Top Ten Emojis that Describe the True Meaning of Valentine's Day

What Emojis do you believe accurately describe your feelings during the horrific holiday known as Valentine's Day.

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Lol! I knew this would be number one. Why does everyone hate Valentine's Day? Yeesh. I've always loved Valentine's Day, regardless if I'm in a relationship or not. It's also a good day to show your friends and family you love them by buying them little gifts. That's what I've always done at least...All these people hating on Valentine's Day are being selfish, in my opinion. Think about how you can make other people feel loved, instead of having a pity party about your own "loneliness".

Personally, I think it's just a day for girls to be self entitled and expect good things. Before you accuse me of being sexist, it's pretty obvious. The girls don't have to get you anything and the guys either suffer by themselves or suffer by forcing themselves to go to a fancy dinner and all. Also, everyone raises the prices on this day just because they know what day it is. Can't you show people how's you love them on OTHER DAYS? - DCfnaf

I hate Valentine's Day. It's a stupid holiday that just gives girls an excuse for entitlement. This is coming from a girl (who's 16 and has never been on a single date), and I'd hate Valentine's Day whether I was in a relationship or not. Just show your love for everyone every day instead of buying into this corporate scheme of a holiday. - Elric-san

Yep it is definitely crap - Cartoonfan202

I knew it would be №1! I KNEW! I hate Valentine's day.

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Enjoy your ice cream as you sit alone, crying about how lonely you are guys. ;( - DCfnaf

Yeah… - Ultron123

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No matter what you do it will always end like this - Randomator

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Making an evil Valentines Day plan...

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I love St. Valentine's Day for many reasons. - Britgirl

Wow, Britgirl commented on one of my lists. I respect your opinion. - DCfnaf

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The restaurants' expressions when this day comes around. - DCfnaf

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