one, he steals from family members. He blames everyone else after he starts problems and makes it out like everyone is picking on him. Pretty much he is just an all around joke and he even knows it. Total douche! He can't spell either, that's it. He's and idiot and even his wife knows it.

Todd should be way higher on the list

Total douche bag name


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