Best FIFA World Cup of All Time

Every World Cup is a special event but, like your children, there's always one that you secretly love a little bit more than the others.

The Top Ten

1 Brazil 2014

The 20th edition of the greatest show on earth is the best of all. This world cup had everything and Brazil brought out the best out of the world cup. - RedHoundoom

2 Mexico 1986
3 Mexico 1970

This world cup featured the best team in the game's history as Brazil 1970 triumphed in this tournament. The perfect ending to the Jules Rimet Cup. - RedHoundoom


4 Korea/Japan 2002
5 Russia 2018

In my opinion, this World Cup was pretty unpredictable. Not saying it’s a bad thing because I love surprises.
~ AlphaQ

6 Italy 1990


7 France 1998

This world cup was just too sweet! The revolution of French football begun as France triumphed in this world cup. This was also (jointly) the world cup with the most goals. - RedHoundoom

8 USA 1994
9 England 1966
10 Argentina 1978

The Contenders

11 Sweden 1958

The three best World Cups were 1954,1958,1970 (the best).
World Cup of 1954 had the highest goalscoring average (5.4).
Worst of all the one in Italy (1990).
Even the final of this Cup was the worst of all.

This is the world cup where Brazil started their reign on the football world. This is also the beginning of the Pele era! - RedHoundoom

12 South Africa 2010

Among the worst with Italy 1990.

Fantastic,beautiful memories

2010 fifa world cup was the best

13 Germany 2006

This world cup was filled with surprises, amazing matches and great moments. Germany were the best hosts of the world cup history and this one deserves to be in this list. - RedHoundoom

14 Switzerland 1954
15 Spain 1982

It was quite good.

16 Germany 1974
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