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21 Onew + Taemin = OnTae (SHINee)

Taemin adores his leader and it's really obvious Onew loves Taemin too.

Its okay! But for me my bias well be the best! ONEW

I really like this chemistry between them c:

Onta together like two baby's

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22 Sungjae Btob + Ilhoon Btob = Iljae

haha I still remember the kiss at Weekly Idol ha!

They always have these love moments with each other

They are so cute, eventhough ilhoon hate skinship

Rap lord with Vocal lord ^^
And my two little babies in this band

23 Onew + Chincken = Onchicken

Realest ship of all

This is probs the most legit thing here, it gives me insfiration to be a better person, just seeing there love. - RockysThighs

24 Jimin + Jungkook = Jikook

Their relationship is like no other to be honest. Their gazes when they secretly try looking at each other are always full of love and adoration, not only their height difference makes them so perfect together, but how they look out for eachother and how many subtle moments there are. It is honestly an otp full of analysing

My all time favorite ship of all the Kpop ships! They are so real and are getting closer every single day! It is so heartwarming watching them interact with each other. They are seriously the best

They always look out for each other and continue to play with each other. I feel that their relationship is growing larger and larger

I love their interactions and how they care about each other.
Their chemistry is brilliant.

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25 Xiumin + Luhan = Xiuhan

Two oldest brothers of EXO.. The two of them are always together and they show sweetness in EXO SHOWTIME... They are the oldest but seems like the youngest ones.. I love their personality and the way Xiumin love his youngest ones and Luhan love him... I love their OTP

They are BEST FRIENDS and in my opinion, I don't even care of they get together or something as long as they care about each other. They don't have to be involved in a romantic relationship. It doesn't even matter. Dating is shalow. As long as they support each other no matter what, I think they'll be perfect.

Xiuhan is love! Xiuhan is life! Their love has no boundaries! Xiumin and Luhan make the best otp ever and nothing will change that!

They are so cute, Let Xiumin go to China BBBOOOIII

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26 Chanyeol + Kyungsoo = Chansoo

Chansoo is just perfect. I always fall for how Chanyeol and D.O.'s voices match when they sing, and their moments on stage are just too cute.

There is chemistry for this gentle duo. There are videos you will not find on YouTube that are how they care about each other

Mean kyungsoo and submissive chanyeol, nothing beats this ship


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27 Suga + Jimin = Yoonmin

They're so cute together and the way they bicker with each other yet care about each other a lot is so sweet.

I love their interaction. They mock each other all of time and then show little signs of affection. They are so different but they complement each other.

The soft side that Suga shows for Jimin says it all, plus they are too cute together.

Its true

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28 Wonwoo + Mingyu = Meanie

This ship should at least be in the top five or something because I am just swimming in the ocean with this ship because may I tell you---this ship is Beautiful. This ship emanates beauty in all forms from their sneaky glances, sheepish smiles, to literally every other thing they do; they are inseparable. They are brothers who are sharing an excruciating bromance and you can say that I'm being delusional right now but go and watch some of their moments together and tell me that they don't love each other. Wonwoo and Mingyu have something for each other and perhaps, it's not quite a romantic relationship or even love, but there's something and it's sweeter than any candies in the universe.

This is the first ship that I thought was actually real behind the cameras. It's so sweet in such a subtle way, and even if they aren't together romantically, they are definitely each other's special person in a group of 13 people.

They have been so close even during pre debut and the way they look at each other is just magical.

They should be in the top 10 thank you

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29 Jackson + Mark = Markson/Jark (GOT7)

Honestly, Markson is by far my favorite ship in K-Pop. They both take care of each other so well, and are very supportive of each other. Although they may be complete opposites at times, I think their personalities truly compliment each other. For example, my friend has always said " Every shy person, needs a crazy best friend.", and I strongly see this with these two. Whenever one of them is crying they go to each other to comfort them and support them, and well one of them alone is bad enough ( Jackson ), but get them together and chaos ensues haha. I'll be aboard this ship until the end. =)

So cute!, they are both my bias and you can just see the love they have for each other ( saying that the whole of got7 is just the cutest group ever ) I will go down with this ship

"Markson forever! " Jackson said it too and so many others proofs! Markson is the best OTP in k-pop.

Markson or never!

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30 Jin + Rap Monster = Namjin

Namjin is life

Namjin is life

They are so cute together! Namjin is the cutest ship ever

Well do we even need explaination?

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31 V + J-Hope = V-Hope (BTS)

The way they look at each other just makes your heart melt. Their little touches and their secret glances leave you guessing whether it was an innocent thing or not. This ship has so many moments for you to see. Their always partnered together, whether it was purposely or by chance. This ship is my true otp because there is so much evidence that even an idiot could see it wasn't all innocent!

They r so cute! They even kissed (well not willingly but... ) JUST GO TO YouTube AND SEE THEIR MOMENTS!

The way they act towards each other is so cute! The way they are together is just in sync!

They'rein love obviously

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32 GD + T.O.P = GTOP

The way they look at each other, and come on now, how many times have they kissed at this point? They're like the ultimate OTP; T.O.P. practically has to peel GD off of himself in public and yet his eyes are always searching for GD when he's not plastered to his side.

They are so in love they basically can't live without each other

The realest

33 J-Hope + Suga (BTS) = Yoonseok

For me Yoonseok is the best! Suga feels super comfortable near the J-hope, and moments are cute, I love yoonseok!

Has YOUR ship worn matching track suits with their self-proclaimed ship name on it? That's what I thought.

They are so cute together!

The Yoongi called Hobi a portable battery. Hobi called him "favorite hen." That's all I wanted to say

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34 Suho + Lay = Sulay

Hands down the real EXO OTP - Yoonmin

They're the most caring with their member in EXO.

I miss Sulay interactions so much, I was hoping to get some with this recent comeback...but Lay couldn't participate. However, wether the two are together or not I know they care for each other and are waiting to unit as OT9 again. SuLay Fighting! - Yoonmin

Sulay are perfect for each other! they're so cute together!

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35 Ljoe + Chunji = Chunjoe (Teen Top)

CHUNJI IS power voice, ljoe is rascal rapper, when they sing and rap, their combination is so perfect

They really have the best chemistry of all!

They are so cute together... Owh.. I'm an angel of course I'm vote for my boys!

They are the best!

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36 Jeonghan + S.Coups = Jeongcheol

I really love Jeongcheol cause they're too sweet. S. Coups as the team leader really looks like he is an appa to Seventeen, and the pretty Jeonghan looks much alike to be the group's omma. Try watching their sweet moments on YouTube, you'll also fall in love with them!

I LOVE Jeongcheol. Like seriously love Jeongcheol. Jeonghan is my bias but Coups is my bias wrecker. But I just can't stop shipping them

I don't have reason to love them, I love the way they treat each other

Do I even have to explain them?
#1: The way Cheol looks at Jeonghan.
#3: The company practically ships them. Their lines are always next to each other, the dance positions too.w.

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37 Kim Myungsoo (L) + Sungjong = Myungjong

I just say they are perfect together, Sungjong completes Myungsoo personality

This will forever be my One True Pairing.
The fairest, sweetest, real-est couple ever.
Try watching 'myungjong moments' on YouTube and you'll surely smile even though you don't ship them--yet.

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38 Jr + Ren = JREN

Jr and Ren are so close

They are like Aoba x Noize from the anime Dramatical Murder..

Jren is so cute I could die. Everybody should get to know them ❤️

When Ren likes pics of them posted by the fans on Instagram is just the cutest thing ever 🌸 He even posted one with the #JRen

39 Daehyun + YoungJae = DaeJae

They are just too real it hurts to see how the try to avoid each other but the look on their faces show everything

They're just always together, watching out for each other... their relationship is just goal!

Daejae is real, people! :-)

Their relationship is just goal! Daejae is real!

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40 Mark + Junior = Marknior

They kiss. Way too often for that not to be a thing

The two quietest members who understands each other. They honestly share so many skinship, hugs, looks, and kisses.

For me they're even realer then Markson

They look really cute together.I'd date someone who would look at me the way Mark looks at Jr. and the way Jr. looks at Mark.And they take good care of each other too.And obliviously,they kiss each other many times.Why won't we ship those undeniably cute little things ;) Markjin is real

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