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21 Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre

This gun honestly sucks, but I think its only the one I got.

I like the spectre it shots far and it comes with cool nerf attachments I Love it

The barrel is good

It's all right

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22 Hyper Fire

It shoots 5 darts a second. It can shoot all of its darts in 5 seconds! Its one of the fastest shooting nerf gun ever

Glad it's on the list. Unhappy it's not in the #1 spot. This beast TRASHES all others trying to attempt to almost tie it. In fact, it's so good that some nerf wars I'm in van it! - Techno

I have this gun and I love it it is a perfect example of a gun for rushing enemy bases the only problem is that even with a drum mag you burn through ammo super quick

This thing completely showers opponents, powerful

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23 N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Great gun my best primary, goes great with the tried ex-3.You can put as many attachments as you want and as many combinations as you want.There is special kits for it there are special stock, sights, barrels, grips, mags, and laser attachments that say "modulus" so must of the white and orange attachment are for this.If you like customizing then this is your gun.(Fair warning if you get the modulus and get the starter attachments the stock is very wobbly you can put another mag in there but the stock is very wobbly so you may need to get a better one or just reinforce the stock with pbc pipe I just got a new one, also the stock is not very comfortable so just get a new one.)

It's a good blaster not gonna sneak attack anyone though but same with the other motorized blasters plus its cool with all the upgrade kits and stuff definitely a good primary

Best blaster in my opinion the internals of it and the demolisher are exactly the same so you can either get the one with a ton of tactical rails, and mods which is the Modulus, or you can get the stupid Granade launcher, which is the demolisher. The modulus is super comfortable if you put the correct grips and stocks on it and with semi auto that will allow you to fire as fast as an unmoded machine gun, well it's no hard choice to the Modulus over any nerf gun.

Very good

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24 Nerf N-Strke Elite Berzerker

It is a awesome gun and I suggested this gun

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25 Nerf Rough Cut 2x4

It is a bit good for nerf wars hvz and its kinda fun to have around though

This gun is awesome! Practically a nerf shotgun gun with two barrels, however, if you pull the trigger very lightly, only one dart will shot

This gun in a Nerf war can do serious damage at close range. Not very accurate, and only holds 8 shots. 2 darts per second, and serious punch. I'm talking knock over Masonite and wood boxes punch. Worth it if you are in close range.

It's real cool but they should add more ammo capacity

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26 Nerf Longstrike Cs-6

This is a great sniper blaster it has a great consistent shooting distance. This gun has the best accuracy in all the nerf elite blaster line!

This used to be my favorite gun. If you put a stronger spring in it it probably would be a good sniper rifle.

It is a good sniper blaster and shoots very far distance and also very very very very quiet in shooting things and easy to reload

This has always been my favorite. It never jams and I always know I'm well off taking this into battle

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27 Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot

I'm surprised this one hasn't made the list yet. It is small, and easy to use one-handed. Basically a single action five shot revolver. At close range it is incredibly precise, with the darts only starting to wobble once they begin to really slow down. elite darts give moderately better Don't ask to get shot anywhere tender either.

Great weapon. In my opinion with light mods it could be a primary. This thang shoots far and almost never misses and the best part, in can not jam! BUY THIS GUN!

This is the best secondary gun Nerf has made. You can operate with one hand and has great range and accuracy. It is also extremely easy to reload.

Great secondary, you can dual wield these for competitive wars.
5 capacity
Better range than the strongarm
Very Accurate
Can't think of a better gun for a backup

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28 Nerf Rival Apollo

The NERF Rival Apollo is definitely one of the best nerf guns out there, if not the best.

It fires at 70MPH/100FPS
Extremely accurate
Fires the new rival balls which are better than the darts because it is more accurate and can bounce off walls (I know this isn't particularly about the blaster but I still think this is useful)

Quite irritating priming mechanism which also blocks out scopes

Finally I have to add that it can fire cheese balls, not than useful but still a funny extra thing,

Love the new ammo, but might wan to get a pump action kit

Cool gun shoots fast

This beast can fire 100 fps! It is also said to be the most powerful nerf gun. I love this beast!

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29 Modulus Recon MKII

Great gun this should be in the top ten

Sometime jam a lot but a good gun.

If you get at walmart its likely that 18 mags will work. should be in the top ten great sidearm

"It is a great blaster the things I like about the Recon MKII is that it is a great spin on an old favorite. Yes I know it can't take banana mags but if you have a 25 drum (which I do) It works fine. It's compact and it has a side rail. Side rails are the best! Either for the gangster shot the mlg sniper $tatus torches or the close quarters kit which use. when I run this I have the storage stock that can hold 10 darts with the flip kit upgrade and the close quarteers. great blaster

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30 Nerf N-Strike Longshot Cs-6 Blaster

Only the worst darts on earth will jam this blaster I know I can trust it more than any other blaster

Best gun forever and ever

The CS-6 is my most valuable nerf gun. It's even better than my ECS-10 Modulus

It's amazing

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31 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven

Good gun. Jams frequently with old over-used darts casuing the spring to move slightly pushing the bullet against the gun near the back folding or wrecking the bullet which causes the jam. What that means that the spring will sometimes move pushing the bullet to the side out of the actual shooting hole decreasing accuracy.

This gun is epic because it fires so rapidly. You can also single fire it. All round cool and best nerf gun

Needs a bigger clip and gets jammed a lot in battle but overall is really good

This is the best nerf blaster of all time here's why:
Decent range
Attachment nozzle
Small and easy to carry
Looks epic
Isn't too hard to mod

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32 Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

I have it it's a good blaster and I recommend the Nerf zombie strike clear shot

This is a bad gun the fly wheel is horrible its slow and not much power

Good range. Awesome firepower with lots of different kits to! This gun should obvsly. Be the top most gun.

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33 Alpha Trooper CS-6

I have one and live it use it as my primary in almost every game

It is a great gun. Comes with six dart

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34 Sling Fire

Amazing gun. Hits hard and goes long range, only downside is comes with small clip, but just buy 10 round clip.

Best gun I own ( and I have like 36 guns )

By far my favorite, can hold a clip an is lever action an feels good

It Does hold a clip, great gun,but has trouble with jamming because of the lever action

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35 N-Strike Stampede ECS

This gun is awesome because when I have nerd wars with friends I sit this up on my dads bar and when my friend comes out I hammer him and I felt the pain to because my friend had it and I tried hiding behind my couch and the dang bullets still got me my friend had such a good aim with that gun that he aimed at my gun and shot and the bullet bounced of my gun and got me in the eye!

Super accurate and fires fast comes with 3 18 dart clips has 7 places to put on attachments and the sight that is part of the gun is better than any scope you will want to put on it what else do you want from a gun?

Great gun I had since I was a kid and it has good accuracy and it fires so fast with a SHIELD. It come with 18 darts

It looks awesome so I want it for Christmas

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36 Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot V 2 Comments
37 Nerf Rival Zeus Mxv-1200

I like the little foam balls that it shoots

Best gun ever so powerful and amazing in accuracy this surf gun is 1st for me

It is awesome

Overpowered (as farts)

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38 Elite Nerf Cam ECS-12 Blaster V 1 Comment
39 Nerf Blazin' Bow

Best bow Nerf has made works like a real bow and is MUCH better than that mega bow that shoots darts instead of arrows.

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40 Mega Thunderbow

I love shooting my friends with it. it is my favorite nerf gun

Very strong and long range bad for close combat

Good gun, powerful gun great range

A very awesome gun

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