Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18


I have the same opinion that this is the best Nerf gun design based on looks, it's extreme rapid fire shooting and the relatively large ammo capacity that goes with the stock. The gun also rarely gets a bullet jam. Negative points about this gun is you really have to spend much on the long run as you need batteries to run this Nerf toy.

This gun's sheer rate of fire is what makes it stand out from the crowd. It is compact, uses clip system, and has a really good built-in scope. There are not really any disadvantages apart from the price, but if money is no object, this gun rules the battlefield.

This gun is one of the best ever built. There are some points of improvement that nerf could make on it though. For starters, when you put barrel attachments on it, they tend to wobble. And the longstrike barrel won't fit at all! It's also too wide to put the stampede blast shield on it. I would also have liked it better if it was stock compatible and if it didn't weigh as much. But other than that, it is a BEAST and would love to have one, but for now I'm stuck with using the one my friend has. Oh, well!

It's super reliable and by far my favorite gun. It shoots really fast and hard. It should be first. The clear clip helps you to see the darts for a quick, easy reload. It rarely jams, and when it does you just pop out the clip and put it in and it works. Batman would love this thing!

The rapid strike is full auto so you can blast a steady stream of darts

This gun is the KILLER in Nerf Wars. You can always fire 1 dart without holding down the trigger for 5 seconds and instead for 1 or 2 seconds. The stalk is really comfy and the grip on the bottom is so easy to grip.5 tactical rails and barrel extension too. This gun has no complaints, it is the BEAST!

This gun is awesome except for the sound of the shooting and the accuracy of this gun. It is just the right gun for a nerf war in the open fields. I highly recommend this gun to the people who do nerf wars.

This gun has great aim! It is the best! Works great with the riot shield I made, and the stock is very comfortable and can shift positions. I took out 8 people in a free for all and 6 in squads. I love the many attachments you could use to put on The RAPIDSTRIKE!

I Got This Gun, you KNow I would recommend you this why? Its full auto so if your in a 2 or 3 shot kill you have no problem people say IT JAMS! To make it stop jamming get new darts and batteries its much better than the stupid nerf cam

I have friends who demolish me in Nerf wars using this gun. I have tested it, and the jamming is minor, reloading is easy, fire rate is FANTASTIC, accuracy is better than average. I give this gun a 10/10, and 100% recommend it for Nerf wars. I'm buying it right now.

This is rubbish it shoots bullets really fast but then wastes so many it shoots 10 bullets in like 3 to 4 seconds but when you have no more bullets you are going to have to wait quite a lot of time to put the bullets back in so this gun is alright

Best gun ever, useful when you are surrounded by enemies in a war just use its rapidstrike firing to defeat them all at once. Its stock is very comfortable not like the modulus one which have a wobbly stock.

Yes, it does have a nice stock. But if your surrounded by peeps and you have a rapidstrike you're probably rethinking your choice of arms. - Techno

I think that the RapidStrike is a reliable nerf war stand out.if you turn up holding this baby, you are bound to be chosen as the nerf war captain! And of course, bullets. 4 per second! That's 3 people gone in a second. If you use it properly. Snipers, come to this guns knees if you want to show up in your team. With built-in scope and mean pellet jab action, 1 shot per 5 seconds is bound to let the gun cool down. Overall,doesn't jam all that much and can be used for 9 different classes, it's the gun for me. And you, hopefully!

This gun wears out quickly, eats out batteries, and much other things, but it is so handy with all the railings, if you pimp out your cs-18 with all your attachments, you get amazing performance, this is why it deserves my vote.

This has always been the best ever N- Strike Elite blaster for me, and I think nothing will ever top it... BUT it's price is a bit to expensive which means if you want a massive Nerf war not everyone their is going to have it.

This is a great gun. It shoots really and is really accurate. The full auto makes it amazing because you hold down the trigger and it go's! Also, very comfortable stock and overall a great gun.

I love the blaster, hook a 30 dart drum and a sling and your ready to go! It does not get jammed that often and it very light and beats the Vulcan and the stampede any day!

My first gun. It fires extremely fast and my brother and I both got one and I wrecked him with the accuracy. Good covering fire and rarely jams. Recommended for first time users. Overall 9/10

Great weapon overall, looks like a sub machine gun, which adds to how awesome it performs. Reloading isn't an issue as long as you stocked your mag(s) ahead of time, it would be ashame if you had to head for cover to put darts in the mag and then proceed to reload, and by that time half of your team would be out. Fun and cool weapon, recommend to anyone. Price is reasonable, just buy extra mags and darts, and your set for war. Total price of the gun and extra mags and darts rounds up to approxamitely $100, more or less.

Definitely good. High rate of fire is nice. The problem is that like other automatic or semi-automatic Nerf guns is that it jams more commonly than regular ones. Nonetheless, it is a recommendation

This is my most favorite gun ever. It is not as heavy as the stampede, has extremely fast fire rate, and has a great built in sight. The adjustable stock allows you to aim way better, and has a clear mag so I can see if I'm low. It has plenty of attachment rails, although I just use the iron sights, but I sometimes put on the stampede foregrip. It's great at all ranges, and only needs four C batteries while the stampede needs six D batteries. The only downsides is the price and the chance of running low on battery. Overall it is the gun that rules the battlefield.

Really comfy to hold and aim with so you have no trouble shooting your friends! Also the rate of fire is incredible, I can see why people are saying that this is the best gun out there!

Although I do have occasional problems with the firing mechanism, when I don't have problems it performs wonderfully and looks absolutely amazing.

This gun is bae. The only thing that ruins it is that it is made by the same company that made the deploy and I think everyone knows that a torch is flipping useless in a nerf war.

This is the BEST gun in the whole nerf series. it is like the stampede a little but it is WAY better. It fires really fast too.