Top 10 Reasons Why Brian Griffin is a Terrible Father

I've counted the sins of Peter.... now let's get started on Brian.
The Top Ten
1 He doesn't care about his son at all

The episode "Brian's a Bad Father" demonstrates how little he really cares about his son...

Terrible father, call child protective service on him!

Better than Peter

2 He's a smartass that thinks too highly of himself

That would be Ajit Pai. - kcianciulli

He's a fraud actually... He's really not that intelligent at all... - Kevinsidis

Peter might be dumb but at least he doesn't think he's the best person in existence.

3 He never learns from his mistakes

Not one damn mistake he's made he's learned from.

Especially his drinking problem like Peter!

I Agee. But only a little bit he does.

4 He has horrible judgement

I've seen the older Family Guy episodes that for no reason, Brian was barking aggressively at black people. But Brian must be barking at the wrong tree.

His judgement is so bad that it makes Peter seem forgivable...

Especially that he's full of racism!

5 Brian, like Peter, will try to weasel himself out of any situation that he can

Which is a very slimy thing to do...

6 He shoves his beliefs down other's throats

And he wonders why Quagmire... hates him..

Brian is a jerk!

7 He can't handle dating a girl longer for a week

Quick answer: He can't...

8 Neglectfully abused his son to advance his career

Brian is such a jerk to his own son.

Typical parents.

9 He acts like everyone is below him when it's the opposite

Quite self explantory to be honest.

10 He's a narcissist

Which is a bad example for his son...

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11 He's a hypocrite

He always wants to judge people but can't look in the mirror.

12 He mocks others for their beliefs

Brian should respect other people's beliefs.

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