Best Football (Soccer) Matches of All Time

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1 Manchester United vs Bayern Munich 1999

Greatest match of all time. To score 2 goals in injury time is unimaginable given the arena.

Man utd and munich are both the best teams of premier league and Bundesliga

The only match which makes me cry, it's so amusing and magnificent that I can't even explain.
And MNU is not even my top 5 favorite team, this has to be the G.O.A.T. match

Unbelievable match with two amazing goals on extra time - Rhapsody

2 Barcelona vs Real Madrid 2010

Bitter match for Real fans 5 goal and awful playing - Rhapsody

It's the match

why not

3 Liverpool vs A.C. Milan 2005

Hello, Hello here we go! Look at this LFC side compared to Milans, a gulf in class to say the least. This is the greatest game ever.

Great return of liverpool and scoring 3 goals - Rhapsody

Best come back ever

Never give up!

4 Brazil vs Netherlands 1998

Grande R9 e Taffarel

Melhor jogo da historia das copas

5 Germany vs Brazil 2014

Absolutely astonishing. Every goal seemed like the replay of the previous one.

Obviously Europe is home of the best football, I must be a racist American even though America did not factor into this humiliation for Brazil. Toughen up buttercup

I am Brazilian and I think this should be lower. Whoever added this in here must be a German, a Colombian, or a racist American. There are so many videos about this match, and some racist American hypocrites think this match is funny. WORST MATCH EVER! - Gabo147

Absolutely incredible game

6 Argentina vs England 1986

Diego's Super goal scored in this match - Rhapsody

Certainly THE football match by excellence - keyson

7 Germany vs England 1990

More like Germany vs England 1939 - TeamRocket747

8 Argentina vs England 1998

Evil Simeone Beckham's red card owen superb goal - Rhapsody

Nobody forced becham to kick simeone. - keyson

9 Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain 2017

I do seriously think that this is the best 2 legged come back of all time

The game which was considered lost up till the last minute

I was there. What a night.

Best comeback in champions league history.

10 Liverpool vs Barcelona 2019 Champions League Semifinals Second Leg

Unbelievable comeback. Great quick thinking by Alexander-Arnold

If this had ended with the actual cup itself, it would go down as the greatest of all time.

It should be up there as number 2 - behind AC Milan

"We want to celebrate the Champions League campaign, either with a proper finish or another goal. That is the plan: just try. If we can do it, wonderful. If not, then fail in the most beautiful way." - Jurgen Klopp

Barcelona is winning 3-0 in the First Leg, but Liverpool starts a comeback in Anfield.With 4goals in the second leg, the reds gets into the final of the Champions League Final.

The Newcomers

? Columbia vs England 2018
? Manchester United vs Southampton 2019

Beautiful goals

The Contenders

11 Italy vs Brazil 3-2 1982

Oh! Paolo Rossi. How many times Italy came back?

12 Italy vs West Germany (1970 FIFA World Cup Semi-Final)

One of the most iconic and greatest matches in World Cup history. - ParasN2000

13 Reading vs Arsenal 2012

Arsenal was losing 4-0 at half-time and finished winning 5-7... very good match - Alvarodr

Had the best comeback in football/soccer history...

Best game come on arsenal

GG Arsenal

14 Chelsea vs Bayern Munich 2012

What a great Cinderella story. Chelsea overcame the odds to beat the Bavarian giants.

15 Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City 2019

Absolutely ridiculous game from start to finish, from the first 5 goals to the last minute equalizer that ended up being disallowed

In the second leg of UEFA Champions League Quarter-Finals, there was the best soccer match ever, with an unbelievable figure of five goals in the first 11 minutes.

Greatest champions league game I've seen live.

16 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2017

The great el-classico continue...

The best el classico ever!

Greatest of all time

Great match

17 Man City vs QPR 2012

By far one of the best matches on the last day of the premier league. I could just remember looking at furgesons face thinking he won it until Aguero
i'm a loner

Best premier league title race.

What a game

18 Hungary vs Uruguay (1954 FIFA World Cup Semi-Final)

After the 'Battle of Berne', the 'Magical Magyars' had to face the World Champion Uruguay.
Puskas could't play but the same was for Varela, both injuried.
After an amazing match Hungary won 4-2 in extra time with two headballs of S.Kocsis (top scorer of the Cup with 11 goals).
Media claimed that this was the best matches ever took place till then.

19 Iran vs United States 1998
20 Manchester United vs AS Rome 2007
21 Athletic Madrid vs Real Madrid 2014 Champions League Final

Great victory for Real Madrid to win it the first time since 2003.

22 England vs Hungary 1953

First England's defeat at home.
The British press called it the 'Match of the Century'. The 'Magical Magyars' were really magical.

Definitvno najbolji mec
best match ever

23 Germany vs Italy 2006
24 Brazil vs Poland 1938

World Cup classic.

25 France vs Portugal (UEFA Euro Cup 1984 Semi-Final)

3-2 in extra time. Platini was there..

26 Fenerbah├že vs Galatasaray 2014

Very exciting end of match, goals in 88', 90+1', 90+5'. - Alvarodr

27 Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund 2016

1-3 in the 57'
A goal in the 90+1' put the 4-3 on the scoreboard
Great come back at Uefa Europa League - Alvarodr

28 Espanha vs Holanda 2014
29 Porto vs Benfica 2019 Liga NOS
30 Spain vs Portugal 2018

Ronaldo vs Spain 3-3. Although I think Spain played much better and deserved to win.

This was the greatest match I have ever watch. Single player performance vs team performance

31 Tottenham vs Ajax 2019

Best one half performance from a single player in the champions league. edge of my seat the whole time.

32 Falkland Islands vs Alderney 2017

A brilliant match that saw Alderney pick up their 1st win in 14 years, magic of the Island Games!

33 Portugal vs England 2004 Euro
34 Denmark vs Soviet Union 1985
35 Russia vs Spain 2018
36 Turkey vs Czech Republic 2008
37 Real vs Atletico 2014 Ucl Final
38 France vs Brazil 2016 World Cup

Zidane was bresilian vs Ronaldo Ronaldinho Kaka Adriano and co...

39 France Versus Brazil 1986 World Cup

Fantastic match. End to end attacking football with goalmouth scrambles and near misses. Platini was in top form for France against a great Brazillian side.

40 Romania vs Colombia 1994
41 Portugal vs France 2016

last minute goal

42 Flamengo vs River Plate Libertadores 2019

Amazing final

43 Leicester vs Southampton 2019
44 Portsmouth vs Reading 2007
45 Czech Republic vs Holland Euro 2004
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