Top 10 Most Embarrassing Pro Wrestling Matches of All Time

Matches from wrestling that were not just bad but embarrassingly bad and makes you question why did this have to happen wither the match itself was bad or circumstances that resulted in the match failing big time.

The Top Ten

1 Jake Roberts vs Jim Niedhart - Heroes of Wrestling 1999

Heroes of Wrestling was a terrible show made even worst with this match, on this night Jake Roberts was in horrible shape and was in no condition to compete after Roberts continued to make a total fool of himself during the match they brought in King Kong Bundy and Yokozuna who were suppose to face each other in the main event and turned it into a tag match just so they could finish the match Bundy pinned Robert for the win despite neither men being legal but at that point they just didn't care and just wanted to end this train wreck. - egnomac

2 Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler - WrestleMania XXVII Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler - WrestleMania XXVII

Can someone in WWE creative explain to me why this match needed to happen and out of all places at WrestleMania - egnomac

3 Trish Stratus & Bradshaw vs Christopher Nowinski & Jackie Gayda - RAW 7/8/02
4 Reverse Battle Royal - TNA Bound for Glory 2007

This concept made no sense. - egnomac

5 Hollywood Hogan vs The Warrior - Halloween Havoc 1998
6 Sting vs Jeff Hardy - Victory Road 2011
7 Jeff Jarrett & Eric Bischoff vs DDP & David Arquette - WCW Thunder 4/26/00

The night that David Arquette won the WCW world title despite Arquette being against the idea, we have Vince Russo to blame for that. - egnomac

8 Extreme Elimination Chamber Match - ECW December to Dismember 2006

It really feels like Mr. McMahon wanted ECW's first Pay Per View under the WWE name to flop as he pushed for Bobby Lashley to win the ECW Championship despite Paul Heyman pushing for CM Punk. - egnomac

9 Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg - WrestleMania XX Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg - WrestleMania XX
10 Bret Hart vs Mr McMahon - WrestleMania XXVI Bret Hart vs Mr McMahon - WrestleMania XXVI

The only positive thing I can say about the match was Bret finally getting much needed revenge against Mr. McMahon for the Montreal Screw job sadly both men were way past their prime and couldn't actually do much. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Triple H vs Scott Steiner Royal Rumble 2003
12 Shane McMahon vs Undertaker (Hell in a Cell) - WrestleMania 32
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