Best Football (Soccer) Matches of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 1999

Unbelievable match with two amazing goals on extra time - Rhapsody

Bayern scored at 5', but Man U finished winning with goals at 90+1' and 90+3'... definitely best match ever knowing it was a Champions League final - Alvarodr

2 Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2010

Bitter match for Real fans 5 goal and awful playing - Rhapsody

3 Brazil vs Netherlands 1998

Grande R9 e Taffarel

Melhor jogo da historia das copas

4 Germany vs Brazil 2014

I am Brazilian and I think this should be lower. Whoever added this in here must be a German, a Colombian, or a racist American. There are so many videos about this match, and some racist American hypocrites think this match is funny. WORST MATCH EVER! - Gabo147

Absolutely incredible game

Shamful match for Brasil - Rhapsody


5 Liverpool vs A.C. Milan 2005

Great return of liverpool and scoring 3 goals - Rhapsody

6 Germany vs England 1990

More like Germany vs England 1939 - TeamRocket747

7 Argentina vs England 1986

Diego's Super goal scored in this match - Rhapsody

Certainly THE football match by excellence - keyson

8 Argentina vs England 1998

Evil Simeone Beckham's red card owen superb goal - Rhapsody

Nobody forced becham to kick simeone. - keyson

9 Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain 2017

Barcelona was humiliated in the first match against PSG, losing having a 4-0. But they believed in the come back when no one did. In the second match, they scored 3 goals and gave hope to the barcelona fans. This hope was destroyed by Cavani, that scored an put the 3-1 in the scoreboard.
It was in the minute 87 that anyone believed in the come back. Anyone, but Neymar. He scored in the 88' and 90', and made an excellent pass to Sergi Roberto to score in the 90+5'.
The final score was 6-1, 6-5 in the global score, and Barcelona passed round making the greatest come back ever. - Alvarodr

10 Italy vs Brazil 3-2 1982

The Contenders

11 Hungary vs Uruguay (1954 FIFA World Cup Semi-Final)

After the 'Battle of Berne', the 'Magical Magyars' had to face the World Champion Uruguay.
Puskas could't play but the same was for Varela, both injuried.
After an amazing match Hungary won 4-2 in extra time with two headballs of S.Kocsis (top scorer of the Cup with 11 goals).
Media claimed that this was the best matches ever took place till then.

12 Reading vs Arsenal 2012

Arsenal was losing 4-0 at half-time and finished winning 5-7... very good match - Alvarodr

Had the best comeback in football/soccer history...

13 Italy vs West Germany (1970 FIFA World Cup Semi-Final)

One of the most iconic and greatest matches in World Cup history. - ParasN2000

14 Manchester United vs AS Rome 2007
15 Brazil vs Poland 1938

World Cup classic.

16 Iran vs United States 1998
17 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2017

The great el-classico continue...

Great match

18 Chelsea vs Bayern Munich 2012
19 England vs Hungary 1953

First England's defeat at home.
The British press called it the 'Match of the Century'. The 'Magical Magyars' were really magical.

20 France vs Portugal (UEFA Euro Cup 1984 Semi-Final)

3-2 in extra time. Platini was there..

21 Fenerbah├že vs Galatasaray 2014

Very exciting end of match, goals in 88', 90+1', 90+5'. - Alvarodr

22 Athletic Madrid vs Real Madrid 2014 Champions League Final
23 Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund 2016

1-3 in the 57'
A goal in the 90+1' put the 4-3 on the scoreboard
Great come back at Uefa Europa League - Alvarodr

24 Olympiakos vs AEK Athens

That's what you call ladies and gentlemen THE final.

25 Real vs Atletico 2014 Ucl Final
26 Falkland Islands vs Alderney 2017

A brilliant match that saw Alderney pick up their 1st win in 14 years, magic of the Island Games!

27 Man City vs QPR 2012
28 Espanha vs Holanda 2014
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