Dumbest Things to Do In Minecraft

The Top Ten

1 Kill a Pig

I don't like to kill any animal on minecraft my brother would never let me kill a pig on minecraft

I mean really kill something that cute and people who kill pigs should please stop - silverish239

They're not that cute and you're an idiot if you don't they give you food - simpsondude

Don't think it is dumb!

2 Wrecking Your Xbox

If you do that you can't play Minecraft - silverish239

I hate Xbox. It should die PS3 is so much better - Goatworlds

3 Jumping In Lava When You Have 64 Diamonds

Well..., I think jumping into lava means:"I GIVE UP! " - TehanR

Why would you jump in lava? That will be so stupid no-one will ever jump into lava. But 64 diamonds...WOW, you're a good miner!

Lol diamonds are the rarest ores in mc

Ultimate rage quit for me.

4 Make Babys Play Minecraft

Babys will mess up your stuff in Minecraft!

I don't even trust my seven year old sister when she plays with me

5 Being a Fish
6 Blow Up Your House

Where are you gonna live - silverish239

7 Being a Noob
8 Hand vs. Herobrine

You will be dead!

9 Spawning Mobzilla In Survival
10 Die

Type /kill if you don't mind - TehanR

The Contenders

11 Blowing Your House Up

Even better, build your house out of TNT and spawn in a Creeper in survival mode.

Dig a hole - TehanR

Where are you going to live?

12 Getting Stuff from a Nether Fort

Wither Skeletons will kill you!

13 Pretending to Be Bolbi

Bolbi I heard, was so dumb, he should be in top ten dumbest things to do in Minecraft!

14 Nuking Your Finished Funland

Where will you have fun?

15 Building a nether portal near lava and not in caves

Monsters will come in nether portal, it happens to me.

16 Killing Yourself

Not with poitions, with /kill cheat - TehanR

With Potions? - Goatworlds

17 Trade in an Enchanted Diamond Sword for Dirt
18 Trying to Kill a Ghast With a Torch

You will lose!

19 Bringing Nothing to Nether

By bringing you're still bring something, it's your character - TehanR

20 Going Somewhere Without a Map
21 Falling Out of World In Creative
22 Going In a Cave Without Torches
23 Jumping off your own pillar
24 Waiting next to a cactus
25 Using a rocket boost in survival mode
26 Using Lava to make a portal house
27 Falling in a Desert Temple

Your dead right next to stuff you will need!

28 You cook your wooden Pickaxe
29 Let someone hit you to make the dog kill you!

You will be blamed for nothing!

30 Running Away from a Monster

You know he's gonna get you!
Nah Nah!

31 Trying to break bedrock

Only on creative - TehanR

32 Stepping on your crops
33 Pretending to be Lucy in Charlie Brown
34 Being Friendly to Villagers

They want you to do that so that you won't screw up them or their village, they bribe you with good trades if you don't, it's like this you save a village from fire than get killed by an iron golem for stepping on crops to get to the fire

35 Make a Diamond Hoe

You still can get an advancement by completely using up a diamond hoe! - TehanR

Make one of these and you have wasted 2 perfectly fine diamonds

36 Holding F3+C for 10 Seconds
37 Spawn Shulker and Hit It in Survival

You will float to your doom

38 Toss an Invisibility Potion at a Creeper
39 Fight a Wizard with Hand in Survival
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