Dumbest Things to Do In Minecraft


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1 Kill a Pig

I don't like to kill any animal on minecraft my brother would never let me kill a pig on minecraft

I mean really kill something that cute and people who kill pigs should please stop - silverish239

They're not that cute and you're an idiot if you don't they give you food - simpsondude

Take it back off list!

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2 Wrecking Your Xbox

If you do that you can't play Minecraft - silverish239

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3 Jumping In Lava When You Have 64 Diamonds

If you do that without keep inventory, your stupid!

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4 Make Babys Play Minecraft

Babys will mess up your stuff in Minecraft!

I don't even trust my seven year old sister when she plays with me

5 Being a Fish
6 Blow Up Your House

Where are you gonna live - silverish239

7 Being a Noob
8 Hand vs. Herobrine V 1 Comment
9 Spawning Mobzilla In Survival
10 Die

The Contenders

11 Pretending to Be Bolbi

Bolbi I heard, was so dumb, he should be in top ten dumbest things to do in Minecraft!

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12 Blowing Your House Up V 1 Comment
13 Nuking Your Finished Funland V 1 Comment
14 Getting stuff from a nether fort

Wither Skeletons will kill you!

15 Building a nether portal near lava and not in caves

Monsters will come in nether portal, it happens to me.

16 Killing Yourself V 1 Comment
17 Trade in an Enchanted Diamond Sword for Dirt
18 Trying to Kill a Ghast With a Torch V 1 Comment
19 Bringing Nothing to Nether
20 Going Somewhere Without a Map
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