Most Embarrassing Moments That Could Happen With You and Your Crush


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1 Your Crush Is About to Kiss You But You Fart

Especially if it smells. Or burp. - idontknow

0////0 That wasn't me! - Fandom_Lover

Tell them it was your love fart. :’) - 3DG20

About to kiss
You:This is magical
Crusg:The best day
(you fart really badly) - idontknow

2 You Call Her, Say Want to Go Out and Then Realize It's Your Teacher

More embarrassing if she caught you and you never realised you were speaking to the teacher. - idontknow

Or worse, if she says yes... - Garythesnail

Tell the teacher you meant to call your mom. - 3DG20

3 You Read Her a Poem and Then Her Boyfriend Comes and Kisses Her

A Shake sphere Poem Then her boyfriend comes.
UH-OH. - idontknow

Look at her boyfriend blankly and say, “Excuse me? Can it wait? Your girlfriend is in the middle of cheating on you for me.” - 3DG20

4 You Tell a Friend and He Shouts It Loudly In Lunch

Steal his girlfriend then. There, problem solved. :) (Jk) - 3DG20

Whispering:I Fancy fjfjgjgj
Friend:He Loves (insert name)
You:That CARACULO PRAACACORA - idontknow

5 You Try to Confess You Like Her, But Her Dad Comes

Should I Start Running? - idontknow

I'm just gonna run off if that's the case. - AlphaQ

Quickly change the topic then. - 3DG20

6 You Invite Her to Your House But Your Grandmother Is There

Can I have cookies. - idontknow

Tell your grandmother she’s your long lost sister that you found on eBay. (Well, unless you don’t wanna get dumped and made fun of by your grandma, and in that case, then this probably wouldn’t be such a good idea...) - 3DG20

7 You Go Out With Her and a Hot Girl Comes to You

So? Resist the urge! - Garythesnail

Resist the urge... - AlphaQ

Tell the so called “hot” girl to stay out of your business. - 3DG20

8 You're With Her Happily, but Your Ringtone "I'm Too Sexy" Is Not On Vibrate

Tell her the ringtone set itself. - 3DG20

Erm that's Not Mine. - idontknow

9 You Daydream In Class Shouting Her Name

Tell her you were talking about a different (insert name). - 3DG20

Teacher:Wake Up
(person wakes up) Oh I Never Noticed She Sat Right next to me! - idontknow

10 You Try to Flirt With Her But Fail

Act like you had no idea you were supposed to be flirting. - 3DG20

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11 You Watch A Scary Movie With Her. She Is Laughing And You Are Screaming Like A Girl

I don't get scared easily but if someone my size screamed in these type of movies then their crush wouldn't really mind. - AlphaQ

I would just laugh it off. - Fandom_Lover

Crush:laugh out loud
You:(screams and hide under the blanket) MOMMY! - idontknow

Tell her you’re screaming with excitement... You just sound scared when you do it. - 3DG20

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12 You Lean to Kiss Your Crush and You Wet Yourself

Tell her you laid an egg but it melted on you and turned yellow. - 3DG20

13 She Turns Out to Be an Axe Murderer and Kills You

Haunt her in her sleep. - 3DG20

14 You Give Her Herpes

Tell her it wasn’t you and you have an invisible friend with herpes that follows you everywhere you go. - 3DG20

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