Top Ten Most Famous Minecrafters

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1 Stampylonghead

He is the sweetest and he does not cuss like stupid sky does Minecraft

He Shall become #1

He is awesome and builds loads

Helloo, this is Stampy!

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2 SkydoesMinecraft

He has 10million subs, how is he not #1?

He is the butter king and he is the greatest EVER

I am SkydoesMinecraft number #1 fan

He takes my dick in his ass

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3 CaptainSparklez

He Actually Inspired me to play Minecraft along with ihascupquake (Why Isn't She Up Here? )

Nice friend even though he's not.

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4 The Diamond Minecart

He doesn't cuss his games he plays like towel required are funny what is the mod to get your dog into bones though so many people say this but I'm the only one that's not lying I AM YOUR #1 FAN DAN!

Has great custom mod adventures. its cool and unique

This is jason I watched every episode well almost

He is just SOOO epic!

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5 SSundee

Funny and doesn't swear

I love your mod packs reviews

Pretty good and funny

Ssundee you're the best you tuber there is my name is Faxon and live in Kansas.I love your videos.can you make more 60 seconds videos and make mine craft story mode videos. I love ark survival evolved. I'm 9. Tell Dundee to look at this I worked hard

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6 Iballisticsquid

He plays mc with stampylongnose
He's a squid.. And who doesn't love a squid that plays mc?
He's funny
Names spencer I think.

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7 Deadlox

Hi like your Minecraft name

8 ASF Jerome V 3 Comments
9 Minecraft Universe

Who even is this

10 ItsJerryAndHarry

They are so funny

The Contenders

11 AntVenom

Ant your still awesome I just started playing and you are one of my idols

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12 ExplodingTNT

His videos are funny as ever although sometimes may be not kid friendly

Exploding tnt is the best because he makes pink sheep videos they are so funny"baa""with your voice""sup pops can I have a cheese burger? " "Oh my gosh everybody run it is an alien! " ok I'll end it here I'm out *BOOM*

Micah is explodingtnt and he's my friend in elamentry school

Funny annimations!

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13 TheMinebox
14 Bajan Canadian

Very good at hunger games my friend

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15 Husky Mudkipper

Mudkip is the best Pokemon ever

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16 Sethbling
17 PrestonPlayz

Preston is the best today in hypixle he friended me.

Preston is super awesome at mini games and pvp.

Preston, a.k.a. Mr.Cactus, is awesome at pvp and especially parkour! What makes him a great YouTuber is how fair he plays, even sometimes giving his friends a slight advantage but all for the cause to have fun. He's an aggressive player at most but is a really chill cactus in the flower pot :D


18 Orepros
19 CraftBattleDuty

I love his mods in Minecraft he uses like pixelmon, crazy craft, etc.

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20 PopularMMOs

Placed higher then this. He's so cool! - TheRemixr


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