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61 Xiumin + Chen = XIUCHEN V 1 Comment
62 Dara + Gdragon = Daragon

Seriously, I'm very sure they dated before and now thy are back together!

I will forever ship this two both

V 2 Comments
63 Kiseop + Kevin = Vinseop
64 Siwon + Heechul = SiChul / Simba x Cinderella

Look like prince and princess

Can't skip this couple~ I know they attracted by each other.. Another perfect couple.. Ine like a prince and the other like a princess.. PERFECT!

65 Mark + Jinyoung = Markjin

Markjin forever

Markjin is just like taekook they are so comfortable around each other and they have a lot of skinship

They areee so real^-^

66 Kyuhyun + Ryeowook = Kyuwook
67 Jihoon + S.Coups = Jicheol

Seventeen's off-screen couple. They've known each other for a long time, so they're comfortable around each other. Despite a period where they got awkward around each other (maybe something happened), lately they had so many moments as they unconsciously gravitate towards each other. I don't know why but to me, they behave like a real couple.

Just no, Jeongcheol is where it is at - Yoonmin

68 Kris + Lay = KrisLay (EXO)

It's Krispy Lays

Krislay ahh its symbolise why opposite attract damn they really match with personality. And kris always take care of yixing he just so sweet

69 Tao + Sehun = TaoHun

There's so much proof that this paring is totally canon. Love these two together!

70 Yesung + Kyuhyun = Yekyu/Kyusung (Super Junior)

Yekyu/Kyusung is love! ^^

71 Baekho + Ren = Baekren
72 G-dragon + Taeyang = GDYB (big bang)

They have been friends for so long~~ their relationship is so PERFECT

They have been in yg together since they were 13! Gd even picked taeyang as a friend he would have at his death bed~~ their relationship is GOALS man

73 Jin + Jungkook = Jinkook (BTS)
74 Jinwoo + Mino = Minwoo (WINNER)

Their just adorable together, interactions are too great. - Yoonmin

75 Yunho + Changmin = Homin (TVXQ)

Ya'll maybe wondering why they are the only two left in TVXQ, you may say they're close like brothers, but they are even closer so they're lovers. One of the most realest OTP's I've seen. LET HOMIN RISE! - RockysThighs

76 Siwon and Kibum = Sibum (Super Junior)

Drama Couple of Super Junior

77 Tao + Baekhyun = TaoBaek
78 Tao + Suho = TaoHo (EXO)

It's a mommy and son kind of ship.

79 Onew + Lee Joon = Joonew
80 Heechul + Hangeng = Hanchul V 2 Comments
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